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12. april 2024

Nice features overall but a lot are behind expensive add-ons and pricing can change all of a sudden substantially. We got blindsided at the beginning of this year and are looking for other solutions.

We started using Katana just over two years ago and have been happy with the software. There are some bugs and some features that can be improved but overall it has been a big help.

We had the starter subscription at $99 with the Shop floor add-on at $199 per month. In February Katana ramped up the subscription fees and forced us into the higher subscription to be able to continue using the Shop floor add-on. We went from $349/month to now $598/month.

If you want to mark the location of a pallet with a bin number that is now another $199/month on top the other cost.

We have a lot of products invested a huge amount of time getting it setup so I really don't want to move. We are in the busy time of year so I don't have the time to invest in switching apps but I am definitely keeping my eye out for another options.

Rev Dynamics
Cirka 2 år bruger appen
10. februar 2024

Was great when starting, but now with the new price a $600 monthly price jump to keep the API access we had to jump ship and write our own system.

Katana was simple and had great support, but it is not mature enough of a product to demand $1000 a month. Especially when you are not getting any new features with the price jump, the 30 requests per minute on the api was also very limiting when adding onto the platform. Shopify direct API has about a 1000 requests for the same time frame.

I was hoping to keep my company on katana but we cant afford the new pricing models.

Maybe they can add some more features to make it more of a seasoned product but its not ready yet.

DirtBound Offroad
10 måneder bruger appen
Katana Cloud Inventory svarede 21. februar 2024

Thanks for the review and feedback, we appreciate it!
On our API, we are investigating what the top rate limit that we can offer safely without negatively affecting the API experience can be today. We're aware it's currently on the conservative side, and that helps us ensure the reliability for all customers currently using it. It will likely increase significantly and will perhaps be on more plan levels too, probably not soon enough for your team though, unfortunately it seems.
On the pricing side of things, we've made the updates based on evaluating our customers' needs first, as our top priority is continuing to deliver top-notch services and unparalleled value and support. The new pricing allows us to deliver that value.

9. januar 2024

Every time I install they jumble up all of my inventory, in some cases add 20+ items to 300 different skus! what a headache.

Really Cool Living
Cirka 21 timer bruger appen
Katana Cloud Inventory svarede 29. januar 2024

Sorry to hear about your experience setting up the integration, it's no doubt frustrating to have all your inventory jumbled up!

We're not sure what exactly happened in your case. On initial integration, please follow the guide shown here:
The integration is powerful and can make syncs both ways, so be sure on what you select/deselect on initial integration — you can always empower more options later!

Our support team would also love to help out troubleshooting too, reach out to us in-app or via support@katanamrp.com

Redigeret 29. december 2023

I really liked this software put they raised the price and my business can no longer afford it. They charge based on the number of line items you sell every month.. not how many orders you have per month. So, if you have les than 5 SKU this might work for you. Our top selling bundle has 7 line items. We have almost 25 SKU at any given time. This software is way over priced for small businesses with multiple SKU. Its very user friendly though. I'm so sad we can no longer use it.

Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner
Næsten 2 år bruger appen
Katana Cloud Inventory svarede 23. oktober 2020

Thank you and we're taking your feedback regarding QB into account!