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Drivn Apparel®

Prior to this review the stars would've been at 5, but we have run into a snag and not sure what is going on behind the scenes to solve our problems. We've been trying to reach you guys the past couple of days but no response. We're aware the virus outbreak has wreaked havoc in the supply chain especially overseas but thought that someone would be able to get back to us from the OH location. We've also attempted to contact you on FB but nothing yet. We have ordered samples from you guys in the past to gauge fit and quality, but as of this hour - all of our previously created merch and designs have disappeared from the site via Shopify and on the full site (it doesn't matter which).

Some of these designed products were going to be presented on our site, but with the uncertainty now, that cannot happen. Prior to this time, the site was easy to use and the quality of products on offer was proper - and never had a problem with customer service.

Please let us know something so that we can proceed accordingly. Help?


Edit 12/2/2020

KC has reached out to us and have been abundantly helpful in attempting to resolve our issues and at the very least to provide information as to what is going on behind the scenes so we're not completely in the dark. We appreciate the quick follow up and response from KC and will continue to do business with them. Our rating goes to 5 stars.

Developer reply

February 6, 2020

Hi Drivn Apparel,

We're happy to report our Customer Experience team has restored your designs and offered you a discount! Please check your e-mail for that promo code. Also, if you haven't yet whitelisted us, we recommend adding our domain to make sure we don't end up in your spam. Check out this resource ( if you need help on how to do this.

Again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

-Kin Custom

Tiny Fantasy Land

What the hell happened to you guys! You really do this to your sellers? Change the way you handle shipping and not let anyone know about it! Im done using this company and I recommend anyone that wants to run a successful ecommerce business to stay away! Their support has gone dark and do nto respond to any of my inquiries. Recently my orders were getting delivered within 3-7 days now im showing they are using freaking e-packet delivery and SF express which is taking a month or more without proper tracking!

Then im seeing they are tacking on an extra $6.99 for premium shipping without letting anyone know about it! WOW talk about shady business practices from you guys!

The least you could have done was reach out to your sellers and tell us that you are changing things instead of leaving us in the dark. What a joke this company is and i am removing all the products from my store ASAP!

Developer reply

November 22, 2019

Hi there,

We appreciate your business and considering Kin Custom for fulfillment. Your satisfaction is our priority and apologize for the shipping and response issues you've encountered. After looking into this with our Customer Experience team, we responded to your inquiry on 11/19/19. Please check your spam folder but you can expect another follow up response shortly.

As noted on the checkout page, for orders that require a quick turnaround, Express shipping is what we always recommend. Otherwise, Free Standard is another option but can take anywhere from 7-15 business days. For this reason is why we have added a middle option of Premium shipping with 4-7 business day delivery. Free Standard is included for all orders but if you have a time sensitive in hands date we must charge an additional fee for Premium or Express shipping.

We take full responsibility in your frustrations and hope once you are in direct contact with our Customer Experience team they can help clarify the problems you've shared with us. Thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention.

-Kin Custom

CC & Co.

Not as it appears! Lost orders, they changed shipping without informing---you risk losing good customers and money losses. Save YOUR time. Unreliable and no resolve. I'm still waiting on an order paid in full and not received. AND NO ANSWERS. I removed them and had to file a claim to get my money back. Highly disappointed. They literally promise more than they delivered.

** I have a feeling that any positive reviews will be prior to OCT. 2019 prior to this, I may have even left a good review -- something went way south and the "idea" the app presents is full of massive potential. But, without the integrity and honesty behind the service and shifty practices, it makes it just an idea with potential. Sad. Just a waste of great potential. Customer Service and integrity along with shipping are staples to be successful as a reputable supplier. Shame Shame. Accountability ZERO.



Nice choice of products and very beautiful mockups!
Customer support is helpful and quick to response.

Developer reply

November 14, 2019

Hi Kettukas,

Thanks for your kind review! We're pleased to hear that you love the products and our mockups, and that our Customer Experience team was helpful to you. Can't wait to see what you create!

-Kin Custom


**Business Owners Beware—Regular shipping delays, customer service uses copy and paste responses and if your shipments are late or lost, they will not compensate. They closed my account after weeks of trying to get payments back for late orders (days and weeks past their 7-10 free shipping quotes) - their only response was to buy expedited shipping...which made no sense because the orders had already been produced and shipped. How is that helpful?”

