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25 februari 2014

I was a little skeptical at first glance because of the price tag of Klaviyo, but do yourself a favor and spend the time to check out this Email Service and Analytic's Provider. The ability to trigger emails based off of Shopify events is invaluable. If you set up the right Auto-Responders, you will be making much more money then you are spending with Klaviyo.

A big plus is the support at Klaviyo is top notch. They will spend the time and walk you through industry best practices and make sure you are fine tuned with your campaigns.

No brainer!

Waves Gear
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: Mer än 4 år
24 februari 2014

Hands-down the best email marketing software we've ever used. Klaviyo not only makes the user experience simple enough for anyone in our company to use, but the analytics have allowed us to make decisions that increase our revenue immediately. If you haven't started using this yet, you are leaving money on the table.

Fortified Bicycle Alliance
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: Mer än 6 år
17 januari 2014

Outstanding, simple, sleek system that is intuitive, streamlined, and effective.

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: Nästan 3 år
26 september 2013

Super, super easy to use even with no coding experience. Super easy to customize to match our store look and apply to our site.

Baby CoCo Bellea
8 juli 2013

I utilized the free email template creator and love it! I had a few technical glitches, but their support team was extremely fast, friendly and helpful in getting things sorted out. As my business grows, I plan to utilize the other features they offer. Great app!

13 maj 2013

I haven't used the full app with abandoned cart tracking and everything, but I have used Klaviyo's Free Email Template creator. It's wonderful and allows you to easily customize the auto-emails that go to customers. Thanks for this free service!!

Strands & Company
8 maj 2013

Great, convenient app for enhancing the appearance of e-mails sent through Shopify such as the order confirmation and shipping notifications! Easy to use and integrated in a manner that is also simple to understand. Awesome, quick-responding customer service. I use the free version which allows me solely to edit Shopify's email templates but have heard good things about the other plans as well. Definitely recommend!

Midori Bikinis
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: Mer än 2 år

Din recension

11 mars 2013

This app is super easy to use. It already has the shopify templates built in, so customising our store emails was breeze! Thank you Klaviyo and keep up the good work!

Toy Kitchens Direct

Din recension

10 mars 2013

We have tried Klaviyo and have to say it makes email marketing easy. The trial period was a succes and are looking at moving forward.

Luxuria Cosmetics

Din recension

7 mars 2013

Awesome. Works great. It´s super easy to create templates this way... you can use it not only for Shopify but for any e-mail template you might need.

La Patente