Keyword Monitor

Keyword Monitor

開發者:William Belk

Extract and monitor your site's keyword and keyphrase content.


有關 Keyword Monitor

Extract and monitor your site's keyword and keyphrase content.

Keyword Monitor brings new levels of transparency, accountability and reporting to your content creation and SEO initiatives. Most content developers and marketers work backwards from Google Search Console in order to paint a picture about their keyword and keyphrase content, and its performance over time. Keyword Monitor for Shopify allows you to monitor the exact amount of keyphrase content on your site, then map those important keyphrases to Google Search Console once you understand how much keyword and keyphrase content actually exists on your site (and its exact location in your code and on your pages).

This app is for:

  • SEO managers
  • SEM managers
  • Adwords / Google Ads experts
  • Content and copy writers
  • Digital marketers of all types
  • Brand managers

This is the only app that extracts your top 600 important keywords and keyphrases from every page of your Shopify site (Products, Collections, Articles, and Pages). We use sophisticated natural language processing to identify multi-word kephrases in your content.

We identify the type of site element where we find your keywords and keyphrases. For example, in page text, alt, title and meta tags.

We then track those keywords and keyphrases over time, graphing them in high fidelity for quick reference, accountability, gap analysis, and trend spotting.

We also sync with Google Search Console to provide detailed organic search performance connected to your important keywords and keyphrases.


  • Search Console



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