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4. Juli 2023

i wanted to love it and its better in most ways than other i have tried but why is there no list that shows what items were purchased and how many... if you do large preorders and only order the options people purchased its a real pain to have to manually go through and there is bound to be errors so now i will have to keep searching for something else because it makes no sense not to have a page that lists all items ordered and their quantities because manually is tedious if you get a ton of orders.

Sustainable Sprinkles Pre-order
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Kaktus hat geantwortet 5. Juli 2023

Hello There,

First of all, thank you for using our app. In our menu, we have an item called 'Orders'. If you click on it, you will be able to see all the orders created by our app. It's super easy.

Also, please feel free to contact us; we are available almost 24/7.

4. Dezember 2023

Magnifique application pour réaliser des préventes, cependant elle vient de passer payante. je quitte l'aventure le forfait est chère selon moi.

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