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8 aprile 2024

Oh no. The only reason to install this app is to see, why we need human authors. The generated text is short, without any individual description of the product or topic and, frankly spoken, not really witty.

5 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
Pixel Framers LLC ha risposto 9 aprile 2024


Thank you for using Jolt and for providing your feedback.

It sounds like you may not have had an opportunity to try the advanced mode within the app. The advanced mode allows you to generate much longer blog posts, select specific products for the AI to include in your posts, and to change the tone/writing style of the text.

I would highly encourage you to try the advanced generation mode and would love to hear any updated feedback you may. To generate posts using the advanced mode you can just click the "Advanced Mode" button on the blog generator card and you will be shown a new UI with significantly more options than the basic version.

Thank you again for your feedback, please let us know if we can be of any additional assistance.

15 febbraio 2024

Free version is really poor in options.

Paesi Bassi
5 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Pixel Framers LLC ha risposto 16 febbraio 2024

I'm very sorry to hear that you weren't satisfied with the capabilities available in the free version of the app. We are always making changes to feature availability based on user feedback, so we do appreciate your input and will keep it in mind when planning future updates. We do try our best to strike a good balance in terms of the capabilities available between the free and paid version, but this can sometimes be difficult due to cost increases passed on to us by our service providers. We are constantly looking for new providers and technologies that will allow us to offer more free capabilities to our users, so we hope to be able to improve these offerings in the future.

28 luglio 2023

Disappointing, the free version is pretty poor, image feature didn't work. Reached out to support, no reply after 72 hours. If I could have given 0 Stars I would have.

Battle Honours 3D ™
Regno Unito
11 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
30 agosto 2023

honestly this is not what I have expected. there is nothing in the free app. really disappointed and I cannot even try for free, how ridiculous you offer a free plan and there is nothing in there.... If you want to try it you need to pay and that is not even refundable. 30 creation which I don't even know what means... shame

Lilly and Mimi
Regno Unito
Circa 4 ore di utilizzo dell’app
Pixel Framers LLC ha risposto 31 agosto 2023

We’re very sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the app. I think there may be some confusion as to the availability of features accessible with the our different plans. The vast majority of all functionality found within the app is available with the free plan.

We also provided you with free access to the Pro features to allow you to evaluate any additional functionality, but we didn’t receive any further communication. If you’d like to reach out to us again we’d be more than happy to demonstrate the various features of the app that are accessible with both plans.

8 maggio 2024

Circa 2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Pixel Framers LLC ha risposto 9 maggio 2024

It appears that this rating may have been posted in error, as we haven’t received any support requests from your account and your shop still has the app installed and active.

If there is something that we can assist with please don’t hesitate to let us know.