Keepoala: Return Analytics

Keepoala: Return Analytics


Return reducing loyalty program. Return analytics dashboard.

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Real-time return analysis

You don’t have an own data scientist to dig into return data. Look behind return reasons through your Keepoala return dashboard & benchmark

Fast tweaks on product variety

So far you are not able to analyze return reasons on product and customer level. Get recommendations on products to push or dismiss in shop.

Increased EBIT margin

You finally save money through less returns. Sustainable. Long lasting impact will get you ahead of competition.

Acerca de Keepoala: Return Analytics

Keepoala is your digital return expert to find actionable data points on each return reason you are facing

We use a loyalty program to motivate online shoppers to keep orders for fewer returns or answer detailed questions on return reasons if a return is unavoidable.

Sustainable brand building and easy way to avoid returns

With Keepoala your customers shop environmentally friendly and not just compensate, but avoid CO2. This is done with the help of the shop independent Keepoala Customer WebApp for online shoppers. Nudging schemes within the app have a positive effect on the individual shopping behavior of each user and therefore on the return quota of you as a participating online shop or brand. Shoppers will receive Keepoalas after they did not return any parcel to you within the duration stated in your return policy. These they can exchange for great vouchers.

Generated user data can be used to better understand online shoppers, predict future return probabilities and gives recommendations on how to act on these predictions as a brand or online shop. The app does not interfere with the buying and check-out process of your customer in your shop. The users will be guided to the Keepoala Customer WebApp at the order confirmation page of your shop.

Automatic data synchronization

Upon installing the App we will create a Webhook that sends each new order to the Keepoala database. So all orders are theoretically visible in the Keepoala App. Orders become visible to shop customers once they register within the Keepoala Customer WebApp. We use the data to:

  • Provide customers with Keepoala points (Loyalty program)
  • Collect detailed information on returns by questioning your shoppers about the return reasons
  • Providing you with a dashboard that analyzes how many returns you have and why you have returns

Benchmark your own performance to stay ahead of the competition

From the synchronized data we can analyze your return quota, cluster it on product category, single product, customer, and cohort basis, and benchmark it with the Keepoala Customer WebApp users and other (anonymized) industry players.

  • Install the Keepoala App to synchronize your order data for return data analysis
  • We will then manually add your return policy into our Loyalty program such that customers need to wait as many days as stated in your return policy to receive the full number of Keepoalas

In the Keepoala App you will receive information to

  • See which orders we synchronized
  • Contact our Data Analytics Team
  • Receive your Dashboard


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Full Plan


USD0.60 per registered order

  • Keepoala Return Dashboard
  • Return insights
  • Integration of all Orders in the Keepoala App
  • Voucher and Loyalty program for all customers

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** Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

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