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Access Denied for Google Products Review Sheet , Contacted Support not resolved yet 9 days , No reply since 6 Days.

Pathetic Support.

Developer reply

November 9, 2019


Founder and CEO of Judge.me here. Our support is looking into your complaint right now.

Update: As promised we checked your issue and the size of your feed was too large for our server to process. We upgraded our servers and uploaded your feed to Amazon S3. It's all good now.

Water Butlers

After you delete the app, the code stays there and it messed up my site. I contacted support yet they still haven't answer yet. Garbage!
I have not received any phone call from you guys, I did email you 24 hours before my review yet no one replied. This review is intended for Judge.me and not any other app. I had to hire someone clean the mess your app caused after I deleted it.

Developer reply

October 8, 2019


Founder and CEO of Judge.me here.

We didn't see any email ticket of you or other means of communication. We tried calling you but voicemail.

On your shop is currently Shopify Reviews, Rivyu and Stamped. Seems like you are testing review apps.

Is it possible this app review was meant for a different app? Either way, please feel free to email us at support@judge.me or start an online chat from our website and our support team is there for you 24/7.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Leather King Clothing

I took this app off,because you must add another app,and even still,it won't,and it messes up you site,,then the guy sends me a e-mail,begging me to call him,this is a scam,his friends and family must be the ones leaving great reviews,Don't waste your time,find something else. Shopify is working hard to find guys like this,and get them off the platform... If your app is so good,why do you have to have to apps,and one of them my be a app that you have to buy.seems like you would only need one. It is not the customers fault,if they don't take much time with your app,I realized,that you want people to buy another app from you,it's called bait and switch ! You say you have 23,000 sites using your apps,but only 1232 reviews,how did that happen? This app,will only let let you be screwed over!

Developer reply

August 26, 2019


Founder and CEO of Judge.me here.

It took you exactly 4 minutes of using Judge.me before uninstalling us and writing this app review, so let me clarify a few points here:

1) You don't need any other app to use Judge.me product reviews. We do have 2 other apps, one for importing AliExpress reviews and one for adding checkout comments, but again, those can be used standalone.

2) Our head of support Leon indeed follows up right away on any bad review. Rest assured we are not begging you for any communication on your part, it's just that there are no email tickets, no chats and no other means of communication from you to us before this app review. Hence Leon called but he tells me you hung up.

3) We don't mess up themes during installation. For most common themes we have fully automated installation, for edge cases and custom requests we have a 24/7 theme concierge. Unique in the business. We can fix any issue you have if you tell us what you are referring to.

4) We have over 23500 online shops actively using Judge.me. While I like to pretend I am a popular and friendly guy, those reviews are not from friends and family. Our app reviews are obviously real, as is the Shopify app store.

5) (Added after review update.) No, you do not need any paid plan to use any app. So you can import AliExpress reviews and show them for free, using Judge.me. Please just email or chat with us, much more effective than app reviews and replies as a means of communication.

If you want us to solve any issue you are facing with our app, get in touch please, at any time and via any channel you like. Cheers.

Liga Dos Pets

Deixou um código de programação no meio da page dos produtos! Já desinstalei, fiz de tudo e nada de sair!

Good Dog People™

WARNING: I believe there is a security and data breach so install at your own risk. Shopify has been alerted and we're waiting for updates.

Judge.me does not have a collab or staff account with us yet several times they're able to access our theme to make modifications. Each time we put up a request to do slight aesthetic modifications on their review widgets, their developers work directly on live environment and publish modifications live without our review and permission. Our theme was broken twice but we let it pass since it's negligible. But today our cart was entirely broken and no products can be added to cart, which means no transactions can be made. Now we are forced to revert to an old theme which we would lose many of the theme enhancements that were implemented previously. This is very upsetting.

We have no idea what else judge.me has access to our store. We are still waiting for Shopify to update if this is a security and data breach. I'm sharing this so merchants know what they're signing up for. Install at your own risk.

Developer reply

August 5, 2019


Founder and CEO of Judge.me.

Let me clarify a few things:

1) Our app indeed gets app permissions to edit themes. It's how we do our almost instant support that gives us so many five star app reviews. Staff accounts are limited, take time to create, etc. We automated that support issue away.

2) If we've broken your cart, we're very sorry for that. We have a log of all CSS files we accessed in your theme (to do the standard installation work needed for Judge.me) and our CTO is happy to have a look at how to fix your cart. That said, it's highly unlikely our standard CSS changes (mostly semi-automated on our backend, so little chance of human error) caused your cart to break. However, since we no longer have access to your theme since you uninstalled the app, our CTO can not solve the cart issue for you, so for now we will accept this was caused by us.

3) Our CTO will also look into any cart (or other theme related) issue you have, if you'll have us. We've seen tens of thousands of Shopify shop setups over the 5 years we've been doing this business, we can help you solving any Shopify cart issue.

4) Could you please pick up your phone or let us know how you'd like to talk to get this issue resolved quickly? I much prefer to talk human to human to solve these kind of issues, we're good people here and you are too, so we can get this all fixed and more in no time, trust me.

I hope you understand I responded in public. These kind of app reviews can scare our new customers and we do in fact see massive drop is sign-ups right after a review like this.

We unfortunately stopped hearing back from you after earlier rapid communication, so here we are. Please let us know when you want to talk, I am available 24/7. Our team will call me if I am off duty when you get back to us.

Thanks, and looking forward to talking to you soon - and having your cart fixed!

Wild & Free Organics ltd.

Yep same here, 2 stores with two different accounts even though its paid service messed up our facebook page and our store in general!

Melanin Roots

I only installed the app and it brought my website to a crawl. I'm sure there must be some residual files leftover somewhere because it's still a little slower even after I uninstalled.

Update: I was contacted to have the residual code removed from my website and "analyze" what went wrong. I gave them staff access to only remove the code and not analyze anything. I had to follow-up with them to be sure it was removed so I could remove staff access to my website. I was told it was done but I noticed my website was still lagging. I'm not an idiot so I did a search for the code and noticed that it is STILL there. BEWARE of the apps you install and "developers" you give access to your website.


Useless instructions. I can code in liquid, HTML, CSS. What I can't do, because I don't have the time, is to find a basic set of instructions to get this app up and running. 30 seconds+ to find something. Nope, not me.


Used them for 3 months everything was working great until we used them for our second store. There was a MAJOR CROSS REFERENCE between both stores and both stores now have the wrong information. Super disappointed since this is a paid service, do you guys not want to expand? did you not think of 2 store owners having this problem? our Facebook page is messed up and i can keep on going, will be uninstalling the app and looking else where. What a shame!

Cappa Bags

The app is very slow. If you have to manage several reviews I can not recommend this app. It totally annoying. I sit here for 3 hours just to VIEW 100 reviews in the app. DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP!!!

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