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2 de maio de 2023

The tool wasn't super easy to setup. Their instructions do not quite match the process (as if Shopify has been updated since they made their tutorials, but they haven't updated the tutorials). Their email customer support redeemed them though; they were quick and were able to install the widget as desired.

BD Products
Estados Unidos
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Judge.me deixou uma resposta 24 de maio de 2023

Thank you for letting us know about your issue with the instructions.

We will try our best to make sure all documents are up-to-date. In the meantime, please feel free to reach us any time you need. We're here to help 24/7!

8 de fevereiro de 2023

I so far really like it. This App is super easy to use so far and I even got an email from an actual person saying they went and checked on my website to make sure it works so Thanks whomever you are!!! Lol

Estados Unidos
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24 de julho de 2022

Overall good app but lacking a lot in terms of visual customization. You need to add code to change the colors of simple things like the "write a review" and "submit" buttons, the email templates aren't very nice to look at either. But customer support has been good so far.

Rogue Lab
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22 de maio de 2022

Been using this app for quite some time now and was very happy with the service. However, recently they made a change to the application where only the initials of the reviewer are shown for unverified reviews. This is a challenge for us as we collect genuine reviews through whatsapp, but they are considered unverified by Judge.me. Hence only the initials are shown, and this brings down the credibility of the product page.

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29 de abril de 2022

The app is great however it has limitations that need to be corrected. If you have many products and group the reviews Google Merchant will give you an error on the reviews and will not show them due to 'too big'. A workaround is to break the single XML file into multiple smaller files and submit it as a zip file which Google recommends and accepts.

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26 de abril de 2022

I am new with the app, but like what I see so far. I look forward to being able to provide a more complete rating!

Estados Unidos
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Data de edição: 7 de abril de 2022

UPDATE - 04/07/2022
The app doesn't allow you to upload your company logo if you are in the free plan. You have to upgrade to the Awesome Plan. I wish I would have known this before installing the app. It defeats the whole purpose when you can't even put our own logo. The email template has some generic photo of a letter "J" which looks awful when I sent an email to myself to test it. I just recently opened my store and still trying to figure out everything. I had a little problem with the review placement and Lam was there asking me if he can do anything for me. Customer service is great, very quick to respond. Very happy with this app so far and it's definitely a must have if you have an online store.

Abaka Company
Estados Unidos
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Data de edição: 21 de fevereiro de 2022

The free version is very limited. Colours in email template cannot be changed so you quickly understand you have to go to pro plan.
Also, the images in the emails don't show up correctly on Outlook making the email all messed up (the images are way too big).
Altough the customer support is amazing, I wouldn't recommend this app.

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Judge.me deixou uma resposta 21 de fevereiro de 2022


Founder and CEO of Judge.me here.

We fix images on Outlook to extent possible, with custom rendering where possible.

Unfortunately the Outlook issue can not be solved 100% by anyone i.e. any review app. If a very large percentage of your users are using Outlook, we recommend sticking to the text based email templates.

Our support has been in touch to help optimize your Judge.me settings for your use case.


Data de edição: 22 de outubro de 2022

I have been using this app for almost one year now, it is good for stores with only one language but it lacks multilingual features:
- product names are not translated (in both email and widgets)
- product urls are not translated (in both email and widgets)
- shop urls are not translated (in both email and widgets)
- coupon email is not translatable
- verify email is not translatable
- reviews can not be translated
Shopify Multilingual APIs have been released almost 2 years ago. It is definetely time to upgrade this app to support these APIs completely or we will continue to loose potential reviews or also sales (from coupon email because they are not translated, but they are only on the main language).

Ghidini 1849
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Data de edição: 11 de outubro de 2021

I use Judge.me to collect and manage customer reviews and display them on my site. It's very easy to use, and does the job well even on the free plan!

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