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Kabbage Instant Business Line of Credit

Kabbage Instant Business Line of Credit

Developed by Kabbage

6 reviews
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  • Lines of credit up to $100,000.
  • Instant approval and funds in your account on the spot.
  • No fees to apply or establish your line-- pay fees only on what you take.


Kabbage allows businesses to use the power of their own data to get immediate access to the working capital they need to grow. We do it all online within minutes, 100% automated, no forms and no waiting. You can get a line of credit up to $100,000 that’s accessible at any time.


Sign up for free, qualify and get cash instantly. We approve businesses by looking at your real-life business data, not just your credit score, to get you funding in minutes. Just link any or all of the services you use to qualify instantly. No paperwork, faxing or waiting in line required. It’s that simple!

Some of the services you can link to qualify are:

  1. Business Checking Account

  2. Authorize.Net

  3. Stripe

  4. PayPal

  5. eBay

  6. Intuit QuickBooks

  7. Yahoo!

  8. Amazon

  9. Shopify

  10. Sage

  11. Xero

  12. Square

You can also link social networks like Facebook and Twitter to potentially increase your advance limit.


Unlike traditional installment loans, Kabbage provides you ongoing access to funds so you can take what you need when you need it. Approved funds range from $2,0000 up to $100,000! Select the amount you need and we’ll deposit it into your bank or PayPal account.


Kabbage customers use funds whenever they need to buy inventory, boost marketing, hire staff, invest in new equipment, build a website and so much more. Kabbage is the #1 provider in small business advances online, having provided over $800,000,000 in funds to small businesses.


Named one of Forbes magazine’s “Most Promising Companies” twice in a row!


  1. Approvals of up to $100,000 occur in as little as minutes

  2. Cash is sent directly to your bank or PayPal account for instant access

  3. Ongoing access to funds with no obligation or hidden fees

  4. Trusted by over 150,000 SMBs across the United States and UK

  5. Sign up is free, easy, secure and 100% online

Kabbage Instant Business Line of Credit reviews

6 reviews
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Kabbage has been a great asset to my business. Very easy to use, no need to re-apply every-time you need inventory to grow. But like any type of borrowing, always be careful because the payment can get pretty high really fast.


Don't waste your time. They make it sound so easy to get approved. I had to jump through a ton of hoops just to get my application looked at. Then the response when asked to know why I wasn't approved "I wish I could, but I cannot disclose the specific criteria for which your application failed to make you eligible.".

They say they take sales into consideration etc but with nearly $400k in sales in 6 months still not good enough for them.

Its funny how all other reviews were all written 3 months ago exactly and have 5 stars.


As a service Kabbage seems like a great option, a very modern and hassle free loan system with fair rates.

But as a Shopify app it only seems to link me to the Kabbage site, I can't actually install it. Odd.


Kabbage has been very helpful for my business. When I needed capital to buy inventory Kabbage was the best option I found and it literally saved my business. It is great also because it is fast to get the funds and the more sales you make the more cash they make available for you.
I highly recommend Kabbage!


Kabbage is a "too good to be true" app and financing option. Simple to apply, nearly instant financing, and payments are streamlined and flawless. Highly recommended to any business. Five Star Ranking in our book.


As a successful eCommerce retailer, I have a few invaluable tricks in my bag. Kabbage is definitely the shiniest among them.

Kabbage has been a real lifeline for our business. Changing climates in our market have left us needing to change direction a couple of times over the last year, and when that happens we run into these mini financial crises where we suddenly need a bunch of capital to make some important purchases happen. Kabbage has been there for us each time, offering more funds (based on our increasing sales). Without them, we'd have run into some real trouble.

The other great thing about Kabbage, for online businesses, is the way they link to your selling accounts across multiple channels and base their lending decision on that. I don't know if you've been to a bank and tried to explain your revenue with reports from Amazon, eBay, Shoppify, or spreadsheets of PayPal transactions, but they look at you like you've got an arm growing out of your head. These stuffy old financial institutes are still run by lenders who say "you sell on the internet? Like real products? And people buy them?" Kabbage is aware that the internet is more than a terrifying series of tubes, and their system looks at your online sales and automatically decides based on that. If you're like us, and making tens of thousands in sales online every month, but have trouble chipping through a bank's technophobia, Kabbage is a great option!

You should be aware of the short repayment terms, which is really their only disadvantage over traditional routes of funding. Having only 6 months to pay back a loan can make taking a larger one kinda scary. However, their interest rates are low, and their process is dang near immediate. If you have some sales to show, you can go on there right now and have money in less than 10 minutes. To us, having this rainy day capital, or on sunnier days, some investment funds for growth, is so invaluable that the shortish terms don't bother us. Ultimately the potential for growth makes the money we have to pay back seem insignificant, and by the time it's paid back we're easily able to take on an even bigger one!


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