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16. toukokuu 2024

Awful so far. I signed up less than a week ago and have had challenges at every turn. I've reached out several times and logged multiple support tickets and either I figure out a workaround before support responds, they don't respond or they respond with information that has absolutely nothing to do with the subject of my ticket. I have already started exploring competitors to see if they are easier to use and offer support. I am giving Klaviyo two weeks (one more to go) before making a decision.

Pinch Dab Dash
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19. helmikuu 2024

SCAM beware, these are scammers. The Email distribution service did not work for me and I deleted the application because it did not work. And then a surprise arrived - in the new month the money was written off from me, although I had deleted the application several weeks ago.

They refused to answer my request to return the money, but it turns out that the application company has nothing to do with the company that collects the money (a fraudulent scheme to not return the money) and even if you deleted the application, they CONTINUE TO CHARGE money from you even if the application is deleted. You need to go to the service and cancel the tariff plan there.

When I asked to return the money, they told me that they would not return it even if I had not deleted the application and did not use it, because in the new billing period the money was withdrawn. (FRAUDERS)

Guys, avoid these scammers, the mailing didn’t work, although I followed all the setup instructions and replaced the automatic mailing from SHOPify with Klavio in the settings, I also did the same / but this is the technical side

And the fact that they continue to write off money even after deleting the application and do not want to make a refund is fraud at its fullest.

iPad Planner
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Klaviyo vastasi 21. helmikuu 2024

We appreciate your feedback, our support team is reaching out to you directly to continue this dialogue.

8. huhtikuu 2024

DON'T GET IT! they DEActivated my account after i SET up everything for no reason, i didnt ever started advertising or emailing yet! waste of time 0 review

Donald Trump Everything
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Klaviyo vastasi 24. huhtikuu 2024

Hello, sorry this happened to you. Can you please contact out support team. https://www.klaviyo.com/support

3. tammikuu 2024

Terrible experience with Klaviyo. Not what they used to be. Customer Service took a month to get back to me! 1 MONTH. Can you believe that. They Charged me 3 times the monthly costs (supposedly someone activated this that is not anymore in the account) This should be something only the owner should be able to do! The one who pays the bills. Within hours of getting the charge FOR THE NEXT MONTH, I told them to reverse it. Klaviyo like the bad company they are now (looks like they have to show numbers because they are listed) they didnt care and responded back in a month, that there is nothing they can do.

1. First if you Bill in advance you should refund if someone gets back to you within hours.
2. Only the Account owner should have the power to increase 3x costs.
3. As a serious company you don't need 1 month to answer a customer.

If you can use another Email App. Do yourself a favor and don't use Klaviyo.

We will be definitely switching.

Eric Javits
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22. tammikuu 2024

After I ended my subscription and deleted the app they continued to charge my card. After speaking with support they refused to give me a refund and gave the excuse that "we are a subscription service like Netflix" blah blah blah. Don't waste your time with these jokers and find an app that doesn't charge you an arm and a leg and actually gives decent customer service and doesn't make you jump through hoops to stop charging your card. You won't be receiving any refunds.

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29. tammikuu 2024

Trash email provider. Ruined our deliverability and billed us 300 usd more than the actual bill and when we asked for a refund they just disabled our account and we can no longer send emails to customers.

Personalize Everything
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8. tammikuu 2024

Klaviyo is amazing for email marketing, with two major exceptions that negate any positive, to the point that this review is one star.

For starters, there is not a way to easily make email templates that work well with both dark mode, and normal email display settings.

The second, and far worse issue, is their customer service. I have never in my life experienced worse customer service. There is no way to contact them unless you pay, and even then it is borderline impossible to receive a response.

Given that they are the only email marketing service on Shopify that works in tandem with almost every app, I have no choice but to recommend them; but it does not come without a horrendous experience.

Urban Inc
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Klaviyo vastasi 11. tammikuu 2024

We appreciate your feedback, and we're sorry to hear about your challenges. We apologize for any inconvenience with email template compatibility and customer service. If you haven't had the chance, our Customer Education team has a couple of great resources; this being one of them (https://help.klaviyo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360049181631), and there is also a chrome extension from litmus that works with Klaviyo (https://help.litmus.com/article/594-litmus-klaviyo-guide). We'll certainly take your concerns into consideration as we are continuously improving our product. If there's anything specific you'd like us to address, please provide more details. We value your input and aim to enhance your experience with Klaviyo.

2. helmikuu 2024

Lacks important features, but worst of all, my account was compromised. Support made me jump through a ton of hoops to prove it was my account, yet ultimately left my account frozen, with no reply from support.

Lab Lovers
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Klaviyo vastasi 6. helmikuu 2024

We are sorry to hear about your experience. Someone has reached out to help you with any further steps.

27. helmikuu 2024

I'll be brief. We decided to give Klaviyo a try after working with another email marketing app for about 4 months. We decided to do this at about 10:00 pm. At about 6:00 am (that's right, you read it correctly, we had been working on new forms, segments etc. straight through the night)... at about 6:00 am, we went to preview a new form and the app kicked us out. When we tried to log back in, it says the account is inactive. No attempt to send emails. No attempts to send SMS messages. Nothing. You can imagine how we felt after spending the entire night trying to get things set up just for that to happen. Not a good first impression at all. Luckily, we had not uninstalled our previous app. Now, I'll be getting ready to go into work here in about an hour with zero sleep for the past 24 hours and absolutely nothing to show for it. By the way, the other app that we were contemplating switch over from is Omnisend. Funny thing is we have had zero issues with that app since we downloaded it. We just wanted to try an alternative to have something to compare it to. I guess it goes back to that old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Soul Expression Apparel
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16. toukokuu 2024

Nunca pudimos usar la app porque los correos de recuperación de carritos abandonados enviaban al usuario a un checkout en Inglés cuando la página está en español. Se les pidió ayuda por más de un mes en donde solo decían que era una configuración de shopify y no de ellos. Así estuvimos semanas hablando con Shopify y Klaviyo. Al final Klaviyo nos indicó cómo hacerlo y estaba en manos de ellos (no de shopify). Les pedimos ayuda tantas veces y solo era que algún asesor configurara eso. Sin embargo, la ayuda que nos brindaron tampoco sirvió pero si un asesor dispuesto a ayudar nos hubiera colaborado, le hubiera tomado 2 minutos hacerlo y seguramente les estuviéramos pagando una mensualidad pero esta gente sí que sabe NO captar clientes. Que vergüenza de servicio al cliente.

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