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Bearbeitet am 29. Dezember 2022

The app has slowed down the store by solid 15 points. The customer service will tell you how great and site-speed-friendly their app is - well the tests tell it clearly - the app is slowing down the store by a lot, no matter how great they think their app is. My advice - do a pagespeed test before and after installing the app, and widgets, and you'll see it for yourself.

Another thing - after uninstalling the app, they leave all their code on my website!!! I've uninstalled the app, and my speed score has still not fully recovered from before-installing and now I have to go through a bunch of code to delete whatever they've left. I would give them -5 stars, if I could.

UPDATE: The judge me support has spammed me over the last week literally everywhere. On all my personal and business emails, on forums I'm on, - and telegram, which is based on my personal phone number. How they've managed to find it, I have no idea - but it is a huge invasion of privacy. I really wish there would be a rating below 0 in cases like this. Be careful about data protection when being involved with them, I only gave them my business email, so I have no idea how they've found me on other platforms...

4 monate mit der App
Judge.me hat geantwortet 4. Januar 2023

Hi, we definitely can run though any speed concerns you may have and help check and remove any leftover code. After uninstalling our app, we lose theme API access so we cannot automatically remove the code from your theme – this is something that affects all apps on Shopify. We can definitely go over your backend if you share some permissions with us, or if you prefer, walk you through instructions about how you can do it yourself. Our customer support team has reached out to you via the contact info available on Shopify and we are on hand to help whenever you're ready.

23. September 2022

Absolutely terrible customer service. We found out after we set it up that no coupons were sent as rewards. We contacted the support, they told us its turned off, we sent screenshot as a proof that its not, they tell us we must have turned it on just now. Yeah right...
So we want to make test review, they tell us to upload review that matches conditions and reward will be sent. So we do that, no coupon is sent. Now they tell us its because it was done manually not automatically. Which nobody mentioned before. So I guess the only option is to wait and pray, and if it won't work this time, again somebody will tell me that we must have turned it off. Actually I should have just uninstalled it and use solution from other company. I wouldnt have wasted so much time and energy with these guys....

5 monate mit der App
17. Dezember 2022

I've had this app for a year and suddenly nothing works. Unless I pay for more than I need. My biggest problem is that the app wants me to update but the details raise red flags. Why do you need a customers phone #….I don;t ask for it. And why location details? That has nothing to do with a review. you just seem to be gathering data from my customers for some reason that isn't pertinent to the focus of the app. WHY? there is not place to get answers. I had a problem last month and never got a solid answer but I had to do other work, so havn't pressed. I need a place to go to find out how this app that worked a t first is now so messed up it is useless. Plus you give me no options for WHAT data I will allow you to collect. You don't need my customers IP address, unless you are working for the government. Get some decent answers that are easy to find and implement or I can't recommend.

NatureScapes Studio
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
Judge.me hat geantwortet 19. Dezember 2022


Founder and CEO of Judge.me here.

The Shopify permissions you are accepting cover the data needed to run all features of our app: SMS requests, showing review location, etc.

We are not doing anything with that info unless you enable those features in our app.

Apps on Shopify can only ask for permissions needed to run the app, per Shopify policy.

Hope this clarifies things. Our support has reached out to you and we hope to talk more soon.

11. Juni 2023

Their native email template editor is extremely outdated and frustrating. It was okay for 2010, maybe, but not nowadays. Emails look super basic, with no upsells, nothing. We wanted to use the Klaviyo integration, but they do not support languages, so you will redirect your French, German, etc., customers to write a review to the default store (English in our case). Amazing no one has taken care of this yet, considering how many reviews and downloads they have and how many years the app has been working. If you don't need much, the app has a free plan with the basics, but if you're serious about your customer experience, scaling, and so on, look elsewhere.

Ultimate Holder
Judge.me hat geantwortet 26. Juni 2023

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Our team is working hard to improve our Klaviyo integrations and also our email templates. We will let you know as soon as the localization is available.

