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idiots are stealing peoples guests

The Potter Express

DO NOT drop ship with this company. Which the products are great, they send their company information on your packages!! Slick way to market their business to MY customers

Shop Vnylst

Would rate Kite zero stars if there as an option.

Here's why:

-No notifications for when orders are being fulfilled or if there's a billing issue. No email or anything to the extent of "hey, we're on our job" or "hey, we want to process this order, but will need another payment method."

-Expect to be on top of their support each day or week an item hasn't shipped or just to know what the hell is going on with any of your orders; who cares if there's a tracking number for an item that hasn't actually been produced?!

-After over a four months of using the product, there has been no single update to the app and basic logistics continue to fall through the cracks. And that's pretty lame in a space where things change week over week.

-Support is practically non-existent, though they are probably understaffed and supported. If you write in, expect to be told something that likely isn't true...days later. Their response is likely due to the non-existent leadership with over-the-top demands and expectations.

I have orders now a month old and I have zero idea when anything has or will be sent. So I'm expecting to refund customers by way of using another service such as Printful, even if the products aren't identical.

Even a refund wouldn't redeem my experience with Kite and I will soon be removing each and every Kite product from my shop to avoid any unforeseen issues ever again.

Aside from the interface, don't expect the FAQ to be helpful and don't expect to scale an operation beyond a single order a week.

You'll be much better off with the other options out there, trust.

Thix Inc

stressful ! hard to use and im over it. thanks


They really need to do better.

Harley Akers Tattoo Designs

Highly not recommended we had to wait about 2 weeks and our item was still not even started printing than when we went to get a refund that was another 2 weeks waiting the customer service people were a joke kept getting told the same thing over and over we will not use your services again


-100 Stars! This app is a bad jock, I mean, REALLY!
I have waited for 21 days! yes! 21+ even fokin days for my orders to be sent!
not delivered, sent!!
I had more than 20 orders that had to wait for then 3 weeks.
this is like working with aliexpress. customer support are nothing but liars who just come out with a new stupid explanation about their problems.
I would recommend everyone who see this to AVOID this app no matter what.

Shiba Meets World

This review is from someone who has placed an order and dealt with their customer service. We are an influencer on Instagram and we were looking for a service that could take care of designing and delivering products for our fans.

Do not trust any of these reviews that are giving this app 5 stars. I was initially impressed by this platform and live chat button. The integration is very quick and the images of the products with your designs will look great.

The problem is that there is no service to back it up. The live chat isn't live chat, they respond hours later and sometimes only after chasing the next day.

I ordered a test sample that I paid for myself last Monday. It is now Wednesday of the following week and I still have not received my item. This is despite constant communication with them and various promises.

It would be a nightmare if this was a customer order. I would end up having to refund the customer. Who knows if I would ever be able to claim the money back from Kite. Absolutely appalling customer service and response times for processing orders.

Deleting this app from our store.


i would give the minus -10 stars.
DON'T WAIST YOUR MONEY and time on ordering from them, make your research for a descent company. Just Don't. Bad costumer service.
They will message you and help you as long as you put an order in, then they will ask you for a feedback. Once i have wrote them about all the mistakes were done and missing items NO MORE ANSWER+ i have re sent the e mail to make sure they got it. So. here we go:
1. the color prints on TSHIRT AND TANK came out with very different colors then should be. I have the same print printed by other company, i have sent them the comparison. their color printing is far from accurate
2. black and white print on a t- shirt - came out fine as a print but the size of the printing wasn't scaled down as i wanted, they printed the whole shirt
3. 2 POSTERS A3, one color one black and white - NEVER RECEIVED THEM
4. FLIPFLOPS - cheap cheap quality
5. mug - i had a black and white print - came out ok
6. Towel - color print came white/silver washed + not correct colors

- I have tried to resolve the issue with them through e mail but didn't get a replay,

- I was hoping to find a new company for my printings - not here.

Just dont do it to yourself

Birdclaw Clothing Co

My experience started sort of good with them. My initial problem started with how long it was taking products to get to anyone. The shirts that were printed on the American Apparel shirts came out fantastic and I was pleased. Then my issue arose with a "beach towel" that of all people, my mother ordered. It took 13 days for the product to even arrive to her and what they sent was even thinner than the gym towels I use for my workouts. I contacted them about getting a refund on the product because not only was my customer unhappy, but I wasn't getting the product as described. They stated that the product was supposed to a small microfiber towel and to be used for the gym. I told them that they're description clearly states that the towel is supposed to be pure cotton and used for the beach. Not to mention they completely skirted me on getting a refund. Of course I've already refunded my mother back and am looking for something to get her instead, but this is awful. I also have another customer who's waited 21 days now for a phone case to come in and they've skirted me on two individual times about getting me tracking or let alone any information for the product.

All in all... first two orders were... alright... and everything from there just completely went down the drain and I DO NOT recommend using them. Use Printify or Printful instead.