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Jaq Jaq Bird

We sell chalk table runners and splat mats to go under kid's highchairs, etc--Kit thinks that they're table linens and door mats. I'm not confident that Kit's e-mails and retargeting efforts will use the correct phrasing/retarget the right audiences.

Geeks "R" Us

App is really buggy, and their website is trash, the home page keeps forcing me to redo the messaging preferences, but it's already set up, but the whole site keeps directing me to the preferences. So broken... I can't believe Shopify is this bad at maintaining websites...


I am finding this app totally useless. I can't even get my products uploaded to it. The stupid system does not seem to recognise EAN numbers and continually asks for GTIN numbers which by the way we don't use as we are in Europe where we use EAN numbers. Constantly asking for MPN numbers which don't exist for our products. Spent days on it and I will be deleting it, no assistance and it won't connect to Facebook. Looks to me like if you are not in the US or Canada you may as well forget it. It is not designed for the real world that we and our customers actually live in.

Kwaze-vision LLC

This app truly does not work at all. I have spent days, days trying to run one single facebook ad. It does not work!

The Baking Berry

Kit is useless. Seems interesting but tries to be something it's not. There are better apps out there. Don't waste your time with this one.


Kit seems like a good idea at first, but you soon realize that Kit is entirely worthless. It's difficult to impossible to edit ad suggestions because the mobile connections instead of logging you in, continually want to create new mobile messaging options, but aborts once you add a number already on the account. So, you can't connect to the editing function and eventually just give up and stop using it altogether. I am sure there are simpler ways to code this app but somewhere along the way, the developers lost interest and moved on to something shinier.

Walden Home Decor

Keep receiving emails from Fecebook (There were issues with your feed upload "Kit Product Feed". Some of your products may not have been added to your catalog. We've attached a report summarizing the issues we found with products in your feed.). Kit tells me to not worry about, there are no issues. They also tell me to just turn off notifications on this, which I have. Still keeping getting these emails. Annoying. If there are no issues, then why the emails? Common sense has left the planet

BCSS Online Sales

We don't sell Iphone cases or food storage products. why do you week after week send out the same messages that do not apply to our company. I guess this app was created, launched and then left. Was handy for a sending and email from a phone or posting on facebook.

Shoppers Bar

The cost is 0, app is not even worth the cost of 0, kindly remove all my data from your servers. The most pathetic app on Shopify

Xin Chao from Vietnam

Right from the very first communication Kit chose cushion covers to sell. I was VERY disappointed but saw no way to amend what Kit advertises, but assumed that it will do a rotation, each time choosing something different from a large number of other lovely products I sell. Unfortunately this does not happen. Each time Kit tells me that loads of people are searching for cushion covers, shall we get it out there?! No! An extremely unhelpful and even useless tool as far as I'm concerned.

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