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13 de septiembre de 2023

Tengo todo conectado pero no me manda los mensajes cuando alguien se suscribe a la tienda o abandona el carrito … en fin. Un defraude

4 meses usando la aplicación
Klaviyo respondió 22 de septiembre de 2023

Gracias por tu mensaje, lamentamos que tengas problemas para enviar mensajes. ¿Puedes actualizar la reseña e incluir la URL de tu tienda para que podamos descubrir qué no funciona correctamente?

4 de octubre de 2023

Lässt sich leider nicht einfach entfernen.

3 meses usando la aplicación
29 de marzo de 2020

Pathetic support. Over-priced.
No way to cancel the account. I have to place a "cancellation request".
And they don't reply to the request for 5 days and charge my card.
Even after showing them the charge they have not replied.
Worst support ever!

Más de 6 años usando la aplicación
4 de noviembre de 2017

I'm very upset, I spent hours creating emails for my customers and they are not sending. Some send and some don't send. I just realized now they have not been sending for 2 months. Very Very Upset!

Oh La Lari Llc
Estados Unidos
Casi 6 años usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 9 de septiembre de 2023

We emailed the company saying we wanted to downgrade our plan because we are no longer going to use the SMS portion of the plan. A few days alter after we asked to be downgraded they charged me another $1330 for the next 30 days even thought we came nowhere close to using our previous month's full SMS plan.

The Rotten Fruit Box
Más de 5 años usando la aplicación
Klaviyo respondió 15 de diciembre de 2021

Hey Custodio — so sorry you're experiencing this. I'm going to connect you with our Growth Success team specialized in helping accounts of your size find more value (and spend less!) with Klaviyo and I will escalate your support ticket as well. Please be on the lookout for more communication soon.

30 de septiembre de 2018

Used to be good but now the emails they sent out during my campaigns keep getting bounced for no good reason - one of which is my personal email and another my friend’s email. Tried to send a campaign just to my email add and I don’t receive it at all. And no it’s not in my junk box either. Ridiculous if that’s the primary function of this app.

Ms Soignée
Más de 5 años usando la aplicación
5 de febrero de 2018

Great App but the support is one of the worst I have ever experienced, dropping it asap and I would NOT recommend this to anyone unless they fix their support, GOOD LUCK IF YOU TRY THEM !!

4 Girlz
Reino Unido
Más de 5 años usando la aplicación
30 de diciembre de 2015

I am struggling to get any sort of help or responses from customer service. They are unwilling to help me resolve issues that I thought would be very easy. I am very disappointed and am looking for an app that wants to help their customers.

Foxwill Inc
Estados Unidos
Casi 5 años usando la aplicación
4 de octubre de 2019

I pay over $900 / month and they don't even have phone support. Constant glitches delay product launches.

Samples From Mars
Estados Unidos
Más de 4 años usando la aplicación
30 de septiembre de 2017

Just installed and got this:

Your account is disabled. More information.
Your account is under review by our Compliance Team. We're sorry for the delay - to make sure all senders have a great experience, we periodically review active accounts. You should hear from us within one business day.

Alrededor de 4 años usando la aplicación