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Radha Govinda's Fashions -Gopi Skirt Outfits

kit post the same items for over a year on my fb page, and run an add on fb after i canceled it.....kit post the same items for over a year on my fb page, and run an add on fb after i canceled it..... i would like to get a full refund of 18.94 for the add i cancelled as soon as it was posted i have contacted shopify support for over a month to resolve my issues with their kit which is control by shopify. but the matter is still unresolved
i am so frustrated. no one seems to be able to address the matter. i want to cancelled and delete kit. a total waste of my time.
seriously i cant understand why it would take shopify gurus to resolved this matter. guru are suppose to be good at what they are doing. very disappointed and very frustrated.

Developer reply

July 15, 2019

Hi Radha Govinda's Fashions -Gopi Skirt Outfits

I'm really sorry to hear that you have not had the most positive experience with Kit.

I have however taken a look into your account and I can see what happened in the case of your ad. Naturally I can't discuss anything about your account here so please do keep an eye out for an email from me.

Looking forward to talking soon

All the best

Surfside Supply Co.

Not overly impressed. Application is a bit slow and buggy. Also surprised in the lack of customization for email templates, notifications, etc. Seems too generic, especially for a bigger branded store that wants to deliver a very custom and tailored experience.

Developer reply

July 11, 2019

Hi Surfside Supply Co.

Thank you for reaching out to us. We pride ourselves in giving the best possible experience to our merchants but naturally sometimes there can be small issues. These issues and how we deal with them show how much we really do care about our product and your experience.

These are things we are working on and naturally they do take time to get rolled out.

I really do hope you might consider Kit once again later down the line but in the mean time if there is anything we can ever help you out with then please do reach out to us.

Wishing you every success


So after using for a few weeks I noticed thay the "traffic" being driven to my store wasnt interactiong AT ALL. I tracked it and it was none. All my Kit posts have been reported by FB as spam since last week. Im going to continue to use it until my campaign is finished, then ill be removing it. On a brighter note, the AI creates beautiful visuals. The follow thru with actually producing is the downfall. Im questioning the traffic bc it feels very much like bots.

Developer reply

July 3, 2019

Hi there Young-Erudite-Society-Clothing

Thank you for reaching out about this. I have taken a look into this for you and I'm going to follow up with you over email as I have data showing the ads have been working as they should be.

Naturally I can't share any account information like this so please check your email and you will see a message from me there.

Looking forward to chatting


Roulette Clothing

The app is helpful, however if you run more that 1 business it becomes pretty useless.

We have 3 Shopify stores, 3 Instagram accounts, 3 Facebook accounts, 3 Different Ad accounts, 3 different catalogues but all managed through the Facebook Business manager which is designed to streamline and consolidate users and work.

Kit will not integrate with more than one business manager which is pointless, you cannot even use personal ad account to run this.

So currently we need to disconnect all our other businesses from the business manager, re-setup new business managers, setup new payment methods, re associate all pages, payment methods etc etc to get kit to work

Why I cannot point 1 shopify store to 1 page, 1 insta, 1 kit catalogue, 1 phone user, 1 payment method is beyond me.


I already sent request to FB,and Kit also
I cant run ad because of my business data is not same on every platform. Every problem generate with FB Data. My Personal & Business Information should be separated. "SEO, shopify,Google,Kit, Insta, Messenger, etc."
I have all Govt registered docs.
Before any ad, business information and ph. should be same data.
Hope you understood and will communicate about my Business ad data.

Natures Home Pharmacy

It only connects to one main facebook account. So if you have 2 stores, your out of luck in getting messages. Why dont they send the messages to the business page linked to the account instead of the personal user? Makes no sense. Super poor planning.


In theory this is a great app but sadly despite trying to get assistance, I could not amend the Facebook page the Kit account associated with my Shopify account.
I've wasted hours trying to fix it but it simply does not allow you to change your FB account.
I've been told to do various things, so won't fault someone trying to help but it hasn't worked.
I've been told 'they can't amend the FB situation' so I've now asked them to remove all details of me from their system in the hope I can try and re-install it.
I'm irritated that I've had time wasted and that the 'solution' was rubbish.
For whatever reason, the system can't see the 15 other FB business pages I own, so it's been a real disappointment.
I think their technical support needs to be more in-depth than ' clear your browser cache' log in to FB and the business page you want to use and then in to Kit Incognito and follow the instructions.
There were no instructions. Just the same page, showing the incorrect FB account.
I'm very technical and even I can see that it's Kit that's the issue not Facebook!
What a waste of time!

Scrubs Bubbles

Ads are far too generic and require a lot of customizing. Kit needs to be customized to work with each store and analyze the data first and suggesting rather then be generic to all stores. I don't need an app to remind me to post. I need an app that has the customization figured out with my data.

Swagshopper Agi

Ive been using Kit a while now and for me its been a very mixed bag. I like the ability to make quick posts about recent additions to the store but the assistance with advertising leaves a lot to be desired. There are very few details provided to you when creating ads and the audiences you target. Also the ads feel extremely generic like you can tell a computer came up with the language used.

It really just depends on what youre trying to accomplish with the app for how much you will get out of it. Ive found little use in advertising but the other basic functions have been a small help mostly in terms of time saving.



This app could really use some tweaks. I was burning money on facebook ads without a single conversion. I didn't figure out why until today! Every single Kit ad audience was 18-24 year old women. Young women who probably wouldn't buy my products anyway. Oh I got TONS of clicks but no one even added an item to their cart. They just browsed and went back to facebook. There should really be a better way to run ads and pick audiences with kit. While the ease of use is amazing, and it does produce great ads- I still have to go in afterwards to edit the audience ..

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