Jumbo ‑ Page speed optimizer

Jumbo ‑ Page speed optimizer


Page speed optimizer for improved conversion and fast checkout

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Improve page speed

Noticeably improve the load speed of your pages by installing Jumbo optimizer in 30 seconds. Pages will be pre-loaded before any click.

Increase conversion page speed

Instant page load and small load time are known to reduce bounce rate and increate conversion. It's the quickiest win for your store.

Free home page speed booster

Page speed optimizer and booster is free for your homepage. Enjoy lower cart abandonment with instant load.

Jumbo ‑ Page speed optimizer 정보

Jumbo Shopify Page Speed Optimizer.

Jumbo optimizes the load speed of your pages by pre-loading them as soon as your visitors hover their mouse on a link.

This allows you to implement almost instant page load across your site resulting in lower drop off and higher conversion.

How fast is my page going to load?

After installing the script, the page should load noticeably faster since the core of the page is going to be pre-loaded before you even click on the link.

Since product listing pages are usually the heaviest ones, you should see the difference when navigating to these pages in priority.

In any case, the difference will be noticeable.

Is Jumbo page speed optimizer different than other marketing tools?

Yes, while other optimization tools like Hotjar, Lucky Orange or Yoast are here to help you analyze your audience, Jumbo is here to help you optimize it.

Store owners usually start thinking about their page load after noticing drop in conversion and bounces between pages using these two types of solutions.

You should always use other tools like a mouse tracker to understand what your users do in order to identify speed optimization potential.

The good news is that Jumbo optimizes all links so you don't have to run a lengthly site-wide analysis.

Is Jumbo page speed optimizer an image optimizer to boost SEO?

Jumbo is not meant to optimize your images for SEO like other tools that compress your images.

However, adding Jumbo should help for SEO since Google monitors click through rates on your landing page as an indicator of how interesting a page is to their audience. As such, you might use Jumbo pagespeed optimizer to increase your CTR across your entire website.

How to test my page speed optimization?

Once the app is installed: - Go to your store homepage - Open the console and click on the "Network" tab - Put your mouse (hover) on a product link on your page - You should see a the page being pre-loaded in your Network tab in the console. - If you click the page should load significantly faster than without Jumbo

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Very nice app and keeps our store speeded up which is vital for google search placement and sales to reduce abadoned carts.


My web site is boosted, and i can see the difference as shown on the video demo. Thanks a lot for this interesting work. Take care too. God bless for the whole family

Daggers & Dames

I have had this app for over a year, and my speed score is only 22%. It is pretty much useless.. looking to see if I can find something better.