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Sorry but I don't know what's to do this application ? Why I do working with it?
Thank's for explication
No I just want to make what's the fonction? Probably it's super Answers to me thank's

Developer reply

November 28, 2019

Hi there Kaek-Store

So Kit can help you with your Marketing for your business. Kit can assist you with your Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertisings, Email marketing and Thank you emails too.

We can offer a lot more support with this too but I would really recommend checking out our demo: [Demo Link]( this will tell you how Kit works and what it can do for you! And most importantly the amount of time and money it can save you.

If you have anymore questions then please do reach out to us. Our email is:


Smug Store

Kit has prompted me to spend an awful lot of money on Facebook and Instagram campaigns that simply don't convert. The targeting is extremely broad on these campaigns and Kit doesn't prompt me to review who it's targeting, it just runs ads with it's own default settings which include all demographics. A lot of the preset ad or post text is a poor fit for the content of the ads and much of it uses Americanised spelling.

Developer reply

August 20, 2019

Hi there Smug Store

Thank you for reaching out to us and leaving Kit a review. We really do appreciate it. In terms of the targeting for your ads, I'm afraid I can't go into any detail about your account here as this is a public forum. Naturally if you could reach out to us in support we will be able to dive into this more for you and give you some more detail and the next best steps. Our email is:

In terms of the language and use of American Spellings, you can log into your Kit dash, go to Adjustments, Ads and posts, there you can edit the content that accompanies your ads. You can also make your own if you wish from there.

I hope this all makes sense but if you do want anymore detail please do reach out to us! :)

I hope you have a great week!

All the best

The Rogue Crusade

I love the concept of Kit. I’ve had it installed for almost as long as it’s been available, and get the ad send texts and alerts about what’s popular among online shoppers. Those things are just useful enough for me to keep the app installed.

I keep waiting for more of the apps I actually use to have integrations. There are a few to choose from, but there hasn’t been a new app in quite some time. I’d love to see Kit “learn” how to send emails from Conversio or pull reward data from, for instance. I figure this is on the other app’s end, though. So while it’s disappointing, I don’t really fault Kit too much for that.

The real reason for the three stars is how limiting the built-in email feature is. There are only a few premade templates to choose from, and there’s hardly anything about them that can be customized. It’s supposed to be a large part of the draw, and I’ve never been remotely inclined to send these emails to my customers when Kit asks, which is a shame, because I’d love the convenience it’s intended to offer. That’s really why I’d love to see an integration with Conversio.

So basically, I only find Kit half as useful as she’s intended to be, which is a shame, because there’s a lot of potential here that hasn’t really grown in the time I’ve had her hooked in.

Developer reply

May 23, 2019

Hi there The Rogue Crusade

Thank you for your review and honest feedback of Kit. We are delighted that you are certainly finding benefit of using Kit.

In terms of the email functionality, this is something we are working on and trying to develop future integrations. These integrations will certainly help open up Kit and your business to more exciting and creative ways for you to help your business grow.

Wishing you every success



Is a wonderful app but you can't change easily the facebook page. I have been trying for long time but there is no option whatsoever.

Developer reply

May 13, 2019

Hi there EnyBy

Thank you for taking the time to give Kit a review. In this case though, it's actually a very simple fix for us to change the Facebook Page that you have linked to your Kit account.

All you have to do is reach out to our support: with the name of your store and a link to the page you want to have linked to your Kit account. We will be able to get that set up for you then

All the best


this app is completely impossible to connect or set up.... tells me my own facebook page doesnt have permissions? Iff I dont have permissions than who does? some homeless beggar on the street? retarded. (this issue has been resolved. Thank you // GBC - Feb 15, 2019)

The Perfumerie

I wish it would have the option to automatically pull product listings from my shop and post them on FB or Instagram to save on time. There could be optional set-up when and how often to post in addition to the marketing services. This would make it much more valuable as an app to me.


Kit is always asking and offering you for ideas to work on, which is really good. However, The ideas are about always the same. I feel it can be more creative and efficient!

Todays Web Store

I'm giving Kit a 3 Star, cause i don't have the foggiest what i'm doing. Says free 14 day app, but cannot find what it costs besides actual FB ad daily spend.

Was told today, not to start using Kit until my FB page had over 100 Likes, well that might be a while, cause just made it yesterday, making my new store live yesterday as well.

Guess, deleting this app until i get some good history behind it, but doubt history will have any sales, not knowing how to market it properly. Any suggestions appreciated. My store selling watches, swimwear, lingerie, sunglasses, & pet accessories.

Thank you~

Travelfood Curated Wines

Would have rated a five but I sell wine and there is no way for Kit to allow me to set an age restriction. This creates a problem for Facebook ad - they reject my ad every time due to policy issues. I have to go in and appeal each time. It’s a hassle.


I like it's convenience but it gives FALSE ANALYTIC readings.

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