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Judge.me Product Reviews

Judge.me Product Reviews

Developed by Judge.me

466 reviews
Price: Free – $15.00 / month More info
  • Fully featured review app with in-email review forms, pictures, social push, rich snippets, all reviews page, product groups, etc
  • Fastest review widget with HTML and CSS stored directly in Shopify metafields (great for SEO and conversions)
  • Only 15 USD/month for unlimited use

Judge.me is a Shopify-only product reviews app: We are laser-focused on optimizing the workflow, page speed and user experience for your Shopify store.

Generate Product Reviews on Autopilot

  • In-email form: Your customers can leave a review conveniently from their inbox
  • Timed review requests: Optimize review requests based on national and international orders
  • Automatic Reminders: Send email reminders to customers who haven't left a review yet
  • Web push via PushOwl: Integrate with PushOwl and send review requests via web push to your buyers
  • Product groups and Shop sync: Share reviews for similar products or sync your reviews across shops
  • Coupons: Incentivize customers to generate more reviews and repeat sales
  • Advanced Blacklisting: Disable review requests for certain products or customers
  • Manual requests: Invite previous customers to leave reviews by uploading your customer list

Create High-Quality User Content

  • Picture reviews: Increase your conversion rate with photos of real customers and your products
  • Review replies: Engage with your customers to foster repeat sales by replying to their reviews
  • Custom forms: Learn more about your customers to improve your shop's product offering
  • Questions and answers (Q&A): Leverage your buyer community to increase conversions
  • Verified buyer badges for individual reviews and as a total summary
  • And more: Enable social share, up-votes, and locations for reviews

Boost your shop's SEO & get more traffic

  • Show ratings in Google Search thanks to our automatic rich snippets
  • Show reviews in Google Shopping with our automatic Google Shopping XML feed
  • Free SEO check for your shop and product rich snippets
  • Integrate Facebook for social push & reviews tab

Build trust in your brand

  • Review Carousel: Feature selected reviews on your front page
  • Floating Review Tab: Let users take a look at all your reviews before they purchase
  • All Reviews page/All Picture Reviews page: Showcase all your reviews on one page - or only the picture reviews
  • Verified Reviews Count Badge: State your verified reviews in the footer
  • 100% customizable emails: Get full control of the HTML for maximum results and brand consistency

Adjust your review style (unique!)

Judge.me is the only review app to offer multiple widget themes to suit your style, taste, and business.

  1. Default theme: Review widget | All Reviews page
  2. Leex theme for promoting picture reviews: Review widget | All Reviews page
  3. Align theme for clarity and focus: Review widget | All Reviews page

Integrate with your Shopify workflow

  • PushOwl: Send web push notifications to your buyers' browser asking for a product review.
  • Smile.io,
    Reward you reviewers by integrating with these apps and award points/credits for each review.
  • FOMO (formerly Notify) and Recently 2: Automatically showcase new reviews to visitors using notification popups in your store.
  • Nextopia and Searchanise: Automatically showcase your product reviews when people search on your shop.
  • EasyTab and EasyAccordion: Judge.me is integrated with these apps to easily use our widget behind tabs and accordions.
  • Product Options by Bold: The bold app generates hidden products for customizations and Judge.me automatically skips those hidden products for the review requests.
  • Installation done for you

    • Free installation help: Customer support will install Judge.me in your shop's theme based on your preferences set during on-boarding.
    • Reviews import: Import directly from Yotpo, Shopify, Stamped.io, Loox, Ryviu, kudobuzz and more - or contact customer support for individual help.
    • Looks right by default: Judge.me preserves your brand by using the fonts, styles, and colors as defined by your shop theme.
    • Translate, customize, localize: Judge.me can be customized for language, branding colors and personal appeal.
    • Theme change? No problem! Judge.me support will re-install everything according to your installation preferences. You relax, we do the work.

