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Get Korea’s trendy items on your store by dropshipping!

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Quickly Finding the Product

K-goods will quickly help you find the product you're looking for and add items directly to your store just by a click.

Real Brands, reliable product

All K-goods suppliers are curated with products from Korean brands. We carefully review every product to ensure brand value worthy to sell.

Fast Secure Direct Shipping

With K-goods, you can directly ship items from Korea to your customer. All orders are safely delivered by a secure tracking system.


Are you looking for products to sell online? Find latest Korean products with K-Goods!

K-goods is a drop shipping app that helps you immediately sell trending Korean products on your store.

Orders are quickly processed and all suppliers release products from Korea. Of course, the products’ quality is guaranteed.

You do not have to worry about any problems with packaging, shipping, selling and your business growth. We got you!

How to Help You Success

  1. High Quality Products K-goods’ suppliers are brands running in Korea. You can trust the quality of our products since we frequently check every single product’s sales value.

  2. Customizing Product Pages If you add K-goods’ products on your store, you can change the title, detailed description, and image to your taste.

  3. Automatic Updates for Stock and Price K-goods keeps monitoring and updating the drop shipping product’s price and stock levels.

  4. Rules for Price K-goods sets batch prices instead of individual prices, so you can save time when adding products.

  5. Tracking Orders By using K-goods’ integrated order tracking solution, you can track the order any time. Plus you can perfectly manage everything remotely without having to deal with the products directly.



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1.0 von 5 Sternen

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The speed is too slow. There are not many products.
The app seems to have to be done in the part of improving the execution speed and bringing various products.