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Bearbeitet am 1. März 2021

Update 3.1.2021 this app continues to be a problem. I have contacted support because of unused Javascript on my website. Support again has failed to help. I am removing this horrible app from my store. Support is terrible! This app is a rip off! I have tried using this app for the last 3 months and I am not happy at all. Chat support is not helpful. The google review feed data is not correct, google emails me weekly that my review feed data is WRONG. It is missing the brand name, and all product sku's are sent incorrectly. I have sent many messages, without any resolution to my problem. Not to mention, I am not even able to upload reviews manually CSV or XLS. This a waste of $15 a month!

Oh Its Natural
Vereinigte Staaten
10 monate mit der App
Judge.me hat geantwortet 31. Januar 2021


Founder and CEO of Judge.me here.

Sorry for the bad experience.

We're researching what went wrong here and will reach out very soon.

12. Juli 2019

Yep same here, 2 stores with two different accounts even though its paid service messed up our facebook page and our store in general!

Wild & Free Organics ltd.
5 monate mit der App
23. September 2022

Absolutely terrible customer service. We found out after we set it up that no coupons were sent as rewards. We contacted the support, they told us its turned off, we sent screenshot as a proof that its not, they tell us we must have turned it on just now. Yeah right...
So we want to make test review, they tell us to upload review that matches conditions and reward will be sent. So we do that, no coupon is sent. Now they tell us its because it was done manually not automatically. Which nobody mentioned before. So I guess the only option is to wait and pray, and if it won't work this time, again somebody will tell me that we must have turned it off. Actually I should have just uninstalled it and use solution from other company. I wouldnt have wasted so much time and energy with these guys....

5 monate mit der App
9. November 2019

Access Denied for Google Products Review Sheet , Contacted Support not resolved yet 9 days , No reply since 6 Days.

Pathetic Support.

3 monate mit der App
Judge.me hat geantwortet 9. November 2019


Founder and CEO of Judge.me here. Our support is looking into your complaint right now.

Update: As promised we checked your issue and the size of your feed was too large for our server to process. We upgraded our servers and uploaded your feed to Amazon S3. It's all good now.

Bearbeitet am 29. Januar 2020

Very bad service. Did not answer my e-mail and charge me although I cancelled the subscription. Do not recommended this app AT ALL unless you want to be screwed over.

2 monate mit der App
27. Dezember 2019

Worst app I ever used! Be informed that if you use this app, you won't be ever able to remove it from your webpage! It will break your codes, will break your webpage. Everything will be corrupt, and it's so terrible. Now I must create my webpage from 0 because this app breaks everything. I removed this app, but this app code stays everywhere on the page. If you try remove the code, things will be only worse!

Etwa ein monat mit der App
Judge.me hat geantwortet 27. Dezember 2019


There is no need to remove our app code yourself, our support team can remove our codes for you (and fix any theme issue you are facing) whenever you want, 24/7.

Our head of support Leon has tried calling you and we will try a few more times at times suitable for your timezone.

Please be in touch with out support at support@judge.me or via online chat (via https://judge.me homepage) at any time, we will fix any issues currently happening in your theme.

We'll get this fixed. Looking forward to speaking soon!

Bearbeitet am 29. August 2016

This developer has many five star reviews. I had a dispute with him, left him a bad review and lodged a complaint. This dispute could have been resolved relatively easily which probably would have caused me to remove my bad review and to have taken responsibility for my part in the dispute and to even have apologized for some things, but this developer reacted so over the top poorly to my complaint that I now feel a duty to let others know that this person does not have a clue as to how to handle a complaint properly. Because I left a bad review for him This developer harassed me. He sent me one email every five to ten minutes over the course of a little over one hour with snide remarks and profanity in them. He told me that the review I left him caused him to become livid. He repeatedly told me how angry he was. He told me that I caused him to lose business and asked me how that felt. He sarcastically wrote that he would not sleep until he had my permission because he must be responsive to the needs of his customers. After he found out that I lodged a complaint with Shopify he wrote them an email that he accidentally sent to me and in this email he called me “the customer from hell”. He wrote “We just lost a lead over your 1 star review. A single customer is about 900 USD enterprise value at current Saas multiples. Hope you are happy Shelly”. He wrote that after he was done doing some work for my shop “we go back to work for shops that appreciate what we do”. He sarcastically wrote ‘I may fall asleep in the next few hours while Linh checks your script. Don't file a complaint, OK??” He wrote: “You have been leveraging a negative app review and a "Shopify complaint" to get even more free labor out of us for free. You have already hurt our bottom line way beyond what you will every pay us. Plus, more importantly, you are taking the fun out of this business. I rarely get angry, and I like being generous. As we have been with you. But your behavior in the last 27 hours makes me livid.” He emailed me a copy of one of his good reviews. He wrote: “I won't be sleeping until I have your permission, Shelly”. He had a very childish and petulant attitude that just would not let up. He was so angry and so unreasonable that I would have literally been afraid for my safety if I did not know that he is far, far away. Many customers think very highly of this developer and are very pleased with his product and his work but I had a very poor experience with him that I would not wish on anyone. You read the reviews and make up your own mind.

