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Fecha de modificación: 28 de abril de 2024

I was urged by one of their Affiliates to add this to my Shopify. I Added it created my flows then they disabled my account. I do not owe money that I can see as there isn't anything showing it. I have not even used them to send an email....Do not support Fiverr people adding this app. I contacted support and they couldn't help. Spending a lot of money on an app that you can't use is a bad company investment

Go hard Gaming Discord-Iron Phoenix GHG
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15 días usando la aplicación
Klaviyo respondió 24 de abril de 2024

Hello there, connect with our support team. we can look into this further.

13 de abril de 2024

Beware of the money grab that is bot accounts created by Klaviyo. They somehow bypass shopifys reCAPTCHA feature and Klaviyos own form requirements for new account setups.

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Alrededor de 2 años usando la aplicación
Klaviyo respondió 24 de abril de 2024

Hey, thank you for getting this to our attention. Can you please set a support ticket, so we can better assist you.

3 de abril de 2024

Probamos Klaviyo porque nos parecía un programa más profesional para email marketing, la personalización, las automatizaciones... En fin, muchas cosas buenas. Pero tras estar varias semanas con él nos dimos cuenta que gran parte de los mails que mandábamos terminaban en la carpeta de spam, cosa que no pasaba con otras dos aplicaciones que habíamos utilizado anteriormente. Además, el precio es excesivo para la cantidad de mails que permite enviar.

Blue Denim
23 días usando la aplicación
Klaviyo respondió 8 de abril de 2024

¡Muchas gracias por tu revisión! Si encuentras algún problema con la entrega, por favor comunícate con nuestro equipo de soporte para que podamos evaluar el problema y solucionarlo. Puedes encontrar más información en nuestro sitio de soporte:

3 de enero de 2024

No integrity. The point of contacts have Zero integrity. Kyle Collingham canceled twice, and on the 2nd time didn't bother to send an email.

Then I contacted customer support, and they said they only cared about trouble shooting the product.

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Casi 2 años usando la aplicación
19 de julio de 2024

Annoying buggy, strange logic rules, things sometimes work and sometimes don't, the most un-user friendly app on earth, I would switch from this in a second if I didn't have a hundred flows already programmed. Awful app.

Six Scents
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Fecha de modificación: 29 de mayo de 2020

I joined up with Klaviyo a year go.
Still no live chat a year later which is just basic-level customer service for any online organisation and emailing and waiting for answers is painful.
It seems that none of the people signing up to my newsletter popup subscription box have been added to the Newsletter since 24 March 2020.
Julian mentioned 5 people had signed up between 20-24 May - however none of these dates correspond with signups to the newsletter and he and Brian have been unable to tell me who they are - or where their info is in the system - because I had the newsletter set to Australian-only visitors.
Not feeling especially happy right now with Klaviyo.

My Event Decor
Más de 5 años usando la aplicación
14 de septiembre de 2022

They used to have great live chat support during business hours, and although they still "say" they do, and advertise it - THEY DON'T. I've tried multiple times on multiple days to get help through their chat support, and it just takes to you a form, to submit a ticket, and then they get back to you 2, 3 or 4 days later. This comes after they raised their prices. This seems to be a trend. This comes from a business owner that's been using Klaviyo for about 4 years now. The app is buggy, there's been no major updates or improvements over the years, and the cost goes up. They're ripe for a competitor to come in and provide better customer service, and a better UI experience at a lower cost.

West Major
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Alrededor de 4 años usando la aplicación
16 de octubre de 2019

I got a nasty shock when these guys billed me $700 for annual fees. Not reminders or notifications. When installed the app over a year ago our mailing list was much smaller. At least send a reminder since bills are not sent via Shopify. And to top it off our emails were not being sent because something changed and our domain wasn't verified so guess what? We'd been missing out sending emails to customers. Apps are meant to make the life of small businesses easier, not make them harder. We've found better options. Now we just need wait till our annual fee runs out. Never again!

Alrededor de 4 años usando la aplicación
17 de septiembre de 2015

In the beginning there was great support. Since a few months the app does not what it suppose to do, sent email reminders to customers.
When I contact the support team all is well according to them. Unfortunatily this is not the case.
I really hope they get things sorted out, otherwise I'm afraid they will lose loads of customers.

Casi 4 años usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 13 de abril de 2020

The app itself might be great but their customer support is nothing to rave about. They do have a phone number but it's only if you're wanting to speak to sales. You can only email support but of course when you have urgent matters, you're not going to resolve the issue within your timeframe. The system disabled my account to be "reviewed by compliance team" right after I launched a time sensitive marketing campaign and looking to email my subscribers. My subscriber list should have been intergraded from shopify as they claim that is the main difference between Klaviyo and Mailchimp but when it comes to importing your list, you manually have to export from shopify and import because although they are automatically imported to your "profiles" they are not imported into your lists and segments which is pretty useless. So you have to manually export and import and even then they disable your account because it has to be reviewed by their compliance team... Since I signed up, all I have been experiencing is inconvenience to say the least. so far, wouldn't recommend it tbh... not to mention my call somehow got disconnected twice when I tried speaking with heir sales department.

Rare Stance
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Casi 4 años usando la aplicación