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Judge.me Product Reviews

Judge.me Product Reviews

Developed by Judge.me

282 reviews
Price: Free – $15.00 / month More info
  • Fully featured review app with in-email review forms, pictures, social push, rich snippets, all reviews page, product groups, etc
  • Fastest review widget with HTML and CSS stored directly in Shopify metafields (great for SEO and conversions)
  • Only 15 USD/month for unlimited use

Judge.me is a Shopify only product reviews app, meaning we are laser focused on optimizing the specific workflow you have in Shopify. Judge.me is also the only embedded reviews app, meaning our app admin will become part of your Shopify admin.

Here are the main benefits of using Judge.me:

The look you want (shop demo)

Judge.me is the only review app to offer multiple widget themes, to suit your style and taste.

Here are our 3 themes:

1. Default theme: Review widget | All Reviews page

2. Leex theme: Review widget | All Reviews page

3. Align theme: Review widget | All Reviews page

Get more reviews

  • Perfectly timed review requests

  • Our automated review requests go out n days after fulfillment, so pre-orders are OK. Send requests now at any time via the dashboard.

  • In-email review forms

  • By default, we send in-email review requests to maximize the number of reviews. Easily add your logo and brand colors. Customize every part of the email copy.

  • 100% customizable emails

  • Get full control of the HTML of your review request emails, for maximum results and brand consistency. Use our editor for easy editing, and variables for dynamic content.

  • Advanced blacklisting

  • Judge.me skips the request when a reviewer already left a review for a product. You can also blacklist individual email addresses, email domains, products, or customers who don't want marketing.

  • Smart Logic Dashboard

  • Know exactly when Judge.me has sent or will send each request by looking at the dashboard. Understand when and why a request was skipped or will be skipped.

  • Product groups (unique!)

  • Show more reviews per product by sharing reviews across custom product groups. Perfect for shops that use separate products rather than product variants.

Engage visitors

  • Speed miracle (unique!)

  • Judge.me is the only app that loads its review widgets via Shopify metafields rather than via Javascript. This means your visitors will see your reviews MUCH faster.

    Example widgets: Plum Goodness | Hammock Universe | Brooklyn Bicycle

  • All reviews page

  • Promote your brand, not just your products. Use the Judge.me All Reviews page to showcase all your reviews of all your products in one place.

    Example pages: Plum Goodness | Hammock Universe

  • Review pictures

  • Reviewer-generated photos make the reviews more personal, and our image gallery (on product pages and all reviews page) lets your visitors browse all pictures.

  • Review replies

  • Show your customers that you care by replying to their reviews. Build trust with all your visitors by showing those replies on product pages and the all reviews page.

  • Preview badges

  • Attach summary ratings to product listings anywhere in your Shopify theme, such as on collection pages, related product footers or below product titles.

    Example badges: Plum Goodness | Hammock Universe | Brooklyn Bicycle

  • Verified buyer badges

  • Reviews work best if visitors trust they are authentic. Judge.me automatically checks the order history of every reviewer and assigns “verified buyer” badges to reviews.

Get more traffic

  • Rich snippets

  • Judge.me automatically adds rich snippets to both the review widgets and the all review page, so Google can detect the structured data and use it in its search results.

  • Facebook social push

  • Easily post reviews from the app admin to your Facebook business page. Or even better, set a post template and automation rules and let Judge.me do it all for you.

  • Facebook reviews tab

  • Show all your reviews on your Facebook business page using a dedicated reviews tab, which each review linking back to your shop’s product pages.

  • Google Shopping XML

  • Want to submit your reviews to Google so they can show in Google shopping? We got you covered - simply enable the Google Shopping XML in the app settings and off you go.

Get repeat sales

  • Post-review sales

  • Judge.me’s review requests send buyers to the product page - and scrolls them down to the widget - to leave a review. After leaving a review, they can buy more.

  • Coupons

  • Automatically send a coupon code after a reviewer left a review. Optionally target only reviews with pictures, verified buyers, etc.

Integrate with your Shopify workflow

  • FOMO (formerly Notify) / Recently 2

  • Automatically showcase new reviews to visitors using notification popups in your store, thanks to our integrations with FOMO (formerly Notify) and Recently 2.

  • Nextopia / Searchanise

  • Automatically showcase your product reviews when people search for products on your site, thanks to our integrations with Nextopia and Searchanise.

  • EasyTabs / EasyAccordion

  • Judge.me is integrated with the EasyTab and EasyAccordion apps to easily use our widget behind, well, tabs and accordions on your product pages.

  • Product Options by Bold

  • The Product Options by Bold app generates hidden products to do its thing, and Judge.me automatically skips those hidden products for the review requests.

    Install with ease

    • Free installation help

    • During onboarding, we will ask you some questions about how you want to use the app. Our support then uses those installation preferences to do all the work for you.

    • Reviews import

    • Are you jumping ship from another review app? Simply export the reviews CSV from the old app and import it into Judge.me - via our import page or by asking support.

    • Looks right by default

    • Judge.me preserves your brand by using the fonts, styles and colors as defined by your shop theme, so our widgets will never look out of place on your product pages.

    • Translate and customize all the things

    • Want to customize the widget look? Need everything in Italian? Want to change a field name? No worries, every color and text field in Judge.me can be customized.

    • Theme change? No problem!

