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Kite - Print and Dropshipping on Demand

Kite - Print and Dropshipping on Demand

Developed by Kite Tech Ltd

75 reviews
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  • Sell your designs on demand. No minimum order or upfront costs.
  • Worldwide fulfilment and white labelled solution.
  • The fastest way to start selling your designs on products.

Create a Merch Store in 30 seconds

Kite enables Artists, Musicians, Brands, Influencers all over the world to be able to turn their designs into quality customised merchandise. We have helped partners in e-commerce, social media and bricks and mortar businesses generate revenue streams from their own/users/customers designs.

We work with only the best print partners who operate fulfilment centres worldwide. This means high quality products delivered swiftly to your customers door.

Here's what our partners think of us..

"It's been a pleasure working with Kite to provide a seamless print solution to our millions of creators on PicCollage. Their platform and support have made our entry into the physical product market so easy and fun! "

Ching-Mei Chen (Co-Founder, Head of Product) - PicCollage (110 million users)

Made on demand - No minimum order

Upload your artwork, choose your products and you're ready to go! It's that simple.

Print your designs on,

    Apparel : T Shirts, Hoodies, Tank Tops, Sweatshirts

    Accessories : Tote Bags, Flip Flops

    Posters : A1, A2, A3 sizes

    Phone & Tablet cases : iPhone & Android range

    Homeware : Cushions, Mugs

    Print Products : Greeting Cards, Magnets

    More products : Coming soon!

Sit back and relax! Every order will be manufactured and then delivered for you without having to lift a finger.

Manage your business from the Kite app

Manage your customer service, check order status and issue re-prints and refunds from your own personalised dashboard.

Open the Kite app to view reports of your sales. Check how your latest marketing campaign and promotions are impacting your revenue.

Your brand, not ours

Kite is your silent partner. Your customers will never hear from or about us.

How it works (3 Easy Steps)

    1. Install the Kite App - Sign up for a Kite account

    2. Upload your artwork - Upload one or more artworks to create collections of products. Once uploaded we will populate your artwork across the entire product range, including prices, descriptions and more. You can then tweak the artwork to match your own taste before publishing your store. The cost of the product and shipping will be clearly stated.

    3. Click publish and relax! - Your work is done. We'll start fulfilling the orders of your linked products as they come in.

Need more assistance?

Unsure about anything? Chat to us using the live chat within the app or drop us an email at hello@kite.ly. We'll be happy to help!

Kite - Print and Dropshipping on Demand reviews

75 reviews
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  5. 1 star (14 reviews)

not sure if this is working a customer order it and there is no Purchase what so every, Not sure what is going on please update your App once an awhile now i have to refund the purchase back to the customer


Update 27/09/2017: We've now received the samples. For straightforward t-shirt printing onto the Gildan shirt, the quality is actually very good with a high quality print. I'm actually going to wear this sample myself. However, the dye-sub is incredibly thin on un-printed areas (you can see straight through the back on our design) and if you print all over the front, it gives a weird neckline as the collar isn't very thick. The printing itself though is very good and colour matched. I've upped the review by one star for the Gildan shirt, but the long delivery time and thin fabric on the dye-sub tee is a let-down.


We've been testing various drop shipping t-shirt companies before our full launch in Spring 2018, spreading our orders amongst them to see who is viable and who fails miserably. Unfortunately, most of them in the UK are useless when it comes to delivery and Kite is among the worst sadly. If you want a reliable and high quality business, then unfortunately your only option is for your premium clothing to be manufactured in bulk trough reputable screen printers etc. For your cheaper or basic t-shirts/hoodies, we recommend Inkthreadable and we'll be using them again in the next week. We wrote a bad review for them recently, but we've been assured that the problems are being fixed and they have new features coming soon that will be very useful. I'll update the review today.

Now to Kite's positives/negatives. We spread 10 orders through them and then stopped...

To be honest, they're quite quick when it comes to printing standard t-shirts/hoodies and shipping them out. We didn't have any delays with those when ordered on their own, even in summer, so they're fine for those. The app is also easy to use and works very well.

The problem lies with their dye-sub t-shirts, and they're highly fashionable at the moment. Kite uses various suppliers, and the dye-sub supplier could not cope with demand, even after peak season with huge delays. Kite said this was due to high demand and broken printers, but waiting 3 weeks for one order before shipping is not adequate. We had to refund 30% of the 10 orders as a result of the delays with no hint of compensation from Kite.

When complaining to Kite, it's like getting blood out of a stone. They're quick to respond, but spout the same 'it's due to demand line' and totally ignored my request for a refund or to find out who the supplier is. They also only appear to be in email contact with the suppliers, so essentially, Kite are just middle men... what's the point?

As far as quality is concerned, we have no idea. I ordered a dye-sub and standard tee nearly 4 weeks ago for quality checks (there lies another problem when a customer orders two different products), and it was only 'dispatched' last Thursday but wasn't actually handed over to Royal Mail until the early hours of last night! I'll update again when I actually receive them.


I thought using this company would be a helpful for me. I thought it would allow me to focus on other aspects of my business. unfortunately that wasn't the case. the shipping is horrible takes 10 or more days to receive your items. on top of that the items received were of a cheap quality. not happy at all. makes my brand look bad!


The app is easy to use, and for the UK I think the best app yet. However still room for improvement. I think there could be a few updates.

1) Better product descriptions (a must) or a way to add before publishing.
2) When using Vectors or transparent backgrounds some of the images show with a grey background (no option to change it)
3) Large inventory, need better access to all the uploaded images, having to scroll through one by one when updating products is time-consuming and frustrating.

Are my main bug bears.......... I like the app and they have been quite good when I have made contact, persevering for now with some of the above issues.


Definitely has potential, not ready yet.




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