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22 de junio de 2024

I had an issue with reviews being visible on my site and they were very prompt with resolving the issue. Directions were easy and the process was smooth.

Neste Rooster
Reino Unido
26 de junio de 2024

At first I had some problems but the operators helped me until I solved the difficult problem. He took the time and was really helpful.

My Store
19 de junio de 2024

Had been with reviews for 8 years. It has always been reliable. Their customer support is great.

Casi 8 años usando la aplicación
3 de julio de 2024

Very easy to install & start collecting reviews! Very glad it starts as a free service, and hoping to grow with the app!

Jade Is Bliss
5 de julio de 2024

Fast response and easy to understand solutions!

Más de 6 años usando la aplicación
20 de junio de 2024

Great app altogether to gather customer trust.

Estados Unidos
Más de 7 años usando la aplicación
2 de julio de 2024

Great service. Very patient and guide me through step by step!

Dreampiece Educational Store
Más de 6 años usando la aplicación
3 de julio de 2024

Quick solutions with using support!
Abderrahim had our issue addressed and fixed within a few mins.

bāsd® US
Casi 6 años usando la aplicación
3 de junio de 2024

Combat Katana Raw Carbon Pro (Gen 2) review:

I’ve had the pleasure now to play quite a bit with the new 2nd generation Katana paddle. First off – the new graphic design and color combinations rally look smart. I’ve had quite a few players come up to me and ask about it based on looks alone. (I’m currently playing with the white one). The thermoformed head and quality handle add to the value. They come from the manufacturer at 8.0 oz, but I’m able to bring that down to 7.8 oz by changing the grip to my preferred brand – I do that with all of my paddles. In terms of playability, I’ll start with the gritty raw carbon surface. The amount of top spin, side spin and cut that I can generate with the paddle is the most that I’ve played with. For me this comes into play at the net where countering a drive or dinking really benefit with a cut to keep the ball low. The thicker core allows me to control the ball very well when I’m being attacked while coming to the net. I’m able to drop the ball into the non-volley zone from mid court noticeably better than my previous paddles. I’m guessing that the thermos-formed aspect of the paddle helps in this regard as the sweet spot is very reliable. In terms of weight, I find that this is a very balanced paddle. As a result of this balance, my hand speed at the net is great and at the same time I’m able to hit consistent, firm ground strokes. The combination of the surface and the balance has allowed me to hit great dipping passing shots. Overall, I think that Combat has done a great job of combining all of the latest paddle technology into this Katana Raw Carbon Pro paddle. I’m really enjoying playing with it.

Mike Schwarz

Pickleball Depot
Más de 8 años usando la aplicación
26 de junio de 2024

Always helpful support and everything seems so straight forward in interacting with Issues resolved quickly.

Sandy Feet Australia
Más de 5 años usando la aplicación