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  • Partner with complementing brands
  • Bring in new and interested customers
  • Effortlessly increase traffic and sales


JumpSell introduces the newest marketing practice called Jump Selling. We e-commerce entrepreneurs are very familiar with the commonly practiced techniques. We will implement Cross Selling to assist our customers in buying similar products and we utilize Up Selling to let our customer know of the upgrades available. Now you can join all the other e-commerce innovators in Jump Selling.

Jump Selling is sharing your stores traffic with partners in exchange with them sharing their traffic with you.

With JumpSell we provide a private partnership network. You can find partners who are selling products which best complement your product. When a customer visits your partner's store they will see your products along side their products. If a customer decides they might not want to buy from your partner's store, there is a higher chance they will move on to your store instead of just closing the page.

Partner with Complementing Brands

When you join JumpSell you are entering into a private network of e-commerce sellers with who you can request to become a partner. Once partners, your products will show up on their store and your partners products will show up in your store. Take a look at the screen shots for what this looks like. You can always customize our widget to best suite your theme.

Bring in New and Interested Customers

Your site loses customers all the time, it's the natural process called bouncing. Instead of losing these customers to some social network, they will be more likely to visit your partner's store. This will be same for their lost customers. When a partner's customer bounces they are more likely to come to your store.

Effortlessly Increase Traffic and Sales

You can partner with one store or them all, no limit. Once you've developed your partnerships...that's it. Just sit back and watch the sales roll in. With each partner you'll be adding another source for potential new customers to find your website with you having to mess with advertising and marketing catch phrases.

Our developers wanted to highlight some of the best features:

  • Our service automatically synchronizes your products so you can focus on what you do best. Plus you can always manually update our system whenever you want to be sure.

  • Experience expert and direct support from our developers. Our dev team has requested that all emails go to them first, so they can be the first to know of any concern. Don't worry about technical lingo, we are customer first and we know the best way to help you.

  • Easily install our widget into your store. Just push a couple buttons and you're all set. We're here if you need help.

  • We are always expanding our private network. We have released JumpSell to Shopify and are currently developing for all the other e-commerce platforms, so you will have a growing number of potential partners to choose from.

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