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9 kwiecień 2024

I've been in CRM for over a decade. If you use Shopify, hands down this is the best email marketing platform you can use.

The editor and segment creator are easy to use and include advance features. Also, integrations into Shopify and most Shopify apps take just minutes to set up. Outside of that, you get unlimited support and a dedicated success manager. My personal opinion...Klaviyo should be on every marketer's short-list when considering a new ESP.

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9 kwiecień 2024

So easy to use with powerful flows built in to get you up and running quickly. Worth all your investment to learn and apply this sharp tool to your marketing schedule. We continue to see market gains monthly by using Klaviyo. It is a critical part of our email marketing.

Weeks Honey Farm
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23 styczeń 2024

You get what you pay for! I had another email service for months that I never used, but I have found Klaviyo to be much easier to figure out (as a solo business owner doing everything myself) and feel confident I’ve created a solid avenue of sales and email contact with customers through this app. I’m sure there is so much to learn, but if I ever have questions a helpful and thorough support team member is always there to help walk me through the issue and solve it. Definitely an essential app for my business

Propagation Diaries
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Klaviyo odpowiedział(a) 30 styczeń 2024

We're thrilled that Klaviyo has become an essential tool for your business. It's great to hear that our app has empowered you as a solo business owner. We're here to support you, and it's fantastic to know our team has been helpful and thorough in assisting you. If there's anything else you need, we're here for you!

31 styczeń 2024

Their customer support is excellent. Their chat support is great as all of their staff are very knowledgeable and have never left feeling like I didn't my issue resolved. They will stay on and walk you through the steps. Very much appreciate the support since we are small company and it helps to have the access.

Passport to Organics
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Klaviyo odpowiedział(a) 6 luty 2024

We are delighted to hear that you've had such a positive experience with or product experts. They really are the best. Thank you for the positive feedback we will make sure they get this. If you have any follow-up questions you know where to find us

17 styczeń 2024

I have used several different CMS programs and Klaviyo is by far the best one out there. It has so many amazing features and is very intuitive to use. I also love their customer support, they are always SUPER helpful and respond quickly. If you use Shopify and want to grow your e-commerce business Klaviyo is it!

ZENZ Organic Products (DK)
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Klaviyo odpowiedział(a) 23 styczeń 2024

It's wonderful to hear that our customer support has been helpful and responsive. We're honored to be your choice for growing your business. If you ever need assistance or have any feedback, we're here for you. Thanks for choosing Klaviyo!

22 styczeń 2024

Pete went out of his way to help me understand how to include photos in an abandoned cart sms. He was very attentive to my questions and addressed every question I had, provided clear, detailed communication and answers, articles and quick responses, two detailed loom videos explaining step by step how to achieve my goal, and made sure I was able to access the videos. My experience was stress-free and I had resolve to my question within minutes! Very happy with my experience! Thank you so much Pete!

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Klaviyo odpowiedział(a) 24 styczeń 2024

Thank you for sharing your positive experience! We're thrilled to hear that you received excellent assistance from Pete! We are delighted that your questions were addressed promptly, and you found the communication clear and detailed. If you have any more questions or need assistance in the future, feel free to reach out. Thanks again for choosing Klaviyo!

10 styczeń 2024

INCREDIBLE customer service! Fantastic email provider with so many capabilities! Moved from mailchimp and never looked back. Worth every penny.
Klaviyo - please keep hiring amazing customer support people as you have been.
Wishing you lots of future growth! Just don't let getting bigger get in the way of your fantastic customer support

Rachel Flam Design
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Klaviyo odpowiedział(a) 23 styczeń 2024

Thanks for the incredible feedback! We're thrilled you find our customer support fantastic and Klaviyo worth every penny. We appreciate your loyalty after moving from Mailchimp. Rest assured, we're committed to maintaining excellent support as we grow. We're here for you whenever you need assistance.

9 kwiecień 2024

excellent communication and answers to the point. helped us on various situations that had a great impact on our work. thank you!

Nail Reserve
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17 styczeń 2024

Klaviyo is fantastic. The customer support is second to none. the analytics tools are top tier. At first using Klaviyo may seem daunting but with the incredible support you'll soon get the flow of things. As a new business we still manage all the email marketing ourselves, and using Klaviyo has been by our side from the start and will be for the foreseeable future and beyond. 5 star.

Flagship Nutrition™
Wielka Brytania
12 miesięcy korzystania z aplikacji
Klaviyo odpowiedział(a) 23 styczeń 2024

Thank you for your fantastic review! We're thrilled to hear that Klaviyo has been a valuable partner for your new business. It's great to know that our customer support and analytics tools have made a positive impact. If you ever need assistance or have more feedback to share, we're here for you. Cheers!

8 kwiecień 2024

Top app with the best features on the market and stellar customer support

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