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Usually I do not leave reviews unless I can say something good, but felt that we needed to make others aware to warn them, so they can save themselves the trouble/disappointment and skip this app and work with another app/company.

Essentially, it has gotten to the point where it seems like this app developer does not care about his clients anymore and provide misleading and false advertisement; since, he may believe he has gotten enough good reviews in the past, so he doesn’t need to bother anymore. In that, we signed up with this app developer about a year ago and at the time he offered two license plans: JSON-LD Basic tier option [$69] and JSON-LD for SEO Plus+ option [$299]. However, although money was tight, we chose to invest more upfront with this app developer by opting to pay for the $299 Premium Plus plan and install the app [he just recently stopped offering the $69 basic plan in 02-04-19].

Please note, he advertises this app as a one-time fee setup for each Shopify business store. During this time we rebranded and trademarked our brand and as a result updated our store URL to be consistent with our new trademarked brand. Since it’s the same business we also setup a permanent redirect of the old-shop-URL to the new-shop-URL. At the time we also had about 3 other one-time charge apps, including the JSON‑LD for SEO, making it 4 one-time charge apps in total; along with several other paid monthly apps.

Subsequently, we contacted all 4 app developers including JSON‑LD for SEO that provided the app at a one-time charge, to let them know we changed our brand but we are the same business and all products are same just update to our shop URL. All the app developers had no problem checking/verifying this, then told us to go ahead and install the app again and then they moved over/restored our account settings to the new shop URL without charging us again; since it’s the same business with one Shopify account.

However, its only Eric D the developer for this app, that refused to help us restore our previous paid account license and went as far as insulting us by telling us we can sign up for the $69.00 Basic license instead of the$299 Premium+ license because after 02-04-19, he would only be offering the $299 plan [as if we were unable to afford the $299 plan though we already paid him $299].

However, when I countered that if we wanted to buy his basic plan for $69, I would not have given him $300 for the premium plus+ plan before, for our Shopify store. He basically responded and stated in summary that, ‘since you are using a new myshopify url, it does not matter if it’s the same business and store, the only thing that matter is that only that you have a new Shopify account that has not paid for the app yet’.

So, we were really shocked and felt cheated by this response, because for him to communicate this after advertising that’s it’s a onetime fee license for one shop, it became very concerning the way he dealt with me and his cold inflexibility. For although we are a startup, we did not hesitate before to pay him for the JSON-LD for SEO Plus+ at $299 and now we are not able to benefit from the app, since you would have had to wait a longer term to see the results. But because of this very bad support service we will never know...as we no longer have the app setup for our store because of this unfair app developer.

However, I did not want to waste any more time trying to reason with him on this, because it was pretty clear cut, that he had a choice to do the right thing and help us restore our previously paid licensed account like the other app developers, since it’s the same shop and business and he chose not to do the right thing. So, I just decided to cut our losses with him while we are ahead and alert others about this dishonest/misleading practice.

Also, please note, once I told this app developer I was going to share my experience, he did not respond. But all of a sudden, the regular business tips newsletter he was sending me before when I paid for the $299 plan, stopped abruptly, so it looks like we got unsubscribed from his newsletter. Which actually works out best for us, because when you first signup up for his plan, he starts spamming you with several canned emails in an exaggerated effort to show he cares about your business when the reality is, he doesn’t. So, we would rather not get any emails from him, because what he is telling you, you can easily get this information from Shopify blogs and online resources when you need it. So, I am glad he has decided to stop spamming us, because 99% of his canned emails we don’t read anyway.

Since then, we’ve researched and signed up for the free SEO JSON-LD Boost by Verge that does the same thing his app does for $299, so we wish we had found that before we lost $299 with him.

Plus, to complete our SEO circle we also use the Smart SEO app that does even more and that team is very professional/easy to work with. The cool thing is that Smart SEO works awesome with the free SEO JSON-LD Boost by Verge that replaces this app, so there is no app conflict.
Plus, to ensure we get the best results, we are doing ongoing organic SEO optimization for our shop as well for the long term game and PPC for short term, that helps balances out our store traffic very well.

Hope this helps.

Developer reply

March 1, 2019

Store rebranding and changing the domain name is fine and many customers do that all the time.

In this case, your original account on Shopify was closed when you moved to a different platform for a year. Then when you came back to Shopify you created a completely new account. That's why your previous license for the app could not be transferred, it is tied to your original account not your new one.

