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Print on Demand Custom Merchandise

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Fake tracking number. Delayed shipping by weeks. Great UX though, probably the best out there for UK drop shipping, but what's the point when customers never return because of lack of trust and delayed times.


Fabulous App! I will write more after I have used it longer!

It took 1 month to recieve an iPad case. I'm not sure why it took so long.


Could be a lot better. The CEO himself had to look into my issue because his team couldn't figure out the problem. It shouldn't have gone that far but it did and for that I would give 2 1/2 stars.



UI needs improvement...

- the first page asks you to upload an image, thats it, you HAVE to upload to see the products,
- after you have edited and save changes in the editor, if you go back to gallery page, you have to upload your picture again.
- Found the back button on edit page, its not obviously placed, so your wondering were to click..
- designs are published to store as visible with no option to publish as hidden.

Testing Boston Spice

I get an automatic email saying thank you for installing and if i had any questions. I replied saying I sent them questions, they reply they never got my email with questions. Weird since I replied to their initial email. I then email the questions again, still no response. Not sure I want to sell products for a company that does not reply to my questions or loses my emails. How can I trust my product orders won't get lost too. Sorry interesting products but I need a more trust worthy vendor.

I Love Mel

I don't want to be too critical but I do want to help you improve so here goes...

I have two shopify stores: a UK/Europe focussed one and a US/Canada focussed one. Last week I discovered the PRINTFUL app and applied it to my US store. It is so easy to use but also full of relevant information so that you can really understand the procedure, how your images should be created (colour specifications, dimensions for each product and obviously DPI) I uploaded a couple of images to apply and immediately got a message stating that they would be a little low on quality on that particular product and so I improved them and re-uploaded.

I find your app far too simplified to the point where I don't trust it I'm sorry to say. Whilst it is very easy to use, I find it a bit too focussed on the amateur artist rather than professional creative businesses who want to be highly creative but end up with good quality products going out to their customers.

Also, you have a great range of products to apply designs to but no children's wear and you can't see the different colours of t-shirt nor how your design will look on that colour (unless I missed this).

I have tried uploading PDFs, PNGs, TIFs but only jpegs seem to upload so then I am left with a background. On PRINTFUL you can uploads PSD, InDesign, Illustrator, PDFs etc etc which makes it much easier. One has to change the artwork for each garment/product which some may see as a pain, but it makes for a better end result... which is the most important factor I think.

Feel free to take a look at some of my PRINTFUL products on and feel free to contact me for any further info or suggestions.

I would LOVE for your app to improve as I have yet to find a good one to apply to my UK store so I am being constructive in my criticism :-)

Many thanks
Mel Elliott

Wildlife And Art

Didn't work very well. Had to install it 3 times before it actually let me in. The links in the app just went to 404 error pages and this needs some serious overhaul. Friendly people. The app is not ready yet though

Pure Hearts International

As this site clearly indicates at the top, and as the developers themselves assured me, this app is still very much in Beta and is not ready for prime time yet.

I can save you a lot of time and effort by steering you towards Merchify. See my review there.

These Kite guys are clearly bright and they have an awesomely good sense of humor. They may eventually develop a good app. It's not here yet, however. I gave them a 2 for potential.