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10 lipiec 2024

I had been hesitant to start using Klaviyo for quite some time - because it's considerably more expensive than other email services - but the first few email campaigns I sent out - to targeted audience - I got much more return than with the other email services.
I am still trying to figure out how to set up the proper automations and flows - and landing pages.

Little Pulp
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Klaviyo odpowiedział(a) 12 lipiec 2024

Thank you so much for taking a chance on us, and we are very pleased with your success. We have lots of live webinars with experts that can guide you in building proper automations.

Take a look right here:

and all our other resources here:

and if you have any direct questions you can always jump and chat with our product support.

18 lipiec 2024

Klaviyo impressed me with their exceptional customer service. When I encountered an unexpected issue, their support team responded with empathy and efficiency. They listened carefully, explained clearly, and went above and beyond to find a fair solution. While their platform has advanced features that new users should familiarize themselves with, Klaviyo proves they genuinely value customer satisfaction. They're willing to work through challenges and make exceptions when needed. For email marketing needs, Klaviyo shows they're a company that truly stands behind their service and prioritizes positive user experiences.

Epic Loot Shop
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31 maj 2024

I've been using Klaviyo since the dark ages of mailchimp and cannot recommend it highly enough. The segmentation and learning capabilities are unparalleled, and I've increased my client's revenue by 3-5x every time we create email campaigns and improve automations.

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10 czerwiec 2024

I have been using Klaviyo for about 2 years now and I can't express how much I have enjoyed using their platform. It's a super powerful tool that lets you customize your customer's journey and they have everything you could possibly need. There are so many automations you can build and their customer service is a 10/10, I love their chat support feature.

Venture Heat
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4 czerwiec 2024

Great platform to use, super simple and incredible customer service ready to help out whenever you need it. Elizabeth W answered all my questions incredibly quickly and with lots of helpful tips and links to articles to learn more.

Mous UK
Wielka Brytania
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23 maj 2024

Great online support! Friendly, helpful, always have solutions and screen grab images/pictures to help you through the problem solving or solution. We've been using Klaviyo for 2 years now and new updates, Reviews feature and SMS features are terrific. We also love the Flows/Segmentation of the Database and more...well done Klaviyo keep up the good work for small businesses in eCommerce and helping us.

Silvermaple Boutique
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18 czerwiec 2024

Klaviyo seems to be working fabulously despite my agency not using the email campaign feature! We are going to start today and see where it goes from here!

Skeleton Optics
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14 maj 2024

I love this app. It is probably one of my most used app that I pay for. It seamlessly integrates with shopify. I have seen my business grow with consistent campaign emails.

Probably the best digital marketing tool out there.

A little expensive for a small business, but when you learn how to use everything it has to offer, its totally worth it!

KuboandLucy Stationery Co
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24 maj 2024

I love Klaviyo, so simple and so intuitive. With a little practice it is set up in no time. Once you have your templates, each week is easy to just produce your content and send to your hearts content. We've seen a much needed up turn in sales. The cost is around about 10% of the turnover each month so we are more than happy with that return. It keeps us fresh in our customers minds and ensures just that little bit of loyalty when the time comes.

Barefoot Junkie
Wielka Brytania
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20 czerwiec 2024

I've been using Klaviyo for many years after switching from MailChimp which we quickly grew out of. The tool is very advanced and there isn't much you can't do. Some features can be a bit confusing but overall, the features are amazing and with a bit of help from support, I am am confident anything can be done with this email app.

The Eczema Company
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