Koin Rewards

Koin Rewards

by Koin Rewards

The loyalty programme for every day crypto

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Free marketing - Reduced CPA

By joining the Koin Rewards coalition of merchants you will benefit from highly personalised and segmented member marketing activity.

Increased revenue and LTV

Loyalty schemes can nurture deeper and more valuable relationships with shoppers, especially when it is easier to earn rewards.

Detailed member analytics

Our technology delivers insights into shopper behaviour beyond the transactions in your store, allowing for the a deeper level of analysis.

About Koin Rewards

Koin Rewards - Reinventing loyalty through blockchain

Today's shoppers are digitally savvy, mobile first, bargain hunters who want free and fast delivery and great in-store experiences; loyalty programmes should complement these expectations seamlessly.

This is why Koin Rewards has been created.

Our goals are simple:

  • To disrupt traditional retail loyalty programs by providing retailers with the ability to offer an innovative loyalty concept;
  • To enable retailers the ability to provide customer experiences that Amazon cannot compete with;
  • To revolutionise customers shopping behaviour in the pursuit of rewards.

What Koin Rewards offers merchants:

  • Offering Koin is a clear point of differentiation that enhances customer experience online and in-store;
  • Koin is the gateway into cryptocurrency for the high street, bringing this new technology and currency into shopper’s everyday life;
  • Koin can be used as an investment pot, to be kept over time, in order to generate a return;
  • Koin has no boundaries – in channel or geographies;
  • Easy to onboard, easy to understand and ripe for your customers.

How does it work for shoppers?

  • Members join the program;
  • Members spend with your business;
  • Members earn Koin;
  • The value of Koin fluctuate based on exchange trading. As the program becomes more popular the demand for Koin increases, influencing the value;
  • Members can redeem Koin for a gift code to spend with your business.

How the Koin Rewards Shopify app works

All you need to do is connect your Shopify store to the Koin Rewards Shopify app and complete the Koin Rewards Merchant application form. It takes just a few minutes.

Once your account is approved your store will be added to our coalition of merchants and any Koin Reward members that shop at your store will start earning Koin Rewards.

The Koin Rewards Shopify app also allows shoppers to redeem Koin Rewards at your store. The shopper will use their Koin Rewards smartphone app to generate a redemption voucher code for a specific amount of GBP which can be entered into your voucher code box during your checkout process.

Frictionless for you and frictionless for your customers.

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