Super Collections Sort&Create

Super Collections Sort&Create

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Create & sort collections using advanced analytics parameters

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Smart Automated Collections

Create smart, automated collections with advanced conditions. Customized or with a template: best sellers, new arrivals, back in stock, sale

Advanced Collection Sort

Sort new or existing collections using advanced analytics. Use multiple parameters and set the influence of each one on the products' order

AI Personalized Collection

Create an AI personalized collection (for email marketing) for each customer based on theirs' and similar customers' shopping habits

Sobre Super Collections Sort&Create

Optimize sales and inventory with smart automated collections and sorting possibilities

Always have the right product, in the right place, at the right time, in any collection.

You cannot risk losing sales nor creating non-moving stock in your store. For that, Kimonix allows you to automatically create advanced smart collections and sort collections based on the most suitable strategy for each collection.

We provide you with highly advanced parameters, beyond the common ones on Shopify, as conditions for optimized collection sorting, like:

  • Conversion rate
  • Margin
  • Real margin (after discounts)
  • Sales (quantity or $)
  • Inventory
  • Days to finish inventory
  • Variation stock ration (how many variants are in stock)
  • Days since back in stock
  • Days in store
  • Discount
  • Page-views
  • And many more…

Key Features:

Smart Automated (multi-segment) Collections

Create smart automated collections with a highly advanced condition choice. Create a multi-segment collections to have full control and maximum agility on your collections. Have them fully customized or use pre-defined templates like:

  • Best-sellers
  • New arrivals
  • Back in stock
  • Sale
  • Clearance

Advanced collection sorting

Sort new or existing collections using advanced analytics to create a unique ranking model based on your business needs. Use our sorting templates or customize your own. Don’t settle for sorting just by one parameter (like revenue or inventory), use as many parameters as you need, and set the influence of each one on the sorting algorithm.


  • Push down out of stock
  • Push up new products
  • Exclude tags
  • and more

AI Personalized Collection for email marketing campaigns

Our AI algorithm will create a tailor-made collection for each one of your customers. Have your email marketing campaigns land customers in their own unique collection with the right products for them.

Products Insights

  • Products to Promote:

Discover which products you should promote based on their performance, exposure, inventory (product & variants if have any), and more. Spend your marketing budget wisely to boost sales and reduce non-moving inventory costs.

  • Products for Discount / Sale:

Identify which products are not performing well and are creating non-moving inventory. Start liquidating them with a discount or a sale promotion at the right time in order to maximize margin in the long run and reduce non-moving inventory costs.

  • Low Stock:

Get automated alerts on products with inventory running low to stop product ads or restock. Execute: Get automated alerts in real-time


We recommend connecting your Google Analytics to get even better insights and results


No development needed!

We don't inject or leave any code in your theme.

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  • 10 super collections / collections sorting

  • Updates twice a day

  • Multi-segment Collections

  • Product insights / alerts

  • Onboarding call



  • 30 super collections / collections sorting

  • Updates 4 times a day

  • AI Personalized Collections (email marketing)

  • All features of starter plan



  • 100 super collections / collections sorting

  • Updates hourly

  • AI Personalized Collections (email marketing)

  • All features of starter plan

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4.9 de 5 estrelas

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First of all, support is amazing! I love this app since it gives us new capabilities in terms of managing and optimizing our collections and in only a few days we are using it we already see an increased conversion rate. We are also using it to create smart collections only for Facebook feed and that saves us tons of time. Definitely recommend!

Resposta do desenvolvedor

21 de fevereiro de 2021

Thank you very much for the review! Glad to hear about the good results:) we are here for any question you might have (chat/email/call)


This app is something special and I must say it is for a reasonable price for what it gives you. I just migrated to shopify and found this app and its exactly what I looked for, to be able to consider as many parameters (also important ones you don’t have on shopify) as I want to create and sort the collections. Also looking forward to start using the personalized collection for my email marketing, it seems great. I’ll update on results. and last, great support! I had some questions and got quick and kind responses.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

18 de fevereiro de 2021

Thank you very much for the review! Please Let us know if you need any help setting up the personalized collection for the email campaign or in anything else:)


I was looking for an App which can give me full control of how i sort collection pages of my website. To be able to sort using multiple attributes at the same time. And then i found this App. Kobi is a go-getter and gives great support in fixing things. Fantastic App. Love it.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

1 de fevereiro de 2021

Thank you very much for the review! As you know, we are here for any question you might have (chat/email/call)