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21 luty 2024

Listen folks. This one is the best. It may not have the best ratings, but that is because they are not actively trying to get them. But, it's the best one, so just get this one. Starting at free then $20 per month I don't know how it got its expensive reptuation. I get a 40-100x roas every month using klaviyo

Major Golf Direct
Wielka Brytania
14 luty 2024

After trying many of the other email marketing platforms, I can say Klaviyo has really been the best for my two businesses. It is so robust and the data it collects is invaluable for making business decisions and targeting the proper audience. I highly recommend Klaviyo to any business looking for a powerful online marketing system. ~Angie, www.naturalbeautysoaps.com and www.sassypantspolish.com

Handmade Natural Beauty
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Klaviyo odpowiedział(a) 21 luty 2024

Hey Angie, thanks a bunch for your wonderful review! It's awesome to hear that Klaviyo has been such a big hit for both of your businesses. We're really glad our platform is helping you make smart decisions and reach the right audience. Here's to even more success with Klaviyo, and to your businesses continuing to grow and thrive!

16 luty 2024

The capabilities are great - especially now that you can crop images that you've added to templates. The drag and drop options are seamless and they even provide a cheat sheet of codes to help you when wanting to customize your emails. Customer support is also amazing!

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Klaviyo odpowiedział(a) 21 luty 2024

We think our APP and support team are top tier too. Thank you so much for this amazing review.

17 luty 2024

Klaviyo has been a very useful tool for us. From highly targeted emails to centralizing our customer data, it is easy to integrate with shopify and has a lot of tutorials available for self-education

Klaviyo odpowiedział(a) 21 luty 2024

Thank you so much for this amazing review, and yes our academy pages are full of great courses and tutorials!


27 luty 2024

I'll be brief. We decided to give Klaviyo a try after working with another email marketing app for about 4 months. We decided to do this at about 10:00 pm. At about 6:00 am (that's right, you read it correctly, we had been working on new forms, segments etc. straight through the night)... at about 6:00 am, we went to preview a new form and the app kicked us out. When we tried to log back in, it says the account is inactive. No attempt to send emails. No attempts to send SMS messages. Nothing. You can imagine how we felt after spending the entire night trying to get things set up just for that to happen. Not a good first impression at all. Luckily, we had not uninstalled our previous app. Now, I'll be getting ready to go into work here in about an hour with zero sleep for the past 24 hours and absolutely nothing to show for it. By the way, the other app that we were contemplating switch over from is Omnisend. Funny thing is we have had zero issues with that app since we downloaded it. We just wanted to try an alternative to have something to compare it to. I guess it goes back to that old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Soul Expression Apparel
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23 luty 2024

I have used several CMS apps, and Kalviyo is OKAY. It has its strong suits and it's week spots. There are a few things that are slightly annoying: You CAN NOT change transactional messaging. They put in all the information and that is it. Example: SMS message on their order ONLY send their order number. It is basically useless. They also DO NOT do abandoned cart. They say they do, but they do not. They do abandoned checkout, which they call abandoned cart. Those are just a few of the annoying things about Klaviyo.

I would say they are a mediocre app. Better than most, but still far short of being a 5 star. 3 stars, possibly 3.5.

Stany Zjednoczone
16 luty 2024

Klaviyo is one of the best platforms around and the customer service is top notch. From the smallest detail to the biggest problem imaginable, they always seems to assist in ensuring my email program is running on all cylinders. I would recommend 1000 times over!

Mario Badescu
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Klaviyo odpowiedział(a) 21 luty 2024

Thank you so much for that glowing recommendation!

9 luty 2024

A very poor customer service :(
I'm brand new, I don't have any clients yet, and when I tried the Klaviyo app, all emails went directly to spam.
so...My ability to use this app is limited by this fundamental flaw. When I wrote to Klaviyo support, I received a reply that they did not offer any help if I had a free plan and suggested that I purchase a paid plan, however, since I'm a newbie, the paid plans are not good for me....
the very unpleasant situation.. it turns out their application requires payment to work at all in my case ... ugh bad attitude :(

Home Comfort Taps
Klaviyo odpowiedział(a) 14 luty 2024

Thank you for the feedback, we always try to improve not just our product but also our customers' interactions. We've reached out privately, so we can better assist you with this issue.

24 luty 2024

Was once good, now awful and once of the worst options available on the Shopify app store. This is coming from having used the app for 2 years.

We've now deleted it and they're still charging us. Klaviyo - this is not how you keep your brand going. We've let our friends and groups know this company is NOT the type you want to be dealing with.

Steer clear. We'll be making this review isn't removed by them.

Mystery MTG
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19 luty 2024

SCAM beware, these are scammers. The Email distribution service did not work for me and I deleted the application because it did not work. And then a surprise arrived - in the new month the money was written off from me, although I had deleted the application several weeks ago.

They refused to answer my request to return the money, but it turns out that the application company has nothing to do with the company that collects the money (a fraudulent scheme to not return the money) and even if you deleted the application, they CONTINUE TO CHARGE money from you even if the application is deleted. You need to go to the service and cancel the tariff plan there.

When I asked to return the money, they told me that they would not return it even if I had not deleted the application and did not use it, because in the new billing period the money was withdrawn. (FRAUDERS)

Guys, avoid these scammers, the mailing didn’t work, although I followed all the setup instructions and replaced the automatic mailing from SHOPify with Klavio in the settings, I also did the same / but this is the technical side

And the fact that they continue to write off money even after deleting the application and do not want to make a refund is fraud at its fullest.

iPad Planner
Klaviyo odpowiedział(a) 21 luty 2024

We appreciate your feedback, our support team is reaching out to you directly to continue this dialogue.