    • If you let us know you are changing themes, Judge.me support will re-install everything according to your installation preferences. You relax, we do the work.

    Happiness guaranteed

    • Rock-bottom pricing

    • At only 15 USD / month for unlimited use, our pricing is pretty awesome. So awesome in fact, we call it the Awesome Plan.

    • Grandfathered forever

    • We will forever honor the pricing that you sign up for. If you had bad experiences with other review apps increasing prices over time, don’t worry: Those days are over.

    • Support that cares

    • When you have a question or an issue, we are on it. Our 100+ app reviews are the perfect proof that we go above and beyond to make Judge.me work for you.

    • Always improving

    • We constantly improve our review app and add new features. For a list of recent changes, please see our changelog.

Judge.me Product Reviews reviews

282 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

Just installed this app and am very pleased with it. Very easy to use and set up. Being able to request reviews from previous customers before the app was installed is a great feature. Have gotten over 400 reviews from previous customers in less than 24 hours.

Reached out to customer support for some help getting it installed on a very customized theme and they got it done in under and hour! Very impressed!


Oh my god! What are you waiting for? Don't wait! Do it NOW!

There is no better app available! Search engines like Google only succeed by giving users what they want, and what they want is customer reviews. So that is perfect for SEO!

When you shop online, be honest, isn't it the reviews that influence your purchase about the product? the seller? the whole experience? I know when I shop, the first thing I read are reviews! When I offer a product, my buyer does not care what I think about the product, (yada yada yada is all they hear from me), BUT THEY sure do care what my CUSTOMERS say about the product! This app is the very best inbound marketing strategy you could implement for your store and do it now! Case in point:


92% of consumers hesitate to make a purchase if there are no customer reviews
97% say customer reviews factor into their buying decisions
32% say written reviews are the one element that makes them believe a site’s reviews are relevant/useful
73% say written reviews make more of an impression on them than star/number ratings
94% typically read written reviews
35% say one negative review can make them decide not to buy
The data from our December 2016 survey reveals that consumers want to see customer reviews for your products and services AND they look for the nitty-gritty details in customers’ written reviews—experiences and problems they’ve had, how you’ve responded to complaints, consensus on whether or not the product/service lives up to your claims and so on. Online customer reviews tell a story that consumers trust.

I came from yotpo, and when I found this app I was blown away! Bye bye yotpo and your outrageous fees which I could never afford so always stayed with the free version! This app? Whoa! Incredible! This app is a runaway horse that once truly discovered will out pace all other customer review apps available, and I can only hope that the developers put an early adoptee clause in place that protects us early on users from fee increments.

There are over 1 billion websites online today, with 300 - 500 new websites being created every minute. http://www.internetlivestats.com/ That means e-commerce stores must create a map for our customers to find us! Customer reviews is part of that mapping. Customer Reviews is SEO. Customer reviews build trust and transparency.

I wish all the very best for shopify ecommerce shopkeepers and for pete's sake, don't wait, get this app NOW. ... and happy sales!


I chose Judge.Me for my review app since it all but 1 of the features I wanted. I don't remember what all my requirements were but here are some; reviews with photos, reviews that offer discounts, review from within an email, being able to exclude products from reviews, good price, being able to curate reviews before publishing, having verified reviews and being able to add previous orders to verified reviews. The feature they didn't have at the time, dynamic coupon codes has now been added, though I haven't tried it yet.

The app has been really easy to use and looks great on my store. The customer service is excellent. Whenever I have had any issues, PJ is on top of it immediately.


Now they even coming up in email review, saving extra web page loading time.

The best is the social sharing, you can share the great review to Social Media and show to your Fan, what your customer say abt your product

The best review app so far with so much feature, possibility, and such a great price.

PJ give the best solution, help, and the fastest respond compares to other.

Check it out: https://www.skhomemadecakes.com.my


switched from yotpo, Amazing customer service. the founder of the app contacted me after 30 min. this company has a great potential.


Great Review app! The pricing on some of the other review apps are pretty high. I like that this app uses a straight forward pricing model. The developer is consistently adding more and better features. The reviews really stand out on my page and help with social proof. https://www.sevencoffeeroasters.com


Just started using this app for our online store and love it already! Easy to install and the customer service is above and beyond. Definitely the best option out there.


Amazing App and PJ was lightning fast in tidying up and making our review system look amazing - check it out at www.cosmetics4uonline.co.uk


We found judge.me by searching for an alternative to Yatpo. If you are using or thinking about using Yatpo, there is no comparison. Judge.me offers a better product with better customer service at a fraction of the price.

Thanks, PJ!


I just realized I hadn't made a review for this yet, despite it being one of my fav apps.
I've tried most of the affordable review apps (of which there aren't many) and this one is easily the best, along with the support. One of the main factors here is that the app loads pretty much as a part of the page and at the same time.

Other ones I have tried feel like a slow loading tacked on solution. This is even worse when you're viewing 'all reviews' page and you literally have to make the user sit there for 5 seconds or more with no other content to look at, making it very noticeable.

Definitely deserves to be the number 1 review app for shopify.

The developer works only with Shopify and doesn't try to cater to multiple platforms, which is why it's so optimized for the website.

Free – $15.00 / month

Judge.me offers the most generous free plan (unlimited review requests!) and all our features are available for only 15 USD / month.

You can not pay us more even if you want to.

Full details on our pricing page.

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