Happiness guaranteed

  • Rock-bottom pricing: At only $15/month our pricing is pretty awesome. So awesome in fact, we call it the Awesome Plan.
  • Smart Logic Dashboard: Know exactly when Judge.me has sent or will send each email by looking at the dashboard.
  • Lightning fast: Judge.me loads its review widgets via Shopify metafields rather than via Javascript. This means your visitors will see your reviews MUCH faster.
  • Support that cares: When you have a question or an issue, we are on it. Our 300+ app reviews are the perfect proof that we go above and beyond to make Judge.me work for you.

Judge.me Product Reviews reviews

466 reviews
  1. 5 stars (455 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (3 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (1 review)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (6 reviews)

This App propelled our business forward. We were using another competitor app for this but were unhappy with the "Pay for more volume" thinking - so we imported all our reviews to Judge.me. as a future cost saving exercise.

However, upon using the app the value to our business became much more apparent. We now rank #1 on Google search in our industry for our country. We are generating content and reviews in the hundreds and we have control over our reviews.

Even more - when you contact support to help with something extra they are lightning quick and very helpful - awesome experience .

To the Judge.me team - you have my sincerest thanks, and congratulations on a terrific product and business - I hope that you grow, as you help us grow.


I waited a long time to write this review. We've used Judge.me for quite some time now, and I can say definitively that it is without question the greatest value of any review app on Shopify. Their feature set is robust, it integrates with tons of other apps, allows all the customization you could want, and has enough built-in presets so that a novice can get it set up with ease.

They do not twist your arm to get you to leave reviews here unlike many other apps. They simply provide the best service you will find anywhere on Shopify knowing that eventually you will come to leave the review they deserve.

I have had probably half a dozen silly questions that I filed support tickets for, and all of them were answered quickly and professionally (none of them were the fault of Judge.me or the result of any bug). I once sent them on a wild goose chase to debug the Judge.me app, only to discover it was another app I had installed that was bugged - which they identified.

In terms of app review features, I don't have any idea why anyone would use Yotpo when this is available. Wait, no that's not true. People use Yotpo because it's massively hyped with a sleek marketing video to entice gullible newbies to pay absurd recurring+usage fees for something you can get here at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Judge.me quite literally has the same feature-set with better support at a fraction of the price. That's not hyperbole, that's fact. Do yourself a favor and go with Judge.me, and if you already have another review app it's probably time to consider migrating.


Awesome app, love everything about it so far. I took the time to look the other reviews apps and for the price, this is one is by far the best on the market right now.


If your not using this app, your a fool...

Judge.me is the best reviews app bar none. It's worth 3 times the $15/month charge and it generates a constant feed of new business by automatically posting reviews via social media. We estimate about 25% of our customers leave reviews, way beyond Yotpo, Kudos and Olark (we've tried them all!)

Oh and Judge.me's service is extremely responsive and helpful!


Just installed the app and very impressed with it so far. The Judge.me team helps with the installation making it very simple. Overall the features it provides are quite robust. We were using Yotpo previously and this app is comparable but has a better user interface. It's def worth trying out for the price!


Judge.me has outstanding customer service. Highly recommend.


The best review app we have worked with. Customer support fixed any issues we have had in a timely manner. This is all you can ask of support. This was our third review app we tried and have stayed with for over a year now. Would recommend and have recommended.


Installed it 3 weeks ago. Easy to use and I truly like the features. I quickly upgraded for more customization. This is the most valued app I have. Ironically i don’t normally write reviews myself, but i felt compelled to give a shoutout to their 24 hr service. I needed it twice and this last time I got an instant fix when all the reviews disappeared at midnight. The problem was clearly my fault from messing with code (to fix a problem using unclear instructions from Shopify). But I didn’t know the cause. No finger pointing; they just fixed the coding error themselves within minutes of me sending an email. impressive service. Thanks guys.


Great app and excellent customer service!


Great app + great customer service. Can't go wrong.

Free – $15.00 / month

Judge.me offers the most generous free plan (unlimited review requests!) and all our features are available for only 15 USD / month.

You can not pay us more even if you want to.

Full details on our pricing page.

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