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14. toukokuu 2021

I needed this 5 years ago! This app is going to save my email marketing strategy (or lack thereof). So easy to use and so many automations to take advantage of. I am in automation heaven!

Avocado Crack
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9. heinäkuu 2021

So easy to use and personally, I think it's far superior than constant contact. The tech ability is far greater which will come with a learning curve, but once things start to click, you'll look at your old email service like it's from the 50s. Worth every penny!

Milkglass candle
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10. lokakuu 2020

come on you should try it! come on you should try it! come on you should try it! come on you should try it!

FirstCoast Outdoor
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17. maaliskuu 2021

Just installed and used for the first time. Impressed so far. I don't consider myself all that techie and I've not had any trouble. I've only heard AMAZING things about this app and its integration with Shopify, so I can't wait to dig in to the data and get going properly.

Prints & Press
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24. huhtikuu 2019

it's really easy to design communication with customer. i surprised at how easy it is. next i want to earn, by using this applications.

Now i still feel a little bit expensive. so i expect to raise my sales.

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30. huhtikuu 2020

Very user friendly and efficient app. I was able to send a templated email within a couple of hours!

One Vintage
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6. kesäkuu 2020

Very simple to use.
I just started and I am very happy.
I loved the easy way to have all in a same place.

Natural Dry
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10. syyskuu 2021

Very easy to use I enjoy their platform thus far and am excited to build more engagement with my subscribers

SociEx Studios
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27. toukokuu 2022

Just started using, a bit nervous but I think I am getting there following the videos etc. Was referred by another user and grateful for the referral

Banjo Swagger
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Klaviyo vastasi 8. kesäkuu 2022

We love our referrals! Please do reach out if you need any support.

3. elokuu 2020

I have to say this is a game changer! Im new to this and I jut installed it yesterday, but so far so good! It makes email marketing look so easy!

Body Baked
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