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2024년 5월 16일

I recently installed and utilized this app for reviews on my site. I started with the free version but it doesn't allow you to do much of anything. In order to fully test I did the trial and signed up for the "Awesome" plan.... After having support actually get email working, after many failed attempts from me, they wouldn't tell me what the problem was. Then The Facebook and Instagram push and auto push doesn't work. It fails all the time and just gets api errors from both. If you completely disconnect and re-add it "could" work one time then back to errors. Support was useless and just gave me the same instructions to disconnect and reconnect even after I told them it doesn't work.
Lastly the app is plagued with navigation from pages to settings that don't exist, the documentation is seriously lacking and tells you to go to places that don't exist.
This may have been a good app at some point but it is trash and so is the support.

Coffee Junkee
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답글 Judge.me개 2024년 5월 20일

We're very sorry to hear that you've been having issues with our app. Please allow us to explain each issue in more detail:

- Review request for old orders: it seems 14 Apr and 15 May were previously selected, which are after the installation date, so no extra requests were scheduled. We'll improve the error message here to make sure this is communicated more clearly.

- Facebook and Instagram auto-push: You're right. We shouldn't have sent you the repeated instructions. We deeply apologize for that. Our developers are investigating this issue to see why the error happened. However, as each Facebook page is different, it would really help if you could share with us a screenshot/screen record of how the page was connected and the permissions given.

- Wrong navigation: We've just done a complete revamp of our app and are in the process of updating our documentation. Thank you for reminding us how important that is.

Our team lead has reached out to get all these resolved. Hope to connect soon!

2024년 6월 4일

Complete lack of privacy for store owners and any customer that posts a review with this app! They publish your info on their website and shopping portals for the world to see. This is a clear violation of privacy especially if you run stores that sell products that are very discreet in nature. Do not use if you respect your customers privacy.

The Bathmate Store
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답글 Judge.me개 2024년 6월 11일

We're sorry to hear of your frustrating experience.

The ways in which we use and process personal data are GDPR compliant, we only collect the personal data required to operate our services. We are also processing your data erasure request and will update you shortly once this is done.

The reviewer however, has full control over what is public or not, including the reviews. They can at any time unpublish their reviews or even completely delete them.

In addition, the reviewer can choose how their name is displayed, including making it anonymous. They are free to change this whenever they want by logging in to their profile. This is to give reviewers more control over their reviews and their data.

We understand that the reviewer name logic could be improved and this is something that the team is working on.

Our team lead has been trying to get in touch to explain and we look forward to be able to connect with you.

2024년 4월 8일

I cancelled my subscription on April 3rd through Shopify and uninstalled the app right after that and was just billed for another month. I was switching themes and was just doing a website overhaul but didn't want to pay for it during this time. Any app and Shopify should have accurate billing practices in my opinion. You know this isn't the first time that I have had problems with billing practices from apps in the Shopify app store. This is why I purchased a theme that will handle everything without using not even one app. The billing practices are very questionable in my opinion.

앱 사용 기간 4개월
답글 Judge.me개 2024년 4월 11일

Hi there, thank you for the review.

Upon checking, the store was upgraded on Feb 23. That means, the billing cycle is Feb 23 - Mar 23, and then Mar 24 - Apr 23. Since all monthly Shopify charges are paid in advance, a charge was already generated on Mar 24, which will cover the entire Mar - Apr cycle.

Because of this, the charge appeared on your bill when you uninstalled in April.

Having said that, we've gone ahead and refunded you for this billing cycle. Our team has reached out to you to confirm that the refund has gone through. Please reply to us anytime, and if you have any other concerns about the billing practices, we're more than happy to assist.

2024년 5월 10일에 편집됨

One of the worst apps i used. They make you believe to give you free stuff but instead just a bait to get you to the paid plan. Do not fall for the trap of which looks nice on paper.

SERAPHIN | Korean & Japanese products
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답글 Judge.me개 2024년 5월 13일

We're very sorry to hear that you were having an issue editing the email templates on our free plan.