My guess is that the other three apps you are referring to comped you their apps, essentially giving you two copies for the price of one.

Similar to you, I am a startup and I am unable to give away copies of my apps for free.

I'm glad you found alternatives for SEO and I wish you success.


I dont know i use app around 6 months no any changes.still no reciews no all soc8al data..feel like pay for nothing.... alot warnings in structure data ... when ask help last times.. nobody supports... i thinks they everytime busy... if you need support and no warnings in products data then better xhoose other app .

Developer reply

June 17, 2019

I'm a bit confused. We've emailed back and forth at least a dozen times and I've responded to every one of your emails, many of which you replied to.

You have Rich Results from JSON-LD for SEO. When you emailed in January about two weeks after installing you had 20 products in Google, none with Rich Results. Now almost 6 months later you have 694 products in Google, 49 of the first 60 have Rich Results (about 80%) and they continue through dozens of pages.

There are no product reviews on your website, so there are no reviews to show to Google. Once you collect customer reviews in your product reviews app, then they'll be available to JSON-LD for SEO and be able to be formatted for Google.

If you have further questions, please email me. I answer support every weekday, typically within a few hours.


Awful app. Terrible support.
After 1 day and several emails, I realized that the app cannot work in my store.
Instead of giving me a refund, Eric said it's my problem.
IM IN SHOCK ! 1 day I used the app and I pay for a lifetime.
Shame on you, Eric.

Developer reply

March 1, 2019

This store configured their product reviews app to combine reviews for their products (e.g. claiming 2,100 reviews on a product with 0 reviews). This is a violation of Google's policy and can cause Google to penalize the domain and remove all Rich Results.

When the store emailed to check on how things were doing, I noticed the issue above. I recommended they contact their reviews app so it could be fixed to comply with Google's policy.

I also told them that JSON-LD for SEO would still work for them but if Google decided to penalize their store from the bad review data, then none of the structured data would be allowed into Google. Google penalties are domain-wide and don't make the distinction between good data and bad data when it comes to violations.

The store ignored my advice because they wanted the better conversion rates coming from combining reviews (their words, not mine).

Eventually Google noticed the store reviews violated the policy and Google removed all their Rich Results. This is not something my app has control over, this is a Google policy.

I informed them again that the problem was with their reviews app and gave them resources on how to fix their reviews to maybe get Google's penalty lifted. They declined my advice and wrote this review instead.

The app was working, but Google caught their reviews app breaking Google's policy which cut off this store's Rich Results domain-wide.

Dreamy Presets

BEWARE! Updating our review.

We have used this app for over two years but will delete it soon. Recently, we found that it embeds your personal contact information (name, address and phone number) on every single page in the HTML. If you do a search on Bing, this information is now included as part of the search results! Whatever contact information you put in the Shopify General Settings, it will display it without your knowledge and consent even if that information is meant for Shopify use only.

Also, if you create any pages, it also embeds the site owner name as the author name, and this gets displayed in the search result on Bing. We’re taking about FAQ, About Us, etc...which is completely ridiculous. You do not need to know who authors pages, it's not the same as blog posts! Shopify does not give you the option to the define this when you create a page, so why does this app decide to embed this as part of the meta data? It’s ridiculous and invasive.

We asked the developer of this app to remove this information from the app, but he has refused. Instead he is asking us to update to the contact information! We sell downloadable digital products and only provide email support! We do not want the phone number and address to be made public! We reported this issue to Shopify, and was told this app should have never exposed our personal information, and it is considered a privacy violation.

Do not use this app unless you don’t care to have your personal information / contact information meant for Shopify use only to exposed to the public.

Response to developer:

We provide support by email only, so why would we want the phone number to be exposed? We told you this already. The problem is that you're injecting information that the merchant does not want, and there is no way for them to opt-out. You provide no settings in your app to do this. You should be absolutely clear in your app description what data fields you are injecting and let us decide if we want to download your app or not. The contact information in the General Settings is NOT public information. The merchant does not have to share this information publicly, and you should not make the assumption to display it without our consent.

Developer reply

April 17, 2019

As I said over email, you entered your personal address and phone number into the public business information fields in Shopify (General Store Settings). If you wanted to keep that data private, you should have entered your public business address and phone number instead.

I shared how you can change that in Shopify and never once refused to help you. But you declined my advice and immediately escalated.

I would encourage you next time to have a calm conversation. I would have liked to gone through solutions with you.