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Kite - Print and Dropshipping on Demand

Kite - Print and Dropshipping on Demand

Developed by Kite Tech Ltd

91 reviews
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  • Sell your designs on demand. No minimum order or upfront costs.
  • Worldwide fulfilment and white labelled solution.
  • The fastest way to start selling your designs on products.

Create a Merch Store in 30 seconds

Kite enables Artists, Musicians, Brands, Influencers all over the world to be able to turn their designs into quality customised merchandise. We have helped partners in e-commerce, social media and bricks and mortar businesses generate revenue streams from their own/users/customers designs.

We work with only the best print partners who operate fulfilment centres worldwide. This means high quality products delivered swiftly to your customers door.

Here's what our partners think of us..

"It's been a pleasure working with Kite to provide a seamless print solution to our millions of creators on PicCollage. Their platform and support have made our entry into the physical product market so easy and fun! "

Ching-Mei Chen (Co-Founder, Head of Product) - PicCollage (110 million users)

Made on demand - No minimum order

Upload your artwork, choose your products and you're ready to go! It's that simple.

Print your designs on,

    Apparel : T Shirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Sweatshirts

    Accessories : Tote Bags, Flip Flops

    Posters : A1, A2, A3 sizes

    Phone & Tablet cases : iPhone & Android range

    Homeware : Cushions, Mugs

    Print Products : Greeting Cards, Magnets

    More products : Coming soon!

Sit back and relax! Every order will be manufactured and then delivered for you without having to lift a finger.

Manage your business from the Kite app

Manage your customer service, check order status and issue re-prints and refunds from your own personalised dashboard.

Open the Kite app to view reports of your sales. Check how your latest marketing campaign and promotions are impacting your revenue.

Your brand, not ours

Kite is your silent partner. Your customers will never hear from or about us.

How it works (3 Easy Steps)

    1. Install the Kite App - Sign up for a Kite account

    2. Upload your artwork - Upload one or more artworks to create collections of products. Once uploaded we will populate your artwork across the entire product range, including prices, descriptions and more. You can then tweak the artwork to match your own taste before publishing your store. The cost of the product and shipping will be clearly stated.

    3. Click publish and relax! - Your work is done. We'll start fulfilling the orders of your linked products as they come in.

Need more assistance?

Unsure about anything? Chat to us using the live chat within the app or drop us an email at hello@kite.ly. We'll be happy to help!

Kite - Print and Dropshipping on Demand reviews

91 reviews
  1. 5 stars (48 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (11 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (6 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (7 reviews)
  5. 1 star (19 reviews)

Great, love the products and high quality, highly recommended


Fantastic service for printing posters, quality was amazing and their customer service is 10/10. Can't recommend Kite enough if you're looking for timely dropshipping solutions!


i would give the minus -10 stars.
DON'T WAIST YOUR MONEY and time on ordering from them, make your research for a descent company. Just Don't. Bad costumer service.
They will message you and help you as long as you put an order in, then they will ask you for a feedback. Once i have wrote them about all the mistakes were done and missing items NO MORE ANSWER+ i have re sent the e mail to make sure they got it. So. here we go:
1. the color prints on TSHIRT AND TANK came out with very different colors then should be. I have the same print printed by other company, i have sent them the comparison. their color printing is far from accurate
2. black and white print on a t- shirt - came out fine as a print but the size of the printing wasn't scaled down as i wanted, they printed the whole shirt
3. 2 POSTERS A3, one color one black and white - NEVER RECEIVED THEM
4. FLIPFLOPS - cheap cheap quality
5. mug - i had a black and white print - came out ok
6. Towel - color print came white/silver washed + not correct colors

- I have tried to resolve the issue with them through e mail but didn't get a replay,

- I was hoping to find a new company for my printings - not here.

Just dont do it to yourself


One of the best App we try and we going to keep it .. 5+



My experience started sort of good with them. My initial problem started with how long it was taking products to get to anyone. The shirts that were printed on the American Apparel shirts came out fantastic and I was pleased. Then my issue arose with a "beach towel" that of all people, my mother ordered. It took 13 days for the product to even arrive to her and what they sent was even thinner than the gym towels I use for my workouts. I contacted them about getting a refund on the product because not only was my customer unhappy, but I wasn't getting the product as described. They stated that the product was supposed to a small microfiber towel and to be used for the gym. I told them that they're description clearly states that the towel is supposed to be pure cotton and used for the beach. Not to mention they completely skirted me on getting a refund. Of course I've already refunded my mother back and am looking for something to get her instead, but this is awful. I also have another customer who's waited 21 days now for a phone case to come in and they've skirted me on two individual times about getting me tracking or let alone any information for the product.

All in all... first two orders were... alright... and everything from there just completely went down the drain and I DO NOT recommend using them. Use Printify or Printful instead.


I love the new Kite concept but I am still new to this app, I ordered a sublimation sample to check the style and quality and looking forward to receiving it . If the style turns out to be a good fit (and feel - I am a bit worried about the 100% poly t-shirt , it's a non breathing type of fabric) so I believe that I will be able to make great looking unique products. Still , there are a few things missing in my opinion such as having more colors for the sublimation items and not just white because the beauty can come out of using the shirt's color and texture to improve the effect of the design ( printed background with the desired color won't bring out the same effect such as the shirt's texture. another important thing in my opinion is to add a few more options to the design generator (edit) such as duplicating the file a few times on the same side of the shirt, a better way of turning the design with the entire range of the 360 degrees possible (not just jumps ) and a better distinction between the styles for woman and for man (not only unisex) . but all and all this is a new app and I see the concept has very good potential . also the separation between outgoing payments to Kite for the item's cost and the in going payments for sails going through shopify is a great way to handle the accounting and deduct the cost of goods being sold .


Nice App. It's a nice feeling to open it up and have all these great quality choices at your fingertips (namely American Apparel items!), and the customization is easy.

I have ordered a test t-shirt that hasn't arrived yet, so I have yet to see the print quality. One thing I would like to see is more detailed information about each product: material specs etc. The descriptions are very very minimal, and it does make it more of a hassle to wrangle the details elsewhere.

Otherwise: great product choices, easy to integrate, accepts uploads smoothly, and easy to use, great job!


I signed up when they just launched. They still had bugs to iron out but it delayed my order. Support responded immediately after I contacted them. I canceled my order but kept the other order. Even though it took awhile to receive it, it was well worth the wait to see the quality. It worked well because it wasn't an order from a stranger but from family member. I explained to them what happened. Weeks later, the tote bag arrive. It was very high in quality and so is the printing. I received two orders and gave it to my family to give honest feedback. They LOVE the quality and printing. I was sold. It's good to give new businesses the opportunity to thrive, fix things and benefit of the doubt. I am signing back on because they are reasonable and quality is there.


Amazing App... Great & Fast Support... Very friendly people!
1. Upload my picture.
2. Chose my products.
3. Confirm & Publish.
I'm all set. Kite do all the rest for me, they take orders, print and ship to my customers. The best of all... There's NO monthly subscription.
I sold my first T-Shirt 2nd days after.


This service has opened more opportunities to my business.
The guide to how to startup.
Awesome app, awesome service.




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