To confirm, the custom template, the one you were looking at, is available on our Awesome plan with full customizations and drag-and-drop editor.

Besides that, we also have the default templates, which are completely free to edit and use.

Our team has tried and reached out to clarify this concern. Hope to hear back soon!

2024년 4월 24일

We needed assistance to install Judge.me, as we have an older site with some custom code. It took over a week for someone to respond, but once they did, it seemed that they did a good job of making the necessary changes. However, part of the functionality of our product pages got broken when they changed the code, and no one responded to multiple emails for help to resolve it.

The app looks ok, but the support service is lousy.

Caring Solutions Canada
앱 사용 기간 18일
답글 Judge.me개 2024년 4월 27일

Thank you for your review. We're really sorry for this error.

We had a technical issue with our provider, causing many emails to not reach our inbox. We have fixed the issues, and will reply to all emails timely.

Looking at your product pages, all seem to be working normally now. But if there's any other issue at all, please do let us know. We'll get it sorted!

2024년 5월 30일

Worst App, does not show proper customer name, customer support is worst

앱 사용 기간 3개월
답글 Judge.me개 2024년 6월 3일

We're sorry to hear about your experience. To preserve the privacy of reviewers who leave web reviews, the reviewer name by default is displayed as initials. Full names are shown only once the reviewer confirms their identity via a follow-up email. Our team has reached out to explain how our review verification process works and also to provide suggestions that could help address your concern. We are looking forward to hearing from you so that we can find a solution that works best for you.

2024년 4월 2일

my clients keep writing reviews to me AND no one can read or see them on my website
this app doers nor allow any other customers to read, see or look at all the revies i keep getting , completely disappointedm

Monica Luz
앱 사용 기간 2개월
답글 Judge.me개 2024년 4월 11일

Sorry to hear that you were having an issue with the reviews. Upon checking, as autopublish was disabled, the reviews needed to be curated before they could show up on your live store.

Our team has contacted you to re-enable reviews autopublish so all should be good now. If there's anything else we can help, please don't hesitate to contact us.

2024년 7월 16일

Extremely limited features. Be warned, if you decide to uninstall this app, their reviews will still pop-up on your store even after widgets are removed.

Support was absolutely no help. Just gaslit me and told me it wasn't their review app, when indeed it was. I ended up having to reinstall the app just to manually delete all of my reviews (only 25 at a time - such a pain and waste of time).

0/10 Do not recommend

Sleep City
앱 사용 기간 대략 6시간
답글 Judge.me개 2024년 7월 23일

Thank you for your review and we apologize for making you feel like we were gaslighting you.

To confirm, it seems that our reviews/ratings were synced to the theme metafield, which can only be disabled within the theme. We might be able to disable this for you, for which we will need a collaborator access.

Appreciate you taking the time to remove the reviews manually to resolve this issue. Moving forward, we will work with the theme providers to make sure when the app is uninstalled, the metafield will be disabled as well.

2024년 5월 29일

Terrible application, followed their guide of how to upload review by CSV file and spent over 7 hours totals because their support assistance told to do it different and no matter what I did the system didn't managed to upload it.

my biggest saver time tip for you - don't use this app!!

앱 사용 기간 1일
답글 Judge.me개 2024년 6월 3일

We're sorry to hear about your experience. It seems that the problem you were having was related to the product URL format and the template used. Our team has reached out to you to resolve this issue and it appear to be working now. We've reached out to you to check if you have any further issues that you might need help with.

2024년 3월 27일에 편집됨




Bolpromex Bolsas Ecológicas
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답글 Judge.me개 2024년 3월 26일

Thank you for sharing your review and we truly apologize for the delay as well as the experience you have.

Having to wait 30 minutes for a request to finish is not what we want. We've worked with the agent handling your conversation to make sure it won't happen again in the future.

Regarding the design, we understand that changes can be difficult and we're happy to help with whatever we can. However, since all customization requests take time to be implemented and tested, please allow us some time to make sure everything works as expected in your store.