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26 de novembro de 2023

Klaviyo is always quick to respond to any of my questions....even today which is Sunday evening after Thanksgiving! They are detailed in their analysis and do a lot of back research to make sure they are providing the best solution to the problem.

Ayesha Mayadas
Estados Unidos
Mais de 3 anos usando o app
14 de novembro de 2023

Klaviyo is by far, the best email marketing platform in the market. It's very easy to set up on Shopify and is the best to set up campaigns and flows. The email builder works great as well as the list and dynamic segments. Definitely, 100% recommended.

EZON México Cerraduras Inteligentes
Quase 2 anos usando o app
17 de novembro de 2023

Easy to use, effective, and priced well! We prefer the email tools in Klaviyo over SMS, but overall, great solution for any company.

Estados Unidos
Quase 4 anos usando o app
24 de novembro de 2023

I don't need all the complications that come with a full CRM app. Klaviyo is fantastic as an email marketing app. Our life has become much simpler and easier with Klaviyo. I highly recommend giving Klaviyo a chance to see what it can do for your business.

Cascadian Water
Estados Unidos
Mais de 1 ano usando o app
12 de outubro de 2023

Customer service poor.

After months of use, account suspended with no notification as to why. At least 5 days later and we're still waiting on indication despite website stating 24-48 hours for reviews to be conducted. Multiple attempts made to lodge a ticket and, only after trial and error experimenting with drop down menus, were able to succeed (Klaviyo has no option to contact support direct via email). During this time, two email enquiries also made to sales email address with no response yet received.

Otherwise a great tool, but as a business heavily reliant on email marketing, the automated bot responses in place of actual support is crippling.

For what is a professional tool that charges accordingly, professional level support and clarification should be expected.

Mach 5
Aproximadamente 4 anos usando o app
14 de novembro de 2023

Where to start... klaviyo has not been able to successfully cancel my subscription for over a year. They just continue to pull from my account. If you call them you wait on the phone foreverrrr only for the automated system to say they are having a hard time connecting to support then it hangs up on you. At one point I finally managed to get them on the phone after months!! At that point they told me the account was canceled. It still wasn't. So here I am being charged for what is seeming like the rest of my freaking life. They always say it is canceled and you'll receive a confirmation email but not until we are off the phone. It never comes so you have no proof of cancelation. This is just continuing. Total scam. There is a clear cut section showing how to cancel within the app. Except you have to confirm your email. It always says the email address is wrong although it is clearly showing your email address in the account setting. SCAM SCAM SCAM! And it never worked to begin with. Just the worst company.

Estados Unidos
Quase 2 anos usando o app
18 de outubro de 2023

Matt Widders is a very good support guru who excels as a doer, and listener and teacher. His patience, ability to simplify complex Klaviyo concepts and jargons, his step-by-step approach makes him a very good customer support person. He has a good ability to remain calm even when Im asking him many questions. This patience translates into his teaching style. He takes the time to explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner, ensuring that I understood him. His step-by-step approach is particularly noteworthy. 10 stars Matt!

Hagley West Watches
Reino Unido
Mais de 6 anos usando o app
29 de novembro de 2023

Some of the worst customer service in I have ever seen. We have 2 accounts with Klaviyo and things never work right. We have asked over and over for them to correct THEIR mistakes. We always get the standard answer of "we are looking into it and will get back to you within 24 hrs. THEY NEVER Do! We just lost out on all our Cyber Monday Campaign ad because their system said we went over our email limit. We have plenty of emails left before we reach our limit and they keep screwing it up. If you need help setting things up- forget it, this place is the worst at helping you. Always "Yes we are looking into it" but never any results. Its now 3 days later and we still have not gotten a response!!

They are definitely a bring you into their services in a limousine and as soon as they get your money they send you out walking. Absolutely the worst customer service on getting any help or getting anything accomplished. If you need this type of service look elsewhere.

Estados Unidos
10 meses usando o app
15 de novembro de 2023

Great service! Would highly recommend it, especially for those with Shopify stores

Reino Unido
Mais de 2 anos usando o app
2 de novembro de 2023

An exceptional marketing automation tool with an array of useful features. What truly sets Klaviyo apart is its outstanding customer support. The Klaviyo team has consistently gone the extra mile, providing us with clear instructions, sharing helpful articles, and quick and detailed support whenever needed. With their top-notch support and user-friendly platform, I wholeheartedly recommend Klaviyo to any e-commerce business looking to take their email marketing to new heights.

5 meses usando o app