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26. januar 2024

Let's say you are using a product discount, and someone wants to redeem their Joy loyalty points. That is not possible with Joy, you can only do one or the other. This caused us to lose valuable sales. While Joy technical support said it was a Shopify problem, our test of another app shows that the other app works as intended. I think the Joy tech people are good and try their best to solve the problem, but maybe they could have their developers correct the app. It is very important that if you have someone redeem points they can also take advantage of a discount that is available to all other customers. On the plus side they do have 24 hour support. We tried, but ultimately had to go with another product.

Frisky Beaver | Smoke&Gamble
4 måneder bruker appen
Redigert 12. mai 2022

I ended up deleting this app because after leaving a 4-star review of my overall positive experience, I was pestered by their online chat person to change it to 5 stars. I'm now using smile which has great support to install and also has a free version. Here's my original review:
Marcus has really helped getting everything set up on my end. I just wish all of the features were available without having to reach out to them to do it. I'm hoping they have more features in the future!

21 dager bruker appen
Joy Loyalty (Avada) svarte 12. mai 2022


Thank you so much for your valuable feedback! We are deeply sorry as some
your wanted features are not available at the moment. We are still updating the app and will surely add more requested features in the coming time.

Our dedicated support team is always available 24/7 and we wholeheartedly wish to provide you the best service.

We have sent you another email to follow up and assist you better. Could you please check and keep our contact?

Best regards,

Redigert 26. juli 2023

I am reducing my original rating to 2 stars after testing the app for 3 days. When I first downloaded the app, everything worked fine and their customer support was highly responsive, still is (that is why they get an extra star). I spent a lot of time exploring the app, chatting with their support and emailing my customers about it. The problems began the next day after I went back into the app to adjust my reward points for certain actions for customers. First off, pro features are clearly marked but writing a review was not marked as a pro feature. The app would not allow me to edit points for writing a review (a free feature) so I reached out to support again. I allowed them access to my store upon their request to fix the issue only to be told I had to upgrade for the feature to work. This raised all kinds of alarms and made me question my intentions to upgrade. To me, it was a seemingly small issue that could have been quickly fixed but they could not do anything about it until I upgraded. Now, if I upgrade and run into new issues, what would be the solution then? I get that they prefer users upgrade to the paid version to get a return on their app but I believe that if the app exceeds or simply meets expectations, then they won't need to be too pushy with the upsell since users will realize its value. The app has potential and their customer support is very good but unfortunately, this is where I uninstall.

Original Review (5 stars)
I just installed the app and was having trouble with it not showing up on my website. The customer service was prompt and efficient. Juliana quickly fixed the problem for me and verified my account as well. I am testing out the app now to see how it holds up but so far so good. I am very impressed.

3 dager bruker appen