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Licker Pickers Toothpicks

Sends me to some strangers account allowing me to get into their FB info! So does not work for me.

Developer reply

May 23, 2019

Hi there Licker Pickers Tootpicks

Thank you for getting in contact with us. Unfortunately this isn't our direct support line. Our customer support team have reached out to you to help you get your account set up and working for you.

As you can understand as this is a public forum to review Kit, we naturally can't go into any detail regarding your account so it's best to respond to the members of our customer success team and follow their recommendations.

Wishing you every success

All the best

Kickstand Culture

The concept is amazing. The execution has been awful so far.
(1) When it shows me a preview of an ad on my iphone, it's a blank page, so I am unable to move ahead with the campaign.
(2) The editing of emails is too limited... when I tried to get rid of a variable in the email called [your name] it told me it was mandatory. I do not want my own name in our company's emails.
(3) When we did send out an email of the latest products, it included our logo at the top of the email and it was tiny. It looked bad. When I emailed the developers they said there is currently no way to edit that.
(4) I just tried to start a FB retargeting campaign and as soon as I completed the ad and budget, I got a confirmation message but then immediately received another message suggesting I start the campaign that I just started. Did it go through the first time?... I have no idea.
(5) It always asks if thank you emails can go out to the customers that placed orders yesterday. But that request happens when we have POS sales only and there is no email associated with those customers. How is an email going to be sent?
Based on my experience, this app is basically failing at every task it attempts. Additionally, I have read several reviews of this app that state that this app caused them to be locked out of their FB Business Manager account and frankly, I am fearful of that based on the bugs and shortcomings that I have outlined here.
I may keep this app another day or two to see if there is anything that works as designed and if not, it will be removed.

Developer reply

May 10, 2019

Hi there Kickstand Culture.

Thank you for getting in contact with us. You are coming to us with some very interesting points and some that I would love to discuss with your further.

With that, I'm going to send you an email now where we can discuss and also set up a call if you would like. At Kit we pride ourselves in helping everyone who use Kit to get to their first sale and beyond. Saying that, we do know that making your business a success is a very subjective situation so with that we do try to offer the best possible service.

Looking forward to having this important conversation with you,

Chat soon

Mid Mod Pad Shop

You know you aren't getting proper support when their "help" videos are cartoons with cartoon sounds that last under two minutes. The app is useless as far as I can get with it. And I see lots of other negative reviews. I'm deleting this one.

Developer reply

April 29, 2019

Hi there Mid Mod Pad Shop

Enda here from the Customer Success Team. I have actually seen your questions with the customer success team, in fact I have just replied to you :)

If you could check your emails you will see my reply and how to get set up with your Instagram ads



I am new with Shopify and new with kit, I would like to know how much it cost kit but I did not find an answer and nobody in technical support answer me.

Developer reply

April 29, 2019

Hi there Youngforeverfashion

Kit is 100% free, this means that there is no subscription cost or monthly fee to use Kit. The only thing that you will pay for is the budget that you set for your ads, but you will have total control over that. Kit will never action anything until you give Kit the green light to do so.

In terms of our customer support, this is something that we take very very seriously. I am going to reach out to you directly now via email where we can discuss further and naturally I will be able to support you more.

Wishing you every success with your new venture.

All the best

Fliiboy Lighting

Didn't sync to my business manager account on facebook and the support team is absolutely useless. So frustrating

Developer reply

April 18, 2019

Hi Fliiboy Lighting,

Enda here from the Customer Success Team. I'm really sorry to hear you had some issues getting set up with Kit and had an issue with the Support team. We really do try our best to try and get all of our merchants set up as quickly and as easily as possible.

Saying that I'm going to email you directly now to see how I can help and get you set up with Kit.

Talk to you soon,


Terrible, the app constantly sends messages informing me that I have a peak in people looking for phone cases - great except I do not sell phone cases.
It is a massive disappointment as is the help station, unable to get help or a credit. Stay away would be my advice.

Developer reply

April 3, 2019

Thank you for sharing this feedback, PCRacewear! We completely understand the frustration and apologize for the experience with Kit so far. Unfortunately, this requires a fix outside of Kit's scope but we have reached out to the appropriate individuals and are hoping to have this resolved soon! We will keep you posted on this progress via personal outreach to your email. Thank you for your patience in advance. - Bejza, Kit Support

Idea Chíc

Beware. We lost admin and ownership to facebook page while setting up Kit via the Kit dashboard. Managed to get FB support but they state no guarantee to reverse third party changing admin status. Isn't that awesome?!

Whatever Market

Beware Facebook account was disabled because of the software. NO help. They say it's Facebook when all my adds went through KIT.

This app started sending around emails to my customers without my approval... it is very rigid... doesn't even let you edit the text of an email campaign. Very annoying app!

My Home Decor & Gift Shop

This is horrible for your stats! As soon as something goes up on Facebook New York, Davis Calif and Overseas shows up in your analytics...

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