Kapful‑Product Discovery Popup

Kapful‑Product Discovery Popup

door Kapful

Popup which rewards the customer for knowledge of your store

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Better User Interaction

Increased user interaction will improve user engagement and new products can be promoted. Discount codes will increase customer loyalty.

Performance Based Rewards

Visitors will feel they have earned the reward, rather than be thrown a random discount coupon.

Higher Conversion

Email addresses of the visitor will be obtained ensuring greater market access.

Over Kapful‑Product Discovery Popup

Improve your client conversion rate with Kapful Popup

Most clients see your store as one among hundreds, which they come across. They are unaware of the products you have in your store and their amazing prices. The visitor feels no attachment to your store.

To improve attachment to your store, you can show them a couple of your products and ask a simple question: 'Which is lower priced?' Based on their response they will receive rewards.

Now your new visitor is aware of your best products and has also earned discount code. This will urge the visitor to make a purchase in your store. Apart from getting a new paying customer, you also get their email id with which you can further market your products to them.

Easy to configure design:

With easy-to-use editor you can make a nice-looking popup that will perfectly match your Shopify store! You also get free analytics with the app, which also calculates conversion rates.


You can choose the best time to display the trigger to your new visitor and capture their email ID.

Repeated Use

User cannot view the popup more than once, this prevents misuse of your popup.

Installation Process

Easy One Click Installation and you are ready to go. Just install our popup and within minutes see our popup in the admin panel of your store. You can change every aspect of the popup. You can see all the emails you have obtained and download them or connect them to one of our 3 email providers - (Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Omnisend). You can also view and edit the discounts to be shown

Mobile View

100% mobile-friendly app. Customers who shop using their phones will see a mobile or tablet optimised popup.

Hope you choose us to partner in your success

Integrates with

Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Omnisend

Integreert met

  • MailChimp,
  • Klaviyo,
  • Omnisend

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  • Privacybeleid
  • kapfulpopup@gmail.com




  • 100 Popup Displays Monthly
  • Popup Design
  • Trigger Timer Set
  • View All Emails
  • Add Discount Codes
  • Connect with Email Providers



  • Unlimited Popup Displays
  • Popup Design
  • Trigger Timer Set
  • View All Emails
  • Add Discount Codes
  • Connect with Email Providers

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