In the meantime, our support team has reached out to work with you on setting up the complete email flow using our native email template. Hope it helps!

14. Februar 2023

Never, I cannot encourage someone to install this bad App from his Shopify online store. Because it caused issues in my whole store, then the layout was no good. I work with a wonderful web designer who designs my store before it looks nice but after installing this App, the products and collections pages are divided in two. Please, cannot spend again time using it, and to keep my store from issues.

Provain Shop
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Etwa ein monat mit der App
Judge.me hat geantwortet 16. Februar 2023

Hi, we're very sorry our app might have impacted your collection and product page. Our head of support has reached out to you for a solution. Looking forward to talking soon!

28. März 2023

Profound disappointment when I learned that Judge.me isn’t able to collect reviews for Print on Demand “custom” products. For whatever reason, their engineers aren’t able to figure out the “base product” upon which custom products get created in Print-On-Demand applications. Because the resulting “product” is transient, they won’t attempt to collect a review on the product. PROFOUND disappointment given the fact that others have raved about the app…. I guess those who advocate for the app don’t have customizable products.
So for those who DO have customizable product, BEWARE! This is not the review platform for you (or me)

Vereinigte Staaten
20 tage mit der App
Judge.me hat geantwortet 2. Mai 2023

Thank you for sharing your concerns with us.

We're trying to optimize our app to fit all product types but in the meantime our support has been in contact with you to discuss a workaround.

Hope it helps!

28. Februar 2023

Many features seemed good, but then I discovered, and it's a massive, deal-breaking BUT...If a customer unsubscribes from receiving reviews request etc emails via judge.me from a PARTICULAR store, then they are unsubscribed from ALL stores. A person should be unsubscribing from receiving requests from a particular store only. If I knew this I would never have joined the paid plan. Surely this can be resolved?! Who in their right mind would pay for such a system...

Sleep Organic
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Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
24. September 2022

Don't do it. Read the reviews. We thought well, we'd give it a try. Sure enough, certain applications of their app had to be installed outside of the application by their techs.... Well, this caused a bunch of embarrassing script code to show up on the landing page. It was painstaking to remove. We do not recommend this APP whatsoever.....

Marijuana Accessories
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10 tage mit der App
Judge.me hat geantwortet 25. September 2022


Founder and CEO of Judge.me here.

Our team has reached out with a solution and I asked our CTO to check what happened in the first place. Our app has been optimized for each Shopify theme so finding out what exactly happened here is critical to us.

6. März 2023

The email review form is not compatible with Outlook. So customers using Outlook as an email client on their computer will receive a broken Star rating form when they receive a review email. It's hard enough to get people to leave a product review; sending them a broken email is not going to help matters. Yes, there is text on the page "Trouble filling out the form? Directing the reader to "Write a review on the web" but again this is another hurdle the user has to jump to leave a review. I recommend choosing a different customer review app that directs the recipient to leave a review on a dedicated landing page, that way you avoid email client compatibility issues.

Creative Kids Emporium - Aus
2 tage mit der App
Judge.me hat geantwortet 6. März 2023


Founder and CEO of Judge.me here.

We have email template settings that are optimized for Outlook. Our support team has reached out to you with the solution.

Hope this helps!


3. Januar 2023

Terrible app. First: It uses Postmark for mail witch is not safe! Second: If you remove the app your backend will still be full off stuff from the app. It leaves a lot behind after deinstall. And there is no way to remove it! And I think the stuff left behind is slowing down my shop since. Dropped 5 points.


Greenflash Wijn
6 minuten mit der App
Judge.me hat geantwortet 4. Januar 2023

Hi, we definitely can help you check and remove any leftover code, as well as run though any speed or security concerns you may have, including switching email providers from Postmark to other options. After app uninstall, we lose theme API access and some things can't indeed be automated anymore. But we can definitely go over your backend if you share some permissions with us and our customer support team has reached out about next steps.