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Long Tail Keyword Tracker

Long Tail Keyword Tracker

Developed by Cabnab

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  • Increase search engine traffic to your product pages by targeting long tail keyword searches.
  • Save time finding related keywords by using our integrated keyword search.
  • Avoid search engine keyword overloading penalties with our stoplight color visualization.

Help drive highly-converting, organic search engine traffic to your store by optimizing your product pages for long tail keyword searches!

What are long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are multi-word search phrases that a customer enters into their favorite search engine to find and research products.

Why are they important?

Long tail keywords tend to be highly focused search terms that indicate precisely what a customer is looking for. Since these terms are highly specific, customers that land on one of your product pages are far more likely to convert into a sale.

For example, imagine a customer that is looking to purchase a pair of shoes to use on their sailboat. An initial Google search might be “boating shoes” which returns many results with all sorts of different boating shoes. After a bit of browsing, the customer decides that they want something waterproof and that is also open-toed. Their next search might be something like “waterproof open-toed boating shoe”. This time, the results are fewer and highly specific. Now imagine that you have a Shopify store that sells boating shoes that is at the top of the search results list. The customer clicks through to your product’s page as part of their research, sees that your product meets all of their requirements and decides to buy.

As you can see, ranking highly for related long tale keyword searches can be an invaluable sales tool. The best part of these types of sales leads is that they are completely free!

How does Long Tail Keyword Tracker help my store rank for long tail searches?

Long Tail Keyword Tracker offers a number of tools to help you improve your rank:

  • Our integrated keyword search tool helps you identify and choose keywords to include in your product’s description page by providing related keywords along with their average monthly search volume for the past 12 months.
  • Once you have decided on a set of keywords, use our innovative keyword density tracker to ensure that your keywords are included just the right number of times. We’ll help you avoid costly keyword over-stuffing penalties that negatively affect your search engine ranking.

  • Find keyword search volume for any one of 27 supported search engine regions (e.g. google.co.uk, google.ca). We'll help you find the right keywords that work for your country.

How can I find out more about long tail keywords?

Read Shopify's excellent introduction to long tail keyword optimization: How To Increase Your Traffic Through Long Tail Keywords.

Rank highly and see your sales conversions increase!

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