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i've been trying to hold off this 1-star review for the longest time. the app is buggy (tons of them - functions, billing, points allocation, etc), the folks do not communicate internally and their proficiency in english is so bad that it baffles me.

we migrated our loyalty program to this app in july 2023. in other words, we did a batch loyalty points import. now we have customers reporting that they have lost their loyalty points prior to the migration in july 2023, which means the points they have accumulated with us before july 2023 were lost during the migration.

after 6 long days speaking to multiple people in the team (jasmine, abby, wendy and sunny), i was made to repeat and explain the issue 6 times, yet still getting the same response each time i ask for an update: THEIR APP DOES NOT ISSUE POINTS FOR ORDERS PRIOR TO OUR MIGRATION. sunny is the only one who understands what the issue really is but she does not communicate with her team and she's only available intermittently.

the rest of the team don't get what the issue is. i am not asking their app to issue points for orders prior to the migration. i am reporting that points accumulated before the migration is lost and not accounted for.

their proficiency in english is so bad that i am not even sure how to take this forward. please don't waste your time on this app. it's cheap but it'll cost your business. you literally pay peanuts, and get monkeys.

Good Dog People™
使用應用程式 3個月

This is a very very bad experience for me with the app. Reasons for 1-star review:

- The app still has some UI bugs (even in the demo store). And the open with hash URL did not work when put it in the store navigation (I had to reload the page to get the widget opened).
- I granted permission for their developer to fix the bugs. And this is when things got really bad. First, they turned on "Auto open the widget" without my approval. The referral pop-up also automatically appeared with a bug that stopped customers from exit the annoying pop-up.
- And yesterday, they edited the header.liquid file in my theme. The edit made customers unable to click "Add to cart". This damaged my business. I cannot take it anymore.
The support is responsive. But their tech support needs improving.

使用應用程式 大約2個月

The app auto created accounts for 40,000 users, then started backdating rewards to orders placed two years ago.

I reached out to support, its been 4 days no answer. Buyer beware.

T.O. Balloons
使用應用程式 4天

Разработчики не сильно горят развивать свой продукт, есть минус которые легко исправить но не делают. Им хватает своих клиентов которые приносят им доход. Таких копий приложений много, буду искать другое или вообще лучше купить его и интегрировать. Возникла проблема, скидывают инфу с проблемой и скрины, вообщем всю информацию которую нужно, мне начинают задавать вопросы на которые я все скинул, вопрос для кого я это скинул))
9 марта удалил ихнее приложение, сегодня 12 марта приходит уведомление о том что у меня списали плату за использование ихнего приложения с 9 марта по 8 апреля, вот вам и бизнес, буду судиться с ними

Happy End
使用應用程式 14天
Joy Loyalty (Avada) 已回覆 2023年3月8日

Hi Happy End team,
Thank you so much for taking time to leave us your feedback. We're deeply sorry for this inconvenience causing to your experience.

We really want you to give us a chance to check and support you. I also sent you emails with a desire to assist you and fix the issues you had with our app and explain the issue.

Please rest assured that we will keep on improving our app day by day to meet the customers’ expectations. Hope to hear from you soon!

Best regards,


This app is garbage. I'm getting regular complaints from frustrated customers with inaccurate reward balances. Customer balances don't match the activity shown in their account. I'm definitely looking for a replacement at this point.

Tulsa Body Jewelry
使用應用程式 8個月
Joy Loyalty (Avada) 已回覆 2023年2月8日

We would like to send you our deepest apologies for the issue you are having with the app!

Our dev core team is fixing the issue at our highest priority. We again greatly appreciate your understanding and patience with us and will keep you updated along the process. Please kindly check our email to receive our update.

Best regards,
Joy Loyalty team



Dank Drankz
使用應用程式 5天
Joy Loyalty (Avada) 已回覆 2022年8月19日

This is Daisy, customer success manager from Joy Loyalty. I have seen your 1* review and I want to follow up on the case.

Firstly, I am so sorry for the experience that you had with the support! We never want to put you in such a situation to force you to write the review if you do not want to. Besides, we always respect your honest review, which helps to improve the app better for you and other users.

Secondly, if you have more than 250 orders counted from the day you install the app past 30 days, you can consider upgrade to Pro plan to use more features. It is okay if you want to continue with Free plan.

As you have not had much time to experience the app while the misunderstanding happened between us, could you please give us a chance to continue supporting you? I have just sent you a follow up message to your mailbox. Please check on the update so we can assist you better.

Best regards,


They list multiple reviews as being compatible including the first one being Shopify Reviews. In reality only two review apps are currently active and Shopify reviews is not one of them. Sorry but lying to customers is a deal breaker, But if you don't mind being lied to, have at. Personally I like companies with integrity, so they've lost me as a customer for life.

Eliot's Nut Butters
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