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Superb app. Provides high quality search results. Beautiful navigational filter display. Customer service is exceptional. We have several apps on our site, but the Kea Labs Smart Search app exceeds in functionality. We depend upon this app for precise, quick, detailed search results and it delivers that exceptionally to our customers. Our background analytics show our customers locate their items quickly while gathering search results from tags, product titles, product descriptions etc. If you do not have superb search results, it is costing your company money in lost revenue. After trying two other highly recommended search apps that offered poor customer service, we searched for other options. We found Kea Labs Smart Search. After installing the app, we knew with some customization from Kea Labs technical team, we would have a search app that would be specific for our needs and become the "work horse" of our site. Their detail and customer service response to this customization was beyond industry standard. I highly recommend the Kea Labs Smart Search app for any shopify storefront whether that be one that holds thousands of products like ours or a smaller site just starting out. You will not be disappointed.

Geraldine Gilbert
Dallas Wholesalers

Dallas Wholesalers