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Data de edição: 28 de março de 2024

Downgrading my review from 5 stars to 2 stars. At first the developer was super responsive and helpful. They assisted with anything I needed. If something didn't work quite right with my theme, he was on it, sometimes with a fix within 20 mins. But then when I would make a small change inside my theme, his fix would break. And then he stopped responding. I was excited to find this app. But things breaking if I change an option drop down to a radio button just won't work for me. If you have your site completely done and don't plan on ever changing it, it might work for you. But unfortunately I had to move onto something else that consistently works.

Estados Unidos
13 dias usando o app
21 de junho de 2023

estou com um problema , quando o cliente compra , não consigo ver as variantes escolhidas em nenhum lugar, preciso resolver isso .

4 meses usando o app
Best deixou uma resposta 21 de junho de 2023


We have already contacted you about this issue, please check your email.

The checkout app you used is incompatible with all product options apps, all product options apps, not just ours.

The checkout app removes all product options in checkout, which is causing the problem you're having.

Please reply us this email with any questions.

We do not recommend seeking help from us through comments, you can contact us directly through the email below.


best wishes!

King app

30 de agosto de 2023

Be careful if you are wanting to add on prices to variants. It shows you can do it, however they say that the functionality doesnt currently exist in this app and that you need to download their other app (Ymq) which of course is a paid app.

Just be aware before you waste hours just like I did

Gina Jones Creations
Aproximadamente 18 horas usando o app
Data de edição: 18 de maio de 2022

I installed and uninstalled the same day(thanks to king). The app gives a variety of options, which is what I needed but creating the template wasn't as simple as I thought. they have videos with no audio so all you see is a person clicking but no explanation of what is going on. I reached out to support and didn't receive the help most apps on here have been offering. I only gave 2 stars because my emailed was answered the same day but live chat needs to be offered. FYI it's poor customer service directing a customer to watch videos AFTER they have expressed they did. update: as you can see by the reply how focused they are on customer service. starting off with "first of all" is not a customer service friendly tone. I am not a male so to address me as such is pure disrespect. As I stated in the original review you answered my email in a timely manner which is why I gave 2 stars. what works for other may not work for me. Instead of trying to figure out a POSITIVE solution you want to attack me. Your team is frustrated and so I am for wasting my time downloading this app

Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 4 horas usando o app
Best deixou uma resposta 18 de maio de 2022

First of all, our app provides a free and easy-to-use app and great customer support for all shopify sellers.

Almost all customer feedback is that our app is easy to use, and we don't know what problems the merchant encountered that made him think our app is not easy to use.

Our app provides customers with email help, video help, and FAQ help, but all of these don't work for this merchant, and we are also very confused.

When the merchant encountered a problem, even though we responded to his email, we did not know what caused the merchant to leave such a dishonest review of our app.

All members of our team are very frustrated by this! ! !

8 de setembro de 2022

just started useing will update after i use it for awhile stay tuned for for a future updated review

The Druid Grove
Estados Unidos
13 minutos usando o app
Best deixou uma resposta 8 de setembro de 2022


If you have any questions during use, you can contact us
Here is our support email:

best wishes

King app

8 de março de 2022

You can't set prices with this app. So basically they hook you by giving it "free" and then propose you another paid app when you try to set a price to an option. It's ok ONLY if you don't need to add a price to an option, otherwise it's pure BAIT.

5 minutos usando o app
Best deixou uma resposta 8 de março de 2022


Our free and powerful app is enough to meet the needs of 80% of shopify sellers.

In order to ensure the normal development of our team, we need to obtain some income, which is necessary to ensure the healthy development of the app.

We deal with a large number of problems for sellers every day, which consumes huge labor costs. Our free app is so rich in functions that it has been trusted by many shopify sellers.

We need to buy expensive servers to ensure the stable operation of the app.

These all require huge costs. But we've made product options available for free to help those just starting shopify sellers. So that they can try to operate their store with minimal cost, we chose to open the free version.

It's really frustrating for our team to see the review you left 😟😟😟! ! !

King app