Had and account for over a year and just like another reviewer mentioned they changed the way they handled my orders in early October. Suddenly I had new tracking numbers that weren’t being updated for weeks at a time. I reached out to USPS for additional information on my orders (which before the early October Holiday were all delivered by DHL) and learned that they used China Post/USPS First Class which does not have delivery guarantees nor does it have the same tracking requirements as Priority Mail.

I sent messages back and forth for weeks with the only person that answers their Customer Service email and they refuse to admit their fault in these changes. They offered me a discount for future orders, but after multiple orders being 1-14 days past their “average timeline” only refunded $14 and it did not put a dent in my losses. Also learned that they do not have any form of insurance on these packages. They do not declare value so if it lost you are out of luck and they will do anything to avoid paying for your losses. And then they suspended my account today—CLEARLY never intending to allow me to use that discount. Joke of a company full of scam artists.

Part of Epoch Holding Group based in both Columbus, OH and China. I reported them to the BBB and I encourage anyone else with similar issues to do the same. They hide behind info@ and service@ emails and phone numbers to voicemail boxes. And in their terms of service they are basically not at fault for anything...despite being in charge of so much as the printer, the manufacturer, and the shipper.

**Update: Almost forgot to mention that the customer service agent refused to escalate my concerns for weeks and shoddily answered my questions with copy and pasted responses.

familiar...yet different

Good luck getting any technical or customer service from this company.
No Live Chat availability, No Email Response--Shopify can't even get in touch with them!

Po Wasted Po

I don't expect them to answer me, but the worst part of this process, will be having to created all of my designs and merchandise all over again.

The hits just keep on coming. Delivery is the backbone of any business. If you can't deliver, on products or promises, you're not worth much. As a service industry provider for the last 15 years of my life, I know what underdelivering, can do to a reputation.

I'm not sure why, for THIS last order they switched carriers, from DHL to FedEx, but it is generally known, that FedEx has the worst reputation out of all of the carriers out there. I ordered the items on Thursday October 31st, with rush delivery. Had this been DHL (based on ALL prior deliveries, at least 7 by my count), the latest I would have received my items, probably would have been Wednesday. DHL is known, at least to me, for sending me updates regarding shipping, stating that a package will arrive on a Wednesday, and they have ALWAYS overdelivered, and it arrived the day before. There hasn't been 1 shipment, where DHL hasn't delivered a day in advance.

Now, for the most important delivery I have to date, they use the worst shipping company on the planet. The worst part is, throughout this entire process, Kin custom has been dismissive, flippant and extremely cavalier about the fact that I'm going to miss having clothes I had designed, and paid double to have made in time for this event, arrive 3 days too late, without an apology.

The sublimation process for the clothing, is far better than expected. That being said, it's definitely not that way for the sneakers. The one's that I've designed, that have colors on the tongue part of the sneakers, show cracks through the color, after only wearing them for a day. I personally would gladly pay more for a deeper, richer sublimation process, so that the sneakers don't look like they've been spray painted in the area, where the foot motion leaves a crease. The crease itself is not the issue. It's where the color cracks where the crease is, and it looks like it was wrinkled white spray painted sneakers. I'm not sure why I'm not able to upload pictures here, but I will send it to them directly. Outside of that, the cushioning on the insides of the sneakers is better than expected.

The socks on the other hand, are way too thin. I had to take them off my store. They are not all what I expected. The consistency of the material, is like a dress sock.

I hope that they can improve in this area, because I believe the shoes are good quality. Out of the box, they look good, but after a day of wearing them, the color on the sublimation process, does not hold up.

Developer reply

November 5, 2019

Hi Po Wasted Po,

We apologize for the printing issues you are having with our sneakers. As a reminder, we offer a 100% print guarantee so please submit a return request in Creator Studio and our Customer Experience team will get it handled for you immediately.

Our print methods include UV, sublimation, and DTG depending on the product you select. Our Sneakers use the print method of UV as they are made of faux leather, where our Lace Up Canvas Shoes are made of durable canvas and use sublimation. We recommend transparent graphics on the left and right side of the Sneaker, whereas dark or all over prints work best with sublimation on canvas style shoes. We appreciate your input regarding our socks and are always dedicated to finding ways to improve our materials and quality for your satisfaction.

If you have any more questions or need help with submitting your return request, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

- Kin Custom

Leimana Hawaiian Artisan Jewelry & Gifts

This app is easy to use, even easier with a computer. The interface for cell phones is frustrating but they do tell you that the app is better on a computer. However, with everyone using their phones these days for everything, a better cell phone interface would be great!

