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28. September 2023

Joy Support was very patient and helpful with me as I navigated setting up my rewards program. I had a busy day where I was in and out of the chat room, but after a few hours, I got it all set up and we're excited to offer our customers this new feature and to help our business while doing it! I appreciated their help so much. I would definitely recommend Joy.

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12 monate mit der App
9. November 2023

I run 13 separate shopify stores and needed help setting up a complex loyalty scheme, Esther has been amazing!! The best online support I've received in a long time. We're now going to expand our loyalty program and use other apps they provide. Great service, thank you Esther!!

Baby City
Etwa ein monat mit der App
20. November 2023

Great support from Hana to adjust the app and the points balances. Very responsive support and great communication. We will be trialling the app but so far its been easy to setup and has powerful customisations to amend the look and feel and the points structure to suit our needs. So far so good

Sacred Sikh
Vereinigtes Königreich
7 monate mit der App
6. Oktober 2023

This loyalty program is simple and easy to install. Still, I have to contact their customer service team via chat from time to time and they respond immediately and are helpful. My recent concern was about the timing to start and wanted to delete previous records of the points and Hana helped to delete the history and set up the rewards on the site. So finally enabled and up and running!

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2 monate mit der App
25. Oktober 2023

Powerful app that has evolved much over the past year. Needed some support and Jasmine and Anivia did an awesome job solving what I needed within the afternoon!
Vereinigtes Königreich
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
13. Oktober 2023

Outstanding Customer Support: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

While the app's customization options are impressive, it's the customer support provided by Abby that truly sets Joy for Shopify apart. Abby went above and beyond to assist me in setting up the loyalty program and resolving any queries I had along the way. Her responsiveness, patience, and expertise ensured that the app seamlessly integrated into my store without a hitch. Knowing that help is just an email or chat away is a reassuring aspect of using Joy for Shopify.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Joy for Shopify's loyalty and rewards program has had a noticeable impact on my customer retention rates. The ability to reward my customers for their loyalty and incentivize repeat purchases has led to increased customer engagement and a growing sense of community around my brand. The program's tracking and reporting features have also been instrumental in gauging its effectiveness, allowing me to refine and optimize my approach continually.

In conclusion, Joy for Shopify is an app that lives up to its name. It brings joy to both the store owner and the customers. The customizability, user-friendly interface, and outstanding customer support are a winning combination. If you're looking to boost customer loyalty and satisfaction while providing a personalized shopping experience, Joy for Shopify is the way to go. I highly recommend it to all Shopify store owners.

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11. Oktober 2023

Lydia and William were of great help getting app set up perfect for my website!

Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
13. Oktober 2023

This app has got all the feature you can imagine and lots are still developing. What I like to mention is the support team has done a amazing job and constantly updating and providing assistance, although the time difference yet they manage to get back with an answer in 24h. Love what you guys are doing, keep up the good work!~~~

Viva Health Skincare
16 tage mit der App
21. September 2023

As our sales come mostly from our brick-and-mortar store, the POS integration is very important for us. It does, and that way we can bring together our online and pos business.

Help on setup has been great, Emily was patient, quick and spot-on with the service. Thanks Emily!

Great app, great features, great service, now we look forward in boosting our sales thanks to this app.

Les Belles Saveurs
20 tage mit der App
11. September 2023

Works well. Customers have used the program a few times... it's up to you on how well or robust you make the program work for you...

Cosmic Toys N' Hobbies
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12 monate mit der App