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Run better Facebook ads

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Get help with marketing

Hire Kit, your own marketing employee, to help find the right shoppers and drive more sales.

Turn Facebook visits into sale

Easily create Facebook ads, including dynamic retargeting campaigns, that show ads to those most likely to buy.

Find your Instagram audience

Get in front of millions of Instagram users who are looking to discover new products.

À propos de Kit

Kit is the extra set of hands you’ve been looking for to help with marketing your store. As your FREE virtual employee, Kit will recommend the marketing activities most likely to drive sales.

With a few quick messages to Kit using Shopify Ping or SMS, you can create a discount code and promote it, start a retargeting campaign to bring visitors back to your store, send thank you emails to customers, and much more!

Exclusive to Shopify merchants, Kit helps small business owners overcome three big challenges:

  1. No time to learn or execute marketing
  2. No budget to hire a marketing expert
  3. No experience in online advertising to drive traffic and make sale

Kit isn’t just another marketing app. Kit is a proactive, artificially-intelligent assistant that you’ll talk to everyday, who’s on call 24/7, working whenever you are and even when you aren’t.

Kit looks at your products, visitors, and customers to make informed recommendations for your next marketing move.

Kit is an official Facebook Marketing Partner for small business. Kit helps you manage your Instagram and Facebook ads, email marketing, and social posts to drive sales and grow your business—all for free.

The return on investment you get from Kit will be in the sales you make and the time you save by having Kit handle your marketing.

Here's what Kit can do for you:

  • Set up Facebook dynamic ads and retarget shoppers most likely to buy
  • Build lookalike audiences to ensure the best targeting for your ads
  • Create Facebook and Instagram ads that drive sales
  • Post Facebook updates to drive customer engagement
  • Send personalized 'thank you' emails to generate repeat purchases
  • Create and promote discount codes to acquire and retain customers
  • Generate quick reports to provide insights on sales and marketing performance

Kit also works with other Shopify apps. When you connect to compatible apps, you power-up Kit to complete even more tasks that will help you manage and market your store.

  • Customer Reviews by Yotpo—Use customer reviews to drive more sales
  • SEO Manager by venntov—Appear more often when customers search on Google
  • Kit Karts by ShopPad—Increase sales by ensuring customers return to purchase items
  • Modalyst—Source and add new inventory to your store with one click
  • Retail Ready Photos by Pixc—Get professional photo editing for your product images
  • and many more

S'intègre à

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • Customer reviews by Yotpo,
  • SEO Manager by Venntov,
  • Kit Karts by ShopPad

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4.4 de 5 étoiles

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Avis les plus récents

Planet Tree

We use the app to very easily create Instagram ads in seconds, eg. for new products or all products. And the built in reminders and automations are a nice feature too :-)
Great support! Thanks

Réponse du développeur

22 octobre 2020

Hi there Planet Tree

Thank you so much for taking the time to give Kit such a brilliant 5 star review. I'm delighted to read that you are seeing first hand the time and effort Kit can save you while making your Instagram Ads.

Thank you for mentioning our dedicated Customer Success Team too. We are super lucky to have a team that will stop at nothing to get you and your business up and running.

As ever though, we are only a message away so if there is anything else we can ever help you out with, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Wishing you and your business continued success.

All the best

Home BAEsic

It Shows in the apps collection for India region. But unfortunately it not available in India. What an irony!

Réponse du développeur

21 octobre 2020

Hi there Home BAEsic

Thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear that you haven't had the best experience. I have to be honest, if you country code is not listed them I'm afraid you will not be able to use SMS as your method of contact for Kit.

There is however a workaround so I will reach out to you personally now with the next steps.

Looking forward to chatting.

Thanks again


how much is this app can't find it anywhere, im trying to get information but it seem like a impossible job to do

Réponse du développeur

21 octobre 2020

Hi there MelonBâg

Thank you for reaching out. So Kit is 100% free, there is no monthly subscription cost. The only thing that you will pay for is the budget that you set for your ads and you will have total control over that.

If you ever need to reach out to our dedicated Customer Success Team, all you have to do is email:

I'm going to reach out to your personally to see if there is anything else I can help you out with.

Looking forward to chatting.

All the best