The convenience of the app in terms of being able to see mockups of all kinds of products with your design on them, then deciding which one to design is great. Also, the option provided to do your descriptions and name your design once, and when it is uploaded to shopify it is auto added to each is cool too. However, I have yet to discover how to change the names of my designs once they are done, and there should be a bulk edit ability in the app to make changes to pricing, descriptions or sku’s, etc.

Interface between Shopify and this app is not as easy as Printful, but even with Printful, you still have to finish entering some info on each product, as is true for this app. I would love to not have to do that.

And, when an order is received, I have to manually send it to KC Custom, pay for it myself and manually add the tracking number to Shopify. Which is not updated by them, so I have to manually archive it once it’s delivered.

I love the variety of products offered and thus far I have not received any customer complaints about quality. I ordered a bag/purse for a sample and it felt “sticky” and looked not true to what I was expecting in terms of color, but not sure if it was because of my design, or my phone colors, the printing process or if it was bagged before it was completely dry. I ordered the slip on flyknit shoe as a sample and they were beautiful. The branded packaging of both the bag and the shoes were really nice as well!

My biggest complaint I guess is with fulfillment times and shipping times. In general, allow two weeks from order to delivery. I wish it was quicker, but since it comes from China, I understand.

So my review is mixed cause I have mixed feelings about this app. For now, as long as they offer unique products as they do, and have great customer service, which they do have, and the design process is stellar, I will continue to use them and put up with the downsides to this app, but they would be so much better with a few app changes and faster shipping.

Ps: it would be great to see some Polynesian/Asian models, larger (Above 2-3X) sizes, all over print onesies, more children clothing and accessories, more dog products, mens button down, short sleeve and long sleeve shirts, and women’s long casual dresses. Also it would be great to have a choice of background colors for products, and a selection for mirror printing on items. Also, when you have to add another design, it would be great for the program to default back to the page with all tour designs, rather than downloading the design again.

In spite of all if this, I love KC Custom and find myself designing like crazy!


Developer reply

October 21, 2019

Hi Leimana Hawaiian Artisan Jewelry & Gifts,

Thank you for your thorough review! We appreciate all the details you mention.

Every item purchased is handmade to order so for this reason it takes slightly longer as we do not carry inventory and try to eliminate waste as part of our sustainability approach! We are actively working to improve our app accessibility and shipping times for a more seamless experience. Please note, we offer expedited shipping with a 3-5 business day turnaround if you prefer this instead of free standard shipping which can take longer from 7-10 business days.

Good news, some of the issues you are having can be easily resolved! You may check out our Shopify app comprehensive tutorial at This walks you through step by step on how to automate your order processing (see part 4). We certainly do not want you to do any manual updating!

For order processing, we cannot allow you to update SKU's as our system must be able to recognize the designed products. To update your design details including design name or description, simply login to your Kin Custom Shopify App and:

-Click 'Design' on the header
-Click 'Edit' on the top right thumbnail of the design
-Enter the updated design title, tags, and description

We’re so glad to hear you love the products and always welcome suggestions for new ones! You may submit a product request by visiting our website as each quarter we review every request to see how we can meet our customers needs for the upcoming seasons. As for the bag/purse sample, we apologize that your bag arrived sticky. We are looking into this issue with our production team to see what could have caused this issue. Our Customer Experience team will be in touch with you to get more details on this.

If you have any more questions or need help with order processing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

-Kin Custom

Undergrad Society

Products are good but almost 0 customer service. They take days to reply and only reply to easy questions (and not even fully). Also most of the time their answers are copied and not related to the questions at all. Very disappointing!

Developer reply

October 8, 2019

Hi Undergrad Society,

We are thrilled to hear our products are great and sincerely apologize regarding the level of service you have received up until this point. One area we dedicate our efforts to is listening and committing to our customers. Although it has caused you frustration, which we apologize for, we appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

Our Customer Experience team operates Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM EST. If you have reached us outside of business hours, you may submit a ticket through our automated ticketing system which we reply within 24 hours or by the next business day. A member of our Customer Experience team will be in contact with you to investigate your issues further.

- Kin Custom

dMart Gear

I have had this app for a little but now, just started adding some products to it. We sold out first item through them last week. Was very impressed with shipping time! Our customer was also very happy with the product. I also like the White Label service and that we can brand out products with our logo. Will be expanding our offerings through them

Developer reply

October 2, 2019

Hi dMart Gear,

Thanks for the review! We're happy to hear you're looking to expand your offerings with our services. We love your shop, and especially your Halloween products! If you're interested, we also offer wholesale products you can add to your store in minutes, with additional discounts of up to 45% off.

Thanks again!

-Kin Custom

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