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30 de abril de 2024

Added the Reviews feature, and before we've had a chance to even send out a single review request, a notification has come through that we've "used 97% of your monthly plan for reviews."

Not 1 single review request email has even been sent. And we owe $250 in review request charges? Doesn't make a lick of sense.

A review feature should bill based on reviews. Klaviyo is already a super pricey platform, really disappointing to see them treating well paying customers like this.

Bitters & Bottles
Estados Unidos
Casi 5 años usando la aplicación
26 de marzo de 2024

Had this on multiple websites. Consolidated our websites earlier this month and tried to remove the app from the closed websites. Kept gettting an error. Reported it to Klaviyo. Help was slow and took several emails over several days to get a resolution. Was billled for two websites while waiting on further responses. Klaviyo refussed to refund charges on those despite having alerted them to the issue days earlier. They would rather lose 100% of my business then refund a charge for a service that is no longer wanted.

The app is difficult to remove and customer service is bad.

Raven Fightwear
Más de 2 años usando la aplicación
Klaviyo respondió 3 de abril de 2024

Thank you for sharing your experience. We apologize for the difficulties you encountered and the delays in resolving the issue. Your feedback is important to us, and we're actively working to improve. Please reach out to us directly if you need any further assistance.

15 de mayo de 2024

Stay away and use someone else!

We've been with them for four years and it's gotten ridiculous. We had to spend 1200 for an email that had generated $200 in revenue. A complete ripoff.

There's better options. Support is the worst. At some point, they were the only players in the ecommerce game. Things have changed. Stay away because they will steal from you when you have actual volume.

Estados Unidos
Casi 4 años usando la aplicación
24 de febrero de 2024

Was once good, now awful and once of the worst options available on the Shopify app store. This is coming from having used the app for 2 years.

We've now deleted it and they're still charging us. Klaviyo - this is not how you keep your brand going. We've let our friends and groups know this company is NOT the type you want to be dealing with.

Steer clear. We'll be making this review isn't removed by them.

Mystery MTG
Estados Unidos
Más de 3 años usando la aplicación
9 de abril de 2024

The app is OK, however its definitely not worth the costs or headache due to the issues you will face from their terrible customer service teams. There's no sense of trying to find a reasonable outcome for their customers and they are a company set up to take every penny from you. I would stay clear and use alternative, and much cheaper platforms.

Truffle & Paw
Reino Unido
Casi 3 años usando la aplicación
Klaviyo respondió 24 de abril de 2024

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to write a review - and for sharing your details. As you're aware, our position is that your account has a failed payment which is outstanding. I know that you are in discussion with our team about this matter and I will pass on your feedback. Kind regards, Claire

8 de abril de 2024

As a struggling small business , I thought Klaviyo was the answer! But instead it created a whole load of new problems. I have a mailing list of 70,000 subscribers which I have built up over 20 years however only about 3000 are actually active - a lot of spam , Amazon and inactive emails!

Klaviyo took £500 for this immediately, it was “imperative” I sign up with them before 1st but it took them over a week to contact me to “onboard” & only then it we because I hassled them!

They then decide I needed to pay them a further £500 because their system changed or some nonsense! I have zero faith in this company, a total scam and rip off to a small business. Zero guidance , all about taking the money! Do not trust in the slightest. Have now reported them to my bank.

Very upset!

Spoiled Brat
Reino Unido
3 meses usando la aplicación
Klaviyo respondió 24 de abril de 2024

Hello, thank you for writing a review about your experience. I'm sorry to hear about the frustrations you've described. Please could you drop a line at so we can look into this matter?

Fecha de modificación: 9 de mayo de 2024

Fraudulent company, scamming money for Free plan!!
they invoiced me for the Free plan and say that I had a paid plan, although I changed to a Free plan 2 months ago and the money was not taken from my bank account, then suddenly I don't know why Klaviyo announced that I never had a Free plan and that's why I now pay absurdity and SHAMELESSNESS!

Be careful they are scammers!!

when I asked for a refund, they suggested Cancel subscription :D - nice service, what can I say!

A very poor customer service :(
I'm brand new, I don't have any clients yet, and when I tried the Klaviyo app, all emails went directly to spam.
so...My ability to use this app is limited by this fundamental flaw. When I wrote to Klaviyo support, I received a reply that they did not offer any help if I had a free plan and suggested that I purchase a paid plan, however, since I'm a newbie, the paid plans are not good for me....
the very unpleasant situation.. it turns out their application requires payment to work at all in my case ... ugh bad attitude :(

Home Comfort Taps
Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación
Klaviyo respondió 14 de febrero de 2024

Thank you for the feedback, we always try to improve not just our product but also our customers' interactions. We've reached out privately, so we can better assist you with this issue.

4 de marzo de 2024

As a seasoned e-commerce founder with nearly 1 million in sales, I strongly advise against using this app! Over the past four years, we dedicated ourselves to building an extensive subscriber list, fine-tuning our flows, and collecting valuable data. Shockingly, Klaviyo disabled our account without any prior notice. When we inquired about the reason, they pointed to a high bounce rate in one of our campaigns.

Despite our earnest request to reopen the account and our commitment to reducing the bounce rate, Klaviyo insisted on its permanent closure. The fallout is devastating – all our meticulously crafted flows, crucial data, and the carefully nurtured subscriber lists have vanished. It's crucial to be aware that this app can swiftly disable your account, even if you've been a loyal customer for four years. My recommendation: steer clear of this app and opt for Mailchimp or Omnisend for a far superior service.

Buvanha DE
Países Bajos
7 meses usando la aplicación
14 de abril de 2024

All my emails end up in the spam folder, something that never happened with others. The customer service just blamed Gmail, Yahoo, and others, saying they control where the emails go. No one buys that excuse. If you're looking for an email platform that actually works and doesn't just offer excuses, better steer clear of Klaviyo. Very disappointing.

13 días usando la aplicación
Klaviyo respondió 24 de abril de 2024

Hey there, we are very sorry that your emails are going to spam. Can you please communicate with our support team, they should be able to help you with this issue.

8 de abril de 2024

After repeatedly contacting the platform to request a refund for the abusive (unused) automatic upgrade of the subscription, the customer service department simply informed me that this was standard practice with them and that no refund was possible. If this isn't a scam, I don't know what is.

8 meses usando la aplicación
Klaviyo respondió 24 de abril de 2024

Hello, this is something that's stated in-app and its an account setting you have the ability to turn on or off, that's not something we are able to do for you. More can be found here: