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Fast and efficient curbside pickup



Merchant: To the minute predictive arrival time for proactive order preparation. CUSTOMER: No calling or waiting. Fast simplified pickup.


No paper. Notifications and curbside delivery interaction handled by the system seamlessly.


Advanced customer arrival notification and queuing so that customers get the fast pickup service they expect.

有關 KerbEze

KerbEze makes curbside pickup fast and efficient. Business owners will see immediate and improved curb-site pickup efficiency and customer satisfaction. KerbEze helps you manage on-line customer orders so that pickups take less than 1 minute. Staff time is minimized and most importantly, your customer receives their order faster than if they went in the store to buy it themselves. KerbEze does this by linking the merchant and customer virtually, starting when an order is confirmed for curbside pickup.

After installing the KerbEze app in your Shopify store all pickup Order Confirmation emails will have KerbEze as an option for your customer. Upon receiving the Order Pickup Ready email, the consumer loads the KerbEze app, which is fast and easy and only done once.

Easy for the Customers

When your customer tells their KerbEze app they are on their way to pick up the order, your tablet is continuously updated with a down-to-the-minute time of arrival. Your customer does not have to do anything as KerbEze monitors their progress and automatically notifies you when they have arrived, or if they are going to be early or late. KerbEze calculates the arrival time for all types of travel, vehicle, bicycle or walking.

Efficient for you

For fast visual confirmation, the Merchant Curbside app will display the method of pickup and if being done by a vehicle, the make, model, color and license plate. Once delivered, your customer will provide a unique 4-digit number to the delivery person who enters it into the Merchant Curbside app for order confirmation. This provides a secure and auditable confirmation of order delivery to the right customer.

KerbEze keeps your pickup process perfectly ordered in all circumstances. You will always have the right order ready for fast curbside pickup to the right customer.



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  • 1-888-237-7077 or 1-519-914-3180

定價 30 天免費試用

Basic KerbEze

每月 $14.95

  • Unlimited number of orders
  • Up to 3 locations
  • Unlimited number of customers
  • Customized email settings

KerbEze Standard

每月 $29.95

  • Unlimited number of orders
  • Up to 5 locations
  • Unlimited number of customers
  • Customized email settings

Advanced Plan

每月 $49.95

  • Unlimited number of orders
  • Up to 8 locations
  • Unlimited number of customers
  • Customized email settings

* 所有費用均以 USD 計價。
** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

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