Kno Post Purchase Surveys

Kno Post Purchase Surveys


The easiest and most powerful eCommerce surveys.

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Deploy in minutes

Our question, action, and survey templates allow for deploying powerful no-code, branded surveys in minutes.

Gain critical insight

Leverage direct customer feedback and robust audience building tools to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Drive deeper engagement

Use your new insight to optimize marketing channels, product development, and more. Use actions to drive 1-1 engagement with your customers.

Kno Post Purchase Surveys 정보

KnoCommerce helps Shopify merchants fill in the gaps of their missing customer data by asking important questions at the right moment. Unlike other solutions, we give you templates for fast set up, and help you use and understand your data in real time.

The foundation of our platform is the first fully featured survey tool for eCommerce - a platform that offers 10+ question types, allows for conditional logic, unlimited questions/surveys, and more.

On top of that foundation we've built the tools you need to gain unparalleled customer insight, and drive meaningful action:

  • Prebuilt templates: Launch in minutes with sophisticated pre-built survey and question templates.
  • Audiences: Leverage 60+ order and question response data points to determine who sees which questions, and to better analyze your reports.
  • Advanced reporting: Use audiences to filter multiple levels of data. Export any report view for offline analysis.
  • Deploy surveys anywhere: Deliver surveys on the purchase confirmation screen, with a link, or anywhere you can add custom html.
  • Actions that drive... action: Use smart action requests to drive sms list sign ups, social follows, 5 star reviews, and more.

All the data you collect can be exported for use offline, pushed into Klaviyo for advanced segmentation, or retrieved by API for use in any platform that allows you to import data from an API.

If you're ready to better understand your customers, give it a try! Not sure if it's the right platform for you? Send us a message and we'll talk through specifics.


  • Klaviyo,
  • ReCharge

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  • 1 Active Survey
  • 1 Active Audience
  • 3 Questions per survey
  • 10 question types
  • Unlimited responses
  • Export all data



  • Everything in FREE...
  • 2 Active Surveys
  • 7 Active Audiences
  • 7 Questions/actions per survey
  • Actions
  • Klaviyo integration



  • Everything in BASIC...
  • 3 Active Surveys
  • 12 Active Audiences
  • 12 Questions/actions per survey
  • Survey links
  • Remove Kno branding
  • API



  • Everything in ANALYST...
  • 5 Active Surveys
  • 25 Active Audiences
  • 25 Questions/actions per survey

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The Kno team has really up-leveled what the post-purchase experience looks like. The survey is only step 1, it's the follow-ups and logic that comes afterwards that truly is magical. Being able to reply to HDYHAU survey answers with follow ups and pull that data into klaviyo is an absolute superpower!


Great new attribution platform on the market. Attribution can be difficult to nail down unless you have expensive software. Running a post-purchase survey literally asking your customers how they heard about you is a very direct and personal way to know which of your marketing efforts are working. We've been able to take the results from the survey and double and triple down on marketing efforts. A couple things I really like about this app are the ability to run multiple surveys at once (first time or returning customer) and the ability to integrate with Klaviyo. Jeremiah and the support team have been fantastic and super helpful in setting up and clarifying my survey results. Kno app also has the ability to ask multiple questions in the same survey and provide a call to action on the survey final thank you page. Getting amazing insights and results from this simple install and setup. Highly recommend installing this app and setting up your first How Did You Fist Hear About Us survey and learning more about your customers journey.


In the age of iOS14 and on, getting self reported user data becomes even more important for understanding how people found your store and why they opted to shop with you. Kno was super easy to implement in check out and an unobtrusive user experience.