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18 de septiembre de 2023

**September 2023** Customer service became so slow AND NOT wiling to deep-dive to help, just to close tickets**
I have realized I lost thousands euros, thousands!! In people not being able to go properly into the welcome flow. I have raised concerns, but support answered there were no issue. I decided to try by myself with a new mail address and I haven't received the welcome mail! I was right, and I had to be extremely pissed towards the support so that they decided to escalade the issue internally, explaining that indeed there was an issue, but the pain is here, thousands euros lost in welcome flow. My business is at risk, terrible.

Koss Design -
Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación
Klaviyo respondió 22 de septiembre de 2023

Sorry to hear you're having troubles, the team has reached out to get all of this resolved!

1 de octubre de 2023

I would highly recommend using another app. This one is horrible, I got this set up luckily under the free plan and I went to use a test email that I sent to myself and my account was disabled. I reached out to customer service to find out why and got some robotic answer.
The only thing I can think of is the fact I sent out two TEST emails to myself, which I still have yet to receive, and got disabled. What bothers me most about that is in the statement they sent me about anti-abuse is. They stated "You may receive performance alerts and warnings from us", I never received any notice, when I asked the customer service rep, if you can even call it customer service, I still have not gotten a response from 12 hours ago. I will be deleting from my store and using another app.

A Pet Store LLC
Estados Unidos
27 días usando la aplicación
Klaviyo respondió 4 de octubre de 2023

Thanks for the comments and we're sorry to hear you've gotten locked out of your account. It looks like the team has reached out, but needs you to respond to the latest email so we can get you back up and running.


7 de septiembre de 2023

Disabled my account for no reason, then sent me a questionnaire of over 20 questions about the business in order to grant access to me again. I've waited over a day to resolve this issue and wasted many hours with the customer service.

Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación
Klaviyo respondió 12 de septiembre de 2023

We appreciate your feedback, the team has reached out to help you get this resolved!

24 de agosto de 2023

Very bad, almost lost customer service. When we have a problem, it is difficult to get any help. And for live chat, wait for long and long time, waste my time! And it is expensive, very expensive!

Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación
9 de noviembre de 2023

wat of money i suggest not use this app

Estados Unidos
29 días usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 28 de junio de 2023

Based on our experience, be very careful with Klaviyo billing. Even if you turn plan auto-upgrade OFF, Klaviyo turns ON the auto upgrade in their billing forms if you upgrade via a campaign. With this, Klaviyo will over-ride your selected plan choice, up-charging you 100% more than you agreed or needed in our case. Plus Klaviyo says they have specific policy that they do not provide refunds when you fall into their auto-upgrade bucket. So be careful to look for auto-checked boxes as we found in our experience can double your cost with no benefit and absolutely no refunds.

The Game Steward
Estados Unidos
Más de 2 años usando la aplicación
28 de abril de 2023

I have been using this app for long and now I am not able to pay them, to upgrade my plan, we are losing important dates. Emailed them several times with no response.

Alrededor de 4 años usando la aplicación
25 de mayo de 2023

If I could give zero starts, I would. It's an amazing app, but they want to control your email domain and the way you email your clients. Not very versatile. They steel your money very easily with their automatic upgrades as well.

New Harbour Distillery
Alrededor de 2 años usando la aplicación
7 de noviembre de 2023

Una vera è propria truffa ho 10k di contatti e ho annullato quest'app dopo un mese visto la sua non funzionalita ed il costo di 150€ mensili in base al numero dei miei account, anche dopo aver disistallato lì'app hanno continuato per 3 mesi a prendere soldi automaticamente dal conto, alle mail nessuna risposta ed in chat mi rispondono dopo aver reinstallato l'app che posso cambiare il mio piano se voglio ma non è possibile emettere rimborsi anche se l'app era disistallata e 0 mail inviate

Lucas Giordani
2 meses usando la aplicación
16 de octubre de 2023

Bad service! Inactive account without any notification. They're not respect user. I lost many things in my account.

17 días usando la aplicación