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18 de setembro de 2023

Use this on 2 stores, always have some problems with it. Randomly an option stop working, and my customers are unable to purchase. Only the last week spent £500 on advertising, and my customers were unable to purchase, because an option did not work. Took us 1 week to realise why we don't have a single sale. You guys need to take business more siriously, because it happened to 2 of my stores already. We Business owners can not afford to loose a single penny because of an app. Choose a more expensive but better app guys.

GreetReels - Unique Gift Ideas
Reino Unido
6 meses usando o app
Best deixou uma resposta 19 de setembro de 2023


Sorry for causing trouble to you.
We tested your store and found no problems as you mentioned.
Can you send me some screenshots of the wrong order?
Can you send me your test video?
I think this will help us check and resolve this issue

I have sent our test video to your email "", please check it

You can contact us at ""

Best wishes

King app

13 de junho de 2023

Terrible! I wanted the additional price for customisation option which was in the app image and description but after I downloaded the App and try to use this feature, they say sorry and that I have to download another App which I then have to pay for..... dark tactics!

16 minutos usando o app
4 de dezembro de 2022

No Price options?!?! It's just about the most basic and important part of setting up product options.

Estados Unidos
31 minutos usando o app
4 de outubro de 2022

Misleading product demo. You can't add prices to options unless you buy a paid app. This is a scam, if you choose to install it they will request extra permission to access your customer data.

Crucial Tracking
30 minutos usando o app
29 de novembro de 2022

Total waste of time. When you add a price increase to the variant it asks you to install another app so this app is just a trojan horse to make you install another paid app. rejected.

26 minutos usando o app
20 de julho de 2023

not working in 2023, i can't see the option in the cart. It's a shame bc the design and the interface of the app is really cool and easy to understand

Wear Paris
29 minutos usando o app
Best deixou uma resposta 21 de julho de 2023


I checked your store, you don't have app enabled in theme.
You need to enable the app in the theme for the app to work in your store
I have sent you an email, if you have any questions, you can use the email below to contact me

Best wishes

King app

16 de junho de 2023

Useless app, not working. Keeps saying it is disabled in embeds, however it is enabled. Garbage.
Useless app, not working. Keeps saying it is disabled in embeds, however it is enabled. Garbage.

Estados Unidos
10 minutos usando o app
Best deixou uma resposta 16 de junho de 2023


You need to click the "save" button in the upper right corner of the theme to save the settings

Best wishes

King app

11 de setembro de 2023

usless , dont waste your time on this crap......

2 dias usando o app
6 de setembro de 2022

Looks like this app has been acquired or the developer has migrated to a new, expensive, paid app. Development seems to have stopped and lots of nag screens now in the app to migrate to 'new app' that is expensive and seems to contain the same functionality.

Spot Industries
Mais de 1 ano usando o app
Best deixou uma resposta 6 de setembro de 2022


We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you!

Our team has opened up 80% of the functionality of our paid version of the app as a free app, aiming to provide rich product options for those who want to operate their store with minimal cost
(this 80% feature is even better than those of other paid apps. Provides more and richer functions).

Our team is constantly updating our two apps, and it is worthwhile and rewarding if you choose us and use this free app.

In the introduction of free apps in shopify, we explained the functions of free apps in detail, and we did not mention any functions of paid apps, so there is no false propaganda.

Our team's paid app is very powerful. It is second to none among all product option apps. You can try our paid version of the app, which will definitely give you a good value for money: /ymq-options

Best wishes!

King app

13 de agosto de 2022

Need to be able to input multiple variants at one time. Before all of the updates I was able to do this easily but not anymore.

Mini Me Marie's LLC
Estados Unidos
7 meses usando o app
Best deixou uma resposta 13 de agosto de 2022


Our app has not been updated recently, you can tell us in detail the problems you encounter.

You can contact our mail:

Also, there are many apps with the same name as ours in the app store, so we're guessing that you may not have used our app before but another app.

best wishes!

King app