Super Collections Sort&Create

Super Collections Sort&Create

door Kimonix

Create & sort collections with AI personalization & analytics

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Smart Automated Collections

Create smart, automated collections with advanced conditions. Customized or with a template: best sellers, new arrivals, back in stock, sale

AI Collection Sort

Sort collections with AI personalization & advanced analytics. Use multiple parameters and set the influence of each on the products' order

AI Personalized Collection

Create an AI personalized collection (for email marketing) for each customer based on theirs' and similar customers' shopping habits

Over Super Collections Sort&Create

  • NEW! Sort collections by customer rating! supports Loox, Yotpo,, Growave, Shopify reviews app

Optimize sales and inventory using smart automated collections.

Always have the right product, in the right place, at the right time.

Don't risk losing sales nor having non-moving stock in your store. Kimonix offers to sorting or creating advanced smart collections and sort them using advance strategy.

Highly advanced parameters, beyond the common ones on Shopify, when selecting and sorting products in collections:

  • NEW: product reviews avg and reviews count
  • Conversion rate
  • Reviews (ratings & amount)
  • Margin
  • Real margin (after discounts)
  • Sales (quantity or $)
  • Inventory
  • Days to finish inventory
  • Variation stock ration (how many variants are in stock)
  • Days since back in stock
  • Days in store
  • Discount
  • Page-views
  • NEW: product demand and price competitiveness in market

Key Features:

Smart Automated (multi-segment) Collections

Create smart automated collections with a highly advanced condition choice. Create a MULTI-SEGMENT collections to have full control and maximum agility on your collections. Have them fully customized or use pre-defined templates:

  • Best-sellers
  • New arrivals
  • Back in stock
  • Sale
  • Clearance

Advanced collection sorting

Sort new or existing collections using advanced analytics to create a unique ranking model based on your business needs. Use our sorting templates or customize your own. Don’t settle for sorting just by one parameter (like revenue or inventory), use as many parameters as you need, and set the influence of each one on the sorting algorithm.


  • Push down out of stock
  • Push up new products
  • Exclude tags
  • more

AI Personalized Collection for email marketing campaigns

Our AI algorithm will create a tailor-made collection for each one of your customers. Have your email marketing campaigns land customers in their own unique collection with the right products for them.

Products Insights

  • Products to Promote:

Discover which products you should promote based on their performance, exposure, inventory (product & variants if have any), and more. Spend your marketing budget wisely to boost sales and reduce non-moving inventory.

  • Products for Discount / Sale:

Identify which products are not performing well and are creating non-moving inventory, give them a discount or include in a sale promotion and maximize margin in the long run and reduce non-moving inventory costs.

  • Low Stock:

Get automated alerts on products with inventory running low or out of stock


We recommend connecting your Google Analytics to get even better insights and results


No development needed!

We don't inject or leave any code in your theme.

Integreert met

  • Loox,
  • Yotpo,
  • Growave,



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  • Up to 1,000 monthly orders
  • 50 super collections
  • Multi-segment Collections
  • Product insights / alerts
  • Onboarding call
  • Updates once a day



  • 1,001 - 5,000 monthly orders
  • 100 super collections
  • Product reviews integration
  • All from Basic plan
  • Updates twice a day



  • 5,001 - 20,000 monthly orders
  • 150 super collections
  • AI Personalized collection (Email marketing)
  • All from Starter plan
  • Updates 4 times a day



  • Unlimited monthly orders
  • 200 super collections
  • AI Personalized collections
  • Market trends analytics
  • All from Advanced plan
  • Updates hourly

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4.9 van 5 sterren

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n°74 E-Shop

This app is just AMAZING ! and offer major custom configurations on shopify for smart collections. Kobi, from customer support, was just perfect and did not hesitated to guide us with our specific needs. I definitely strongly reccomend this app and the special Support! Thanks !

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

1 april 2021

Thanks a lot for the review! Pleasure to have you onboard! Please talk to us for anything you need:)


AMAZING APP! Besides the super quick support, I loved the metrics it provides for sorting products like reviews, conversion rate and days to finish inventory, but the best part is you get to decide the influence of each metric on the sorting engine. It allows us to show the right product in each collection and it saves us a lot of time.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

24 maart 2021

Thank you so much for the review! We are available on chat, email and call for anything you need:)


This app is the best one on shopify for smart collections and sorting due to all the analytics you can use. I really loved the option for product sorting where you can use many parameters and decide on the influence of each one, this allows us to sort each collection in the best way possible.

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

21 maart 2021

Thank you very much for the review! As you know, we are here for any question you might have (chat/email/call)