Update. After he saw this new review the developer became so angry that he uninstalled his app from my store and that caused all my reviews to disappear before I could transfer them to another app. He lashed out at me childishly to hurt me in any way he could. I bet he would have hit me had I been in the same room with him. I do not think he is behaving rationally. I do not think Shopify is going to be OK with this behavior. This man continues to handle this situation so poorly that he just keeps digging himself in deeper and deeper. He just continues to make things worse for himself. He is behaving foolishly and it just goes on and on.

PJ wrote:" a new feature we developed especially for this shop. " This is not true. He told me that this feature was developed specifically for another store and I was the second store to use it .Additionally what he developed will benefit all his present and future customers so to say he developed something specifically for me is untrue. I was about ready to give up trying to use this app when PJ generously volunteered to put this new feature into place for me so the app would better meet my needs. It was nothing that I came up with and requested. It was something he had just developed for another store.

PJ wrote that he has never worked so quickly for a customer. When I contacted him about errors in the installation of this new feature PJ was on a company retreat in Bali. I repeatedly told him that any continued work for me could wait until he returned from his trip and could get to it. PJ also said that he delayed going on this trip so that this feature would be installed for me and I told PJ that that was completely unnecessary. I told him that I had never imposed a deadline on him to do this and all he had to do was tell me that he would install it when he returned from his retreat. I told him when he got it done was not an issue for me. PJ working quickly (and sloppily in my case) has to do with deadlines he imposes on himself.

As to the number of emails exchanges between us this was caused by PJ not communicating with me clearly. His emails were full of techno-jargon that I did not understand. I asked him to please stop using jargon with me and communicate in plain English, but PJ persisted in sending me emails that required me to reply asking for clarification. At one point I even paid a web developer to read PJ's emails to make sure that I understood his directions correctly.

Lastly PJ stated that they love their customers. Well they love you until they don't love you, and then watch out! When "they" don't love you it is frightening and relentless.

PJ's inability to resolve a simple dispute with me in a civil manner due to his uncontrollable anger speaks volumes about his true, very unpleasant nature.

Glorious Glass Beads
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa ein monat mit der App
12. April 2022

Admin is too complicated to navigate and looks a bit too clustered. Would be great if you can make the admin page a little more user friendly.

Euyi Cosmetics
28 tage mit der App
Judge.me hat geantwortet 4. Januar 2023

Thank you for your feedback about our navigation. We have since updated our menus and flows to be more consistent with Shopify, and our design team is currently working on a deeper overhaul so that our admin pages are simpler and more user-friendly. Stay tuned – we expect to announce some big changes to our admin in 2023!

Bearbeitet am 1. September 2020

Update: My customers are being spammed by Judge.me

My review requests are set up to allow customers to leave multiple reviews for in their order (in my best interest as the seller because I can get several different product reviews from one customers order. Obviously)

Today, Judge.me sent discount three different discount codes to the same customer. One for EVERY review they left...instead of one email with one discount code, the customer got bombarded with several emails and several different codes (NOT GOOD FOR ME!)

I contacted customer service to see what I did wrong. They said they don't currently have a way to stop this from happening but I can suggest it by sending an email to https://judgeme.featureupvote.com/ this should be done automatically by customer service when a customer encounters an issue. We all know how limited our time is.

I've lowered my review from 5 stars down to 1 because of this issue. The app seems to be working perfectly in all other ways but this a huge issue Spamming customers is a sure way to leave a bad impression!

I'll adjust my star review when this issue is fixed. My only other option is to limit customers to one review per order. This customer left three reviews for their order so we can clearly see, we want the customer to be able to leave reviews for multiple items in their order, just don't want them to be spammed. One discount code per order is perfectly acceptable and likely expected by the customer to receive a single reward in this case as well.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I'm super happy I switched from another app, I should have done it sooner! The integration was really easy and the questions I did have were answered very quickly. Customers are already responding to the review requests. Today I set up the rewards portion and know that I'll be getting even more engagement because of that. Very happy so far!

Charmed Creations LLC
Vereinigte Staaten
27 tage mit der App
Bearbeitet am 12. Dezember 2019

TERRIBLE APP!!!! NEVER EVER USE THIS APP IF YOU HAVE VARIANTS!!! I added this app before black Friday to ask for more reviews as they send an email automatically and I wanted that feature. It's only when one of my customers told me he couldn't choose the variant he wanted that I found out it was making the choice of variants get bugs! After spending hours trying to find what was wrong, I found out that it was this f**** app that was making everything bug. I missed many many sells due to this problem!
NEVER USE THIS APP if you have variants in your product!!!
To reply to the reply. I didn't ask the support to help me as I found out that the app was responsible for the problem. Easy problem to solve when you remove all your apps one by one, so I was not really willing to give the support a chance to handle the problem I admit... But happy to show you what happened as I took picture and sent them to the testament them support as I thought the problem was coming from there. I checked on your app since I found on a forum that other website had the same issue with your app. But we can still discuss if course

Zao Makeup Australia Online Retail Store
25 tage mit der App
Judge.me hat geantwortet 12. Dezember 2019


Founder and CEO of Judge.me here.

Our developers looked into what happened here and we can't see any bug on our side. Your shop uses Testament theme, which is an app Judge.me integrates with. Judge.me works with variants in every Shopify theme and certainly in the Testament theme, as we have many customers using this theme.

Our support will be reaching out to discuss your theme issue(s) and solve them for you. Hope we can talk soon. Also, please reach out to our support 24/7 for any issues you are facing (even now that you no longer use Judge.me), as our technical support team can diagnose and fix